Who was responsible for the decision not to warn education authorities of the possible dangers of genetic damage from Wi-Fi radiation?

From Dr Goldsworthy

Subject: Do you want to join in?

I am sending you the following letter that you may like to send to your local MP in an attempt to get Wi-Fi removed from schools, quoting in particular the risk to our children's DNA, based on what is already known about the effects of mobile phones. We could give the MPs the link to my article on the hese website, which sets this out and can be found at http://tinyurl.com/2nfujj . You could then ask the following questions: -

1) Was the Health Protection Agency aware of the published and well replicated data quoted in Dr Goldsworthy's article showing that the radiation from mobile phones broke into fragments the DNA of human cell cultures and animals?

2) If not, should whoever was responsible for gathering the data or evaluating their importance be sacked?

3) If they were aware of the data and had even the slightest suspicion that it might be correct, why was Wi-Fi equipment (which shares a similar technology) not tested in a similar way?

The tests, which use insects and human cells, take just a matter of days to perform, so there is no excuse for not doing them.

4) Who was responsible for the decision not to warn education authorities of the possible dangers of genetic damage from Wi-Fi radiation before exposing a whole generation of our children for the whole of their school life to it?

5) Should they also be sacked?

6) If the classroom "guinea pigs" are to be monitored, exactly how is this to be done, what will be the criteria used and are they adequate to test for permanent genetic damage to a whole generation (and beyond) before it is too late?

You could use these suggestions for a letter as a template or, if you prefer, you could write a letter in your own style.

You might also like to suggest to friends that they do the same (especially if they are teachers) so that we can get a good coverage of the country. I have already written to my own MP.

N.B. Your member of parliament and his email address can be found by entering your postcode at http://www.upmystreet.com/commons/l/ . But don't forget, they normally only deal with their own constituents, so you must include your full postal address and postcode when you contact him/her.


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