'Curveball' and the rules of 'honest, open debate' à la Dick Cheney


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Mobile phone and acoustic neuroma

Mobile phone use and acoustic neuroma

Mobile Phone Use and the Risk of Acoustic Neuroma

Mobile Phones Again Linked to Cancer - in this Case specifically to Acoustic Neuromas http://omega.twoday.net/stories/362455/

Case-Control Study on Cellular and Cordless Telephones and the Risk for Acoustic Neuroma or Meningioma in Patients Diagnosed 2000-2003 http://omega.twoday.net/stories/884169/

Mobile phones tumour risk to young children

Long-Term Mobile Phone Use and Brain Tumor Risk

Three papers from Hardell

The Effects Of Radiation In The Cause Of Cancer

Woodward Provides Clues About His Source

Embattled Washington Post editor Bob Woodward provided an important clue that may help shed light on the identity of the person who told him in June 2003 that Valerie Plame Wilson was a CIA agent.


Zwangsbehandlung in der Psychiatrie

Das Interview des Dissidentenfunk mit Heiner Bielefeldt, dem Direktor des Deutschen Instituts für Menschenrechte

http://www.institut-fuer-menschenrechte.de ,

ist sowohl transkribiert als auch im O-Ton unter dieser Internet Adresse zu finden:

Ein kleiner Ausschnitt aus dem Interview:

Es gibt ja unterschiedliche Menschenrechtsnormen und mir scheint, dass beim Thema "Zwangsbehandlung in der Psychiatrie" insbesondere zwei Menschenrechtsnormen unmittelbar einschlägig sind, nämlich das Recht auf körperliche Unversehrtheit und - wichtiger noch - das Recht auf freie Entfaltung der Persönlichkeit. "Freie Entfaltung der Persönlichkeit" heißt, dass das Recht eines Kranken zu respektieren ist, auch nicht behandelt zu werden. Selbst der Anspruch, Gesundheitsfürsorge zu leisten, darf nicht die Autonomie des Menschen zerstören. Das sind die beiden Normen, die mir besonders einschlägig zu sein scheinen. Und das ist nicht nur meine persönliche Meinung. Denn wenn man sich die Rechtsprechung in Deutschland zu diesem Thema und auch die Rechtsprechung des Europäischen Gerichtshofes für Menschenrechte anschaut, dann findet das dort auch Unterstützung....

Die ganze Sendung zum Celler Urteil und den Menschenrechten wird am Donnerstag 24.11. von 16 bis 17 Uhr wiederholt.

DISSIDENTENFUNK Wir senden an jedem 2. und 4. Donnerstag im Monat von 16 bis 17 Uhr im Offenen Kanal Berlin UKW: 97,2 MHz (Kabel: 92,6), oder im Internet unter
http://www.okb.de/radiostream.htm kann man den Livestream empfangen (mit dem Winamp Mediaplayer sollte das kein Problem sein).

Scharnweberstr. 29
10247 Berlin
http://www.antipsychiatrie.de und


Atomkonsens ist Nonsens


Am heutigen Dienstagnachmittag sind die AKU – Aktiven und Freunde wieder wohlbehalten in Wiesbaden angekommen. Sie zeigten sich beeindruckt von der anhaltenden Stärke des Widerstands im Wendland. Beschämend war allerdings die geringe Beteiligung von auswärtigen AtomkraftgegnerInnen. Aber das kann ja das nächste mal anders werden…

Ein kurzer Blick auf den Widerstand der letzten Tage
Link zum Artikel: http://www.aku-wiesbaden.de/artikel_98.htm

U.S. Seen Vulnerable To Space 'Pulse' Attack


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A MAN being treated for prostate cancer could have a phone mast built next to his house.

Frank Swindell, of Sheep Pen Lane, said, 'I have had cancer already. I have just had 16 days in hospital — I have cancer of the vertebrae and have had radiotherapy.

'I have also got a clot on my lung and an irregular heartbeat.
'I am concerned, not just for my health, but for my wife and my neighbours, who will all be living in a very short distance of the mast.

'If you read some of the research into this, anything within 80 metres of one of these masts is not good for one's health.
'I am sure the phone company would argue against that but I have been looking at recent research about it.

