Cyprus: recent reports on "weird" weather engineering

I've been sent these first hand accounts from Cyprus and I offered to send them along to you for wider distribution. Dreadful to be subjected to such weather manipulations.

Best, Imelda, Cork

Excerpted accounts I have received:

Monday 23 April, 2007

Here the weather engineering is disgraceful. Whenever they want, they change the blue Cyprus sky into a sand-filled grey mass of dust - everything is grey and weirdly silent. It made me feel very weird and panicky yesterday afternoon, also depressed. then earth tremors at 6.30 pm . . . Then we couldn't sleep because of hot/cold - humidity. Even ordinary people are talking about it. . .

Tuesday, 8 May, 2007

. . . This morning I arrived in Limassol to find the sea road cloaked in deep fog??? Ships sounding foghorns. Not a Cypriot thing. I wonder whose communications required fog today? . . .

Wednesday, 9 May, 2007 . . . when they've finished with the thick dust screens, they have to be removed. A rain shower or a wind is used to move it. Maybe they had a trainee working yesterday because we were awakened by a GALE. In Cyprus? In May? The trees in our garden are full of baby birds and they are unlikely to have survived. Cypress trees bent double.

Then this morning a helicopter over my house . . . as the copter passed over (from Akrotiri to . . . Troodos) my left (bad) ear was stabbed by an electronic pain.

. . . yesterday lunchtime, there was a large military ship just offshore with all its electronic equipment burling round. I mean, you don't need that to navigate off the Limassol shore - people do it on inflatable bananas, as you know. And it was in exactly the same spot as when I saw one doing the same thing a few months ago with the same weather abuse.

FRIDAY, 11 MAY, 2007 . . . I am almost in tears at the weather abuse we are being subjected to. Whoever is at the controls is a madman. We have had the grey dust shroud daily, like a solar eclipse. Then gales for short periods. This morning dark with lightning storms. Just now things suddenly went black. Giant hail stones the size of large peas are battering the window, and big V-shape of migrating large birds approaching Akrotiri tried to turn around but have probably been battered to death.

. . . Everybody is talking about it but don't understand it's deliberate. . . If you look on euronews you see that the area targeted with weather abuse is precisely the theatre of war.

The cherry crop will have been destroyed, not to mention the fledgling birds. The olive blossoms destroyed and thus the olive crop. This is rampaging vandalism on a regional scale.

Very despondent as I feel so powerless.

Related info. I googled "cloud seeding Cyprus" for the following:


Harpooning the HAARP Twilight Polarization Reveals Invisible HAARP Radiation Report by Peter Kapnist - Photos by Kara Pietrina

Cyprus HAARP Radiation Revealed By Peter Kapnist October 27, 2005

We were sailing to the isle of the Apocalypse. Patmos is that small Greek island of the Mediterranean Sea where almost two thousand years ago in a misty cave, St John envisioned the Revelation of Jesus Christ - the last book of the Bible.

I had arrived by sea with two friends of mine, Vranas, an expert mural painter and his wife, Kara, to explore some radioactive springs beyond the "Furnace Islands Archipelago" just north of Patmos and a smaller islet known as Fourni. An unforeseen series of events suddenly changed our travel plans but allowed us to actually photograph the "glow" or radial signature of what appeared to be a real-time HAARP broadcast from the British military base in Cyprus.

Below are some chronological details of our account and a brief description of the so-called British military HAARP device in Southern Cyprus: Monday, 17 October 2005 - An earthquake measuring around magnitude 6.0 rocked Greece's eastern Aegean islands at about 05:45 GMT, but no injuries or serious damage were reported. The epicentre was a short distance from where we were. On the same day, bird flu was reported in the same area of Greece. The country's agriculture ministry said a form of the bird flu virus had been found on a farm on the Aegean Sea, just a short nautical distance from where we were staying. Thursday, 20 October 2005 - Another earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale was recorded approximately 45 minutes after midnight, in the sea of the eastern Aegean islands where we were located, spreading fear and panic. The quake was of the same magnitude and had the same epicentre as the previous tremor recorded on Monday. Friday, 21 October 2005 - Throughout the day we observed and photographed an uninterrupted sequence of aircraft leaving streaky contrails in the sky directly over the earthquake zone. The contrails did not dissipate, but instead grew larger, in criss-cross "Chemtrail" patterns that soon merged together and become hazy, cloudy masses. The unusual flight activity continued non-stop during the entire day. We sometimes observed up to four or five aircraft at a time, moving over the earthquake epicentre while "seeding" contrails that gradually blossomed into amazingly large artificial clouds. At about 18:00 we briefly observed and photographed peculiar lines of light or radii coming up out of the sea from the direction of Cyprus, southeast of Fourni. It is important to note that the sun was at the opposite horizon when our photos were taken. What looked like radiating lines of faint sunlight diverging from the centre of dusk were certainly something else, because the sun was actually setting directly behind us in the west, not even in the general direction of our camera's view. What caused the eerie golden spikes or rays of southeastern light? We can only guess it was electromagnetic radiation, or photosensitive particles reacting to the twilight polarization, from some unnoticed transmitter - natural or otherwise - in the direction of Cyprus. Our photos indicate that the spikes or beams of energy rising from the sea did in fact "bounce" or rebound off the man-made contrail clouds and seemed to return to the earth again, for unexplainable reasons. The radii of light were not visible during the following days, and the aircraft flyover rate returned to the normal eastern Aegean levels.

