Oprah and Dr. Carlo: Cell Phones and Your Health

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Cell Phones and Your Health
Original Air Date: May 10, 2007

Most of us probably use a cell phone at least once a day, but have you ever stopped to wonder how your phone affects your health? As the number of cell phone users continues to rise, some scientists are examining the effects of the phones on our health and environment. Dr. Oz talks with Dr. George Carlo of the Science and Public Policy Institute about some health problems cell phones may cause.

While there are differing opinions about the harmful effects of cell phones, Dr. Carlo says he feels quite strongly that the information-carrying radio waves that cell phones use are causing serious health problems. He says that the waves from cell phones are different from the other waves we encounter in the electromagnetic spectrum because they don't exist anywhere in nature. These waves are interpreted as foreign invaders by our biological tissues, causing the cell membranes to work to protect the cells. When intercellular communication is interrupted, Dr. Carlo says, it can lead to many problems, from learning disabilities to Alzheimer's disease to tumor development.

Because there are literally billions of cell phone users today, Dr. Carlo says there is an unprecedented increase in potentially dangerous exposure to information-carrying radio waves. Five years ago, he says he was concerned with the phone itself for its concentration of radio waves, but today, especially in large cities, the background level of those waves is the same concentration that once showed up around the phones. So how can you protect yourself? Dr. Carlo offers the following advice:

* Use a headset or speakerphone whenever possible to keep the phone out of direct contact with your body.

* Check to see if your phone has any type of noise-field technology, and if so, use it.

* Keep your phone usage to a minimum, and turn your phone off when not in use.

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