Pat Swindell, Frank's wife said, 'It seems so unfair that these radio waves will beam down on us in a concentrated way like this for 24 hours a day.

'The whole exercise has had a damaging effect on his health, his morale and I feel we are very much up against big business.'
Frank added, 'The whole thing has been a tremendous worry and hasn't helped at all with my health problems.'

Mr Swindell has many other concerns about the construction of the mast.

He said, 'We are equally worried about it from a safety point of view.

'This is a very busy corner — there is enough accidents there already.

'If you put another two obstructions, a base station four metres high and a tower eight metres high, you are going to have visibility problems.

'It all adds to the safety worries of the junction.'

A spokesperson for Orange said, 'A planning application is due to be submitted over the next few weeks and will be subject to all the normal planning conditions as with any new development.
'In terms of siting in general, it is not always possible to site base stations away from populated areas due to the low operating power which means that the signal doesn't travel a great distance.

'Therefore, if people want to be able to use their mobile phones while at home or work, and inside buildings, we have to site our installations close enough to support their network demands.

'Many people view mobile technology as a new invention and believe that we should be cautious until we know what the effects may be.

'However, mobile phones are just a new way of using old technology.
'Radio Frequency has been around for over 40 years and there are many other forms of RF already in our environment whether we are at home, in a classroom or outside.

'No substantiated evidence exists to date linking exposure to RF emissions from mobile phone technology with adverse human health effects, despite significant global investment into this type of research.

Omega this is not true. See under:

A spokesperson for Lewes District Council confirmed that Orange were in discussions with planners but no formal...

22 November 2005

Doctors Speak: Another Day in Baghdad

The doctors were lucky that day; the injured commando didn't die. But twice in the past few months the doctors have gone on strike, protesting against commandos and army soldiers beating them up and kicking patients out of their beds to make space for their casualties.


The Mother of All Constitutional Crises

Judith Coburn writes that George W. Bush and his associates must have remarkably short memories. While he has been careful to mouth words of cooperation in the Plamegate case, he has depended on the Republican control of Congress to stonewall on just about every egregious misdeed that has seen the light of day, blocking public hearings into Abu Ghraib, the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo, the CIA secret prison system, faux intelligence on Iraq, and Plamegate itself.


Leaving Baghdad

Marc Ash writes, "They say the first casualty of any war is the truth, but lies alone don't launch armies. There has to be a fervor, a madness if you will, that drives the architects, a certainty of righteousness. What drove Richard Nixon to order the carpet-bombing of Cambodia? When George W. Bush used the word crusade as part of his rationale for war, was it his mistake or Freud's?"


Hil echoes veep's call to keep troops in Iraq


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Examining the Presidential powers of war and peace

Center For Individual Freedom
by staff


On November 7th, the United States Supreme Court announced, over strenuous objections by the Bush administration, that it will review the legality of the administration's planned military commissions for accused terrorists, setting up what could be one of the most significant rulings on presidential war powers since the end of World War II. Later this term, the Court will hear the case of Osama bin Laden's former driver, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, which deals with the legality of military commissions to try Guantanamo Bay detainees. Last term, the Justices threw out the administration's claim that the United States could hold enemy combatants indefinitely without access to the courts. At the crux of many of the war power cases is the assertion that the courts lack authority to even consider cases restricting presidential war powers...


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Government nannies rule supreme over parents

Hawaii Reporter
by Laura Brown


The U.S. Supreme Court decided wrongly against parents this week in the Schaffer v. Weast decision to place the burden of proof on parents when disputing the adequacy of their child’s special education program. The decision assumes that government bureaucrats know what is best for children. Parents can opt out of mandatory government education to determine their child’s education program only if they have the money to pay for private placement and services or -- if poor -- can legally prove that their child is being harmed by an inadequate program...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Ellsberg of the American Resistance