Aircraft were laying contrails in the sky directly over the Aegean earthquake zone. When the bottom photos were taken, the sun was actually setting directly behind us in the west, not even in the general direction of our camera's view.

Above: Chemtrail "seeding" is visible at top left of frame with eerie rays of light rising from the Aegean Sea. Below: The same image enhanced to detect ray edges.

Above: Weird rays of light rise from the Aegean Sea and "bounce" off man-made Chemtrail clouds visible at top right of frame. Below: The same image enhanced to detect ray edges.

Not real sunrays. Not real clouds.

CHEMTRAIL spraying programs, which apparently are being conducted on a worldwide basis, may have originated as experiments in weather modification by "Cloud Seeding." But as more people take notice, they are questioning the health and psychological effects of whatever it is that's happening in the sky. Concerns are now growing over the disruption of migratory patterns and the spraying of aerosols that could promote the development of pathogens (such as bird flu virus) at high altitudes. After the Asian earthquake tsunami and hurricane Katrina, many feel that weather modification is fast becoming a "Weather War" and the time has finally come to bring the matter to the attention of the public.

HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project, a joint effort of the U.S. Air Force and the navy at a remote base near Gakona, Alaska. HAARP generates million watt phased pulses, which in turn generate extremely low frequency (ELF) waves for submarine communication and tomography. Its critics have argued that it may also be used as a mind-control/weather-control weapon of mass destruction. The British Army are currently experimenting with an immensely expensive ultra-sophisticated version of HAARP in their large army base at Greek Cyprus. Greek Cypriots have recently rioted outside the British military base in Southern Cyprus, protesting against the use of 190 foot microwave towers by the British Army and NATO to broadcast high-power microwaves. The British have allegedly stated that their pulse modulation program is targeted on Iran and Iraq and that the British version has the ability - like HAARP and a similar system in Norway - "to bounce its millions of Watts of 8MHz transmissions off the ionosphere to control the weather, destroy communication networks, and to violently upset whole populations by inducing ELF behavioural changes, neurological changes, and physical trauma."

"Our photos indicate that the spikes or beams of energy rising from the sea did in fact 'bounce' or rebound off the man-made contrail clouds and seemed to return to the earth again, for unexplainable reasons."

What happened? It seems that the British HAARP device
(powered from the British military base in Cyprus) may have a fatal flaw: Its pulse modulations can actually become "visible" when exposed to certain atmospheric disturbances. It appears that twilight (when the sun is below the horizon) can sometimes restrict the HAARP particle vibrations to one direction (polarization), allowing its broadcast waves to briefly be seen as "faint rays" or radii of reflected light coming up from the direction of Cyprus. (Auroral = luminous phenomenon, usually of streamers of light in the night sky.) Indeed, if even Sunday tourists can sometimes get snapshots of HAARP million watt phased pulses in the twilight plasma, it would be a very serious setback for the British Army. Because computer enhanced photos of HAARP broadcasts could theoretically be analysed by adversaries to reveal discharge direction, wave amplitude, or other complex activity for the purpose of developing powerful interference systems to frustrate and defeat future HAARP applications. Correcting the tell-tale flaw could cost many millions, dangerously waste time, or prove to be impossible.

Who took the heat? Monday, 31 October 2005 - A few days after the above photos were released, a British government official was under pressure to quit over claims he may have broken ministerial rules in connection with a DNA testing firm. The actual particulars are not relevant here, because the covert operational details of HAARP are top secret and will probably never be made public. However, if and when fatal flaws are discovered, it is almost certain that a corresponding ministerial official will be circumstantially censured or even pressured to step down. On the same day, the European Commission said Greek authorities would lift a ban on the movement of poultry from the eastern Aegean region after a second and final set of tests found no presence of the bird flu virus. The unusual flight activity seen over the Aegean earthquake zone may have been part of a demonstration of fourth generation jets, during which Greece formally submitted its order for 30 Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 52+ jets from the U.S. to address air defence needs over the next 15 years. The inspection of 30 new jets for the NATO Aegean corridor may have been more than enough reason to perform a live HAARP test.



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