Electromagnetic smog fears grow

Date: 23/04/2007

News Worries over the health risks of electromagnetic fields continue to grow, as two new studies suggest risks from overhead power lines and 'wi-fi' wireless internet equipment.

A leaked draft report compiled by 40 scientists, business representatives and campaigners urges the government to consider a ban on new houses or schools close to overhead high-voltage power cables. The authors point to conditions in some countries which prohibit development within 200 feet of the cables, creating 'corridors' where homes may not be built.

Two members of the 40-strong panel, from the regulator Ofgem and Scottish & Southern Energy respectively, are understood to have walked out of the drafting process in protest.

In 2002, a report by the California Department of Health Services linked electromagnetic fields from power lines to childhood leukaemia, adult brain tumours, miscarriages and motor neurone disease.

News of the leaked report came as the Independent on Sunday revealed that Sir William Stewart, the chairman of the Health Protection Agency, is now pressing for an official investigation into the risks posed by 'wi-fi' wireless internet technology.

Following dramatic sales of wi-fi equipment (1.6 million terminals in the last 18 months alone) and the installation of city-wide networks in Norwich and Manchester, fears are mounting that a growing 'electromagnetic smog' may be having an impact on our health.

Particular concern has been raised over the use of wi-fi systems in schools, as children's thinner skulls and developing nervous systems could make them more susceptible to the negative effects of the radiation. The Austrian Medical Association is lobbying for a ban on wi-fi installations in schools.

The Independent accuses the government of being lax in imposing restrictions on the use of mobile phones and wireless technologies. There have been no official inquiries as yet into the effects of wi-fi equipment.

Ian Gibson, MP for Norwich, is calling for an official inquiry into the risks of wi-fi radiation, after his constituency's substantial financial investment in the technology.


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