The Price of Liberty
by Ted Lang


I asked Dr. Daniel Ellsberg this question on Tuesday, November 15th, after he had just completed his lecture to instructors, professors, students and members of the public that were in attendance to hear him speak at William Patterson University in Wayne, New Jersey: Dr. Ellsberg, which bomb do you think will go off first -- Fitzgerald bringing another indictment, or the military attack on Syria and Iran? His answer was frightening -- he offered that the war would probably come first, initiated in all likelihood as an engineered distraction to negate the effect of the expected upcoming indictments. Daniel Ellsberg is an American achiever and a TRUE patriot akin to the Spirit of '76 inculcated into our national psyche by the writings and documents of our Founding Fathers...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Former POWs implore US to abolish torture

Arizona Republic
by Richard Ruelas


For some, the ban on torture that Arizona Sen. John McCain has introduced before Congress is not a theoretical concept. For whose who have experienced torture, talking about it brings back stinging memories of torn-off fingernails, dislocated shoulders and broken cheekbones. Being the recipient of torture teaches some lessons. For instance, torture can make someone talk. The rule about soldiers only giving their name, rank and serial number eventually goes away. 'Everybody that I know broke,' said Larry Chesley, who was held a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for four years. But torture does not lead to truth. The pain will make someone say nearly anything to get it to stop. 'You really don't know if you've got anything or not,' Chesley said. Someone who gets tortured doesn't feel right having his country take up such behavior. 'I think physical torture is unacceptable,' said Chesley, a former state legislator and current Republican Party district chair...


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US snoopers tap into net phone

Australian IT News
by staff


With each new advance in communications, the government wants the same level of snooping power that authorities have exercised over phone conversations for a century. Technologists recoil, accusing the government of micromanaging, and potentially limiting, innovation. Today, this tug-of-war is playing out over US Federal Communications Commission demands that a phone wiretapping law be extended to voice-over-internet services and broadband networks...


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Republican John Murthas needed to rethink Iraq

Intellectual Conservative
by W. James Antle III


The anti-Murtha juggernaut will fail. The Pennsylvania Democrat may not be Scoop Jackson but he is certainly not Michael Moore, no matter how much some in the White House might want to link the two. A majority of Americans are now entertaining second thoughts about the Iraq war, not just a far-left fringe. Yet by refusing to question the war or respond to changing circumstances on the ground, Republicans risk driving the country into the left's arms. An inability to rethink military action while combat is ongoing prevents a realistic assessment of our current policy -- a policy that a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found 52 percent of Americans no longer believe to be worthwhile. It does no disservice to our troops to question the policies of their civilian leaders. It is not surrender to abandon a course if it was misconceived from the beginning. We must not continue to spend blood and treasure in Iraq based on premises as faulty as those which led us into war in the first place...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Pushing back

National Review
by Sabrina Leigh Schaeffer


Throughout this fall President Bush has suffered a constant barrage from Democrats and antiwar critics who charge that he manipulated pre-war intelligence in order to fool the American people into a war with Iraq. Not surprisingly, against this backdrop of hostility, the president's poll numbers began to fall. And fall. And fall. Now, in mid-November, only 35 percent of Americans approve of how the president is handling the war in Iraq. Nearly 60 percent of the country believes the president is dishonest. Our commander-in-chief appears to have hit rock bottom, and most wonder whether he can escape from what seems to be political quicksand. No matter what he does to pull himself out, pundits and political elites just keep repeating that he is sinking -- and quickly. That is, in fact, all that Americans have heard for the past three months -- until now...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A "loyal opposition" won't end the war

by Jeremy Scahill


The bloody scandal of the Iraq occupation has opened a rare and clear window into the truth about this country: there is one party represented in Washington -- one that supports preemptive war and regime change. The reality is that the Democrats could stop this war if the will was there. They could shut down the Senate every day, not just for a few hours one afternoon. They could disrupt business as usual and act as though the truth were true: this war should never have happened and it must end now. The country would be behind them if they did it. But they won't. They will hem and haw and call for more troops and throw out epic lies about the US becoming a stabilizing force in Iraq and blame the Republicans for their own complicity and enthusiasm in the 15 years of bipartisan crimes against Iraq. Why? Because they support war against Iraq. All of this begs for a multiparty system in this country and the emergence of a true opposition...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Inheriting a nation

The Monitor


A Republican-led effort in the U.S. House of Representatives seeks to change a constitutional amendment that grants American citizenship to any child born on the nation's soil. ... The 14th Amendment gives citizenship to anybody born within the United States. To change this or any other amendment, there has to be a proposal in Congress or a constitutional convention from two-thirds of the nation's state legislatures. Thirty-eight of 50 states must approve any changes to the constitution. ... Many civil rights organizations say this is just another reactionary effort that eats away at this country's founding principles. ... Rasmussen Reports, a nonpartisan polling firm based in Ocean Grove, N.J., released a survey Nov. 7 saying 49 percent of 1,500 adults polled in the United States said they supported ending birthright citizenship. Forty-one percent of them wanted the practice to remain in tact...


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The spoils of war

Independent [UK]


Iraqis face the dire prospect of losing up to $200bn (£116bn) of the wealth of their country if an American-inspired plan to hand over development of its oil reserves to US and British multinationals comes into force next year. A report produced by American and British pressure groups warns Iraq will be caught in an 'old colonial trap' if it allows foreign companies to take a share of its vast energy reserves. The report is certain to reawaken fears that the real purpose of the 2003 war on Iraq was to ensure its oil came under Western control...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Worse Than Watergate?


by Judith Coburn, TomDispatch.com

A reporter who covered Watergate says Bush has more power than Nixon's imperial presidency did in the early 1970s.


FBI, Pentagon pay for access to trove of public records


Ex-DeLay Aide Michael Scanlon Pleads Guilty

Ex-DeLay Aide Pleads Guilty; GOP Lawmakers Implicated

Michael Scanlon, former aide to a powerful congressman and onetime partner of a wealthy lobbyist, pleaded guilty yesterday to a federal conspiracy charge as part of a deal in which he agreed to cooperate with an investigation into possible wrongdoing by some lawmakers.


BND spähte Journalisten angeblich mindestens bis Ende der 90er Jahre aus

Geheimdienst: BND spähte Journalisten angeblich mindestens bis Ende der 90er Jahre aus (21.11.05)

Der Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) hat nach einem Pressebericht mindestens bis Ende der 90er Jahre Journalisten observiert. Außerdem habe er in der gleichen Zeit mehrere Medienvertreter als operative Verbindungen geführt, die auch bezahlt worden seien, meldet die "Berliner Zeitung" in ihrer Wochenendausgabe unter Berufung auf einen ehemaligen BND-Mitarbeiter. Dessen Angaben zufolge sei es im Dienst "weitgehend bekannt" gewesen, dass Journalisten, die über die Geheimdienstszene berichteten, von Zeit zu Zeit beobachtet wurden. Auch das Abhören von Telefongesprächen sei darin eingeschlossen gewesen, sagte der pensionierte Beamte der Zeitung.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Der private (lange) Arm des amerikanischen Geheimdienstes


Eine Milliarde Kinder, die Hälfte aller Kinder, lebt in Armut

Ungerechtigkeit als Ausgangsbedingung

Nach dem UNESCO-Bericht über der Lage der Kinder lebt eine Milliarde - die Hälfte aller Kinder - in Armut.


Support John Murtha


Urge Congress to End the War in Iraq

Last Thursday, Rep. John Murtha dramatically called for a swift end to the war on Iraq and introduced this resolution:

"The deployment of United States forces in Iraq, by direction of Congress, is hereby terminated and the forces involved are to be redeployed at the earliest practicable date. A quick-reaction U.S. force and an over-the-horizon presence of U.S. Marines shall be deployed in the region. The United States of America shall pursue security and stability in Iraq through diplomacy."

More about this bill: http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/murtha

The bill introduced by Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter and immediately voted down by the House on Friday grossly misrepresented Murtha's bill. Here is what happened on Friday:

Congressman Charles Rangel released a powerful statement in support of Murtha's bill:

Urge your Representatives to cosponsor Murtha's bill and two other excellent bills against the war: H.R. 4232 (Jim McGovern) to cut off funding for an ongoing occupation:
http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/end http://tinyurl.com/8qufm and H.CON.RES. 197 (Barbara Lee) to block permanent military bases in Iraq. http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/?q=node/5011

Urge Congress to End the War in Iraq


The Republican Congress has defeated most anti-war bills against in committee, despite defections by a few courageous GOPers. So the Out of Iraq Caucus, chaired by Rep. Maxine Waters, is trying a new approach: a discharge petition. If a majority of House Members sign this petition to force a bill on Iraq onto the floor, with an open rule allowing amendments, those members seeking to end the war will be able to propose amendments and hold a debate as serious as the war itself.



After Downing Street and our coalition members are encouraging Representatives to hold Out of Iraq events in their districts. We've selected January 7th as a national day on which to hold as many events as possible, but other days can be chosen to fit the schedules of those involved. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is playing a large role in organizing these events and organized three town hall meetings on Iraq with Representatives in Massachusetts in November.

Get resources for events, sign up to attend one or to host one:


From Global Exchange: In the name of the "war on terrorism," the Bush administration has made torture part of the U.S. government’s standard operating procedure. From the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba to detention centers in Afghanistan and Iraq, reports have surfaced–not only from detainees and human rights organizations, but also from soldiers and members of the FBI—that U.S. officials are practicing torture and other forms of cruel and unusual punishment.

Torture is inhumane and illegal. The United States has signed the U.N. Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Punishment. It reads, "No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency may be invoked as a justification of torture."

The U.S. Senate recently passed an anti-torture amendment introduced by Senator John McCain. The lopsided vote of 90 to 9 has drawn ire and a rare veto threat from the White House. Bush loyalists are looking to strip critical language from the amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill (HR 2863), sparing the president from the spectacle of going to the mat to uphold the use of barbaric and universally-condemned practices.

The House-Senate conferees who are negotiating the final language of the amendment need to hear from you. Here is who they are and how to reach them:


Come to Crawford for Thanksgiving with the Bushes!
SPONSORS: GOLD STAR FAMILIES FOR PEACE, CRAWFORD PEACE HOUSE ENDORSED BY: Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans For Peace, Code Pink Date: November 22-November 27, 2005 Place: Crawford, Texas (Camp Casey 2) Events: 11/22: Civil Disobedience
11/23: Organization of Katrina relief/Meal Preparation
11/24: Simple Thanksgiving Meal
11/25: Memorial Dedication
11/26: March/Rally- Possible Interfaith Service


Dick Cheney said today, "We operated on the best available intelligence, gathered over a period of years from within a totalitarian society ruled by fear and secret police." Yikes!






Come and help us with our Medical Clinics

I am writing to you from India. We have a mission and my husband is pastoring a church for tribal and rural and slum people. I am a professional cancer/molecular biologist and working in a private college as professor. I am helping our mission health projects. We are working among the cancer/HIV/TB patients, our areas are lower socio-economic group. We organise medical clinics periodically with local doctors. I would like to know whether any of your members can come and help us with our medical clinics in rural and tribal branches.

I am currently looking for developing a school for slum children. We would like to teach alternative education to them and not the conventional education. We were doing it in a place but the land owners vacated us. Here we can rent a place for only 11 months, so we are now thinking of buying our own place to have a permanant building.

I am looking for those who can come here and witness our work and also those who can support us.

So far we have done the following work in the rural and tribal belts:

1 Adult literacy programmes

2 Surveys on Reproductive rights of women Child abuse and alternative education for the young ones

3 Awareness camps/seminars/workshops on HIV/Cancer/TB.

4 Locally available medicinal plants and nutritional values of locally available fruits and vegetables.

5 Immunisation programmes/medical clinics

6 Women empowerment programmes

7 Signification of girl children (they are disliked by our society due to dowry and other issues).

We would like to have people who are interested in offering MEDICAL CAMPS, SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS.

With regards

If you would like to help please contact rudkla at web.de to get more information about the project.


Bath Chronicle

11:00 - 22 November 2005

A Mobile phone giant is seeking to renew permission to put up a mast in the heart of Bear Flat. O2 won a planning appeal to site a mast on land between Bloomfield Road and Wellsway last year, but concerted opposition from residents convinced the company to seek an alternative site.

However, amid heavy opposition to its preferred alternative at Alexandra Park, the company has now reapplied for a licence to begin work on the original site, for which it still has planning permission.

Cllr David Bellotti (Lib Dem, Lyncombe) said he feared O2 would proceed with work if it felt it would not succeed with an application for a mast at the park.

He said: "We are potentially faced with three masts within 400 yards of each other surrounding us. The head of the Mobile Operators Association has now promised to come to Bear Flat, bringing representatives of the five major operators with him, and talk about where a single shared mast could be sited.

"We are really besieged by these companies in the conservation area, all of them wanting a separate site, and I think the residents have every right to be as militant as possible in opposing them."

Meanwhile, a coalition of residents fighting both O2's plans and an application from Hutchinson 3G to put a mast on top of the Smiles store at Wellsway is continuing its campaign.

Sue Boyle, of the Friends of Alexandra Park, made the case against O2's plans for the park at last week's full council meeting, and to call for stronger backing from the council to prevent them.

She said: "When we first learnt of the O2 proposal on September 1 this year, we were confident that the park would be automatically protected from such an invasive and damaging development. There are commitments set out so clearly in the conservation and policy documents, to which this council is committed and which are intended to protect this World Heritage City from abuse.

"Since September, we have become increasingly concerned that despite the council's expressed commitments, Alexandra Park, and therefore other local parks and gardens of historical interest and other visually important spaces, might be in jeopardy."

At the same meeting, the council voted to start work on a policy which, when it comes into force in a year, will afford greater protection to sites such as Alexandra Park from phone mast applications.

Iraqi Factions Seek Timetable for U.S. Pullout

On Monday, Iraq's interior minister, Bayan Jabr, said American-led forces should be able to leave Iraq by the end of next year, adding that the one-year extension of the mandate for the multinational force in Iraq by the United Nations Security Council earlier this month could be the last, The Associated Press reported.

"By mid-next year, we will be 75 percent done in building our forces, and by the end of next year it will be fully ready," Mr. Jabr told Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab news channel.

Iraqi Factions Seek Timetable for U.S. Pullout

Amr Nabil/Associated Press

Jawad al-Khalisi, left, a Shiite cleric of the National Foundation Council, talking to Yuadim Kana, right, an Assyrian Christian leader, in Cairo on Monday, the last day of an Iraqi reconciliation conference.


Published: November 22, 2005

CAIRO, Nov. 21 - For the first time, Iraq's political factions on Monday collectively called for a timetable for withdrawal of foreign forces, in a moment of consensus that comes as the Bush administration battles pressure at home to commit itself to a pullout schedule.

The announcement, made at the conclusion of a reconciliation conference here backed by the Arab League, was a public reaching out by Shiites, who now dominate Iraq's government, to Sunni Arabs on the eve of parliamentary elections that have been put on shaky ground by weeks of sectarian violence.

About 100 Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish leaders, many of whom will run in the election on Dec. 15, signed a closing memorandum on Monday that "demands a withdrawal of foreign troops on a specified timetable, dependent on an immediate national program for rebuilding the security forces," the statement said.

"The Iraqi people are looking forward to the day when foreign forces will leave Iraq, when its armed and security forces will be rebuilt and when they can enjoy peace and stability and an end to terrorism," it continued.

The meeting was intended as preparation for a much larger conference in Iraq in late February. The recommendations made here are to be the starting ground for that meeting.

In Washington, Justin Higgins, a State Department spokesman, said, "The United States supports the basic foundation of the conference and we certainly support ongoing discussion among Iraq's various political and religious communities."

But regarding troop withdrawal, he said: "Multinational forces are present in Iraq under a mandate from the U.N. Security Council. As President Bush has said, the coalition remains committed to helping the Iraqi people achieve security and stability as they rebuild their country. We will stay as long as it takes to achieve those goals and no longer."

Shiite leaders have long maintained that a pullout should be done according to milestones, and not before Iraqi security forces are fully operational. The closing statement upheld a Sunni demand for a pullout, while preserving aspects of Shiite demands, but did not specify when a withdrawal should begin, making it more of a symbolic gesture than a concrete agenda item that could be followed up by the Iraqi government.

The statement, while condemning the wave of terrorism that has engulfed Iraq, also broadly acknowledged a general right to resist foreign occupation. That was another effort to compromise with Sunnis who had sought to legitimize the insurgency. The statement condemned terror attacks and religious backing for them, and it demanded the release of innocent prisoners and an investigation into reports of torture.

Almost all the delegates belong to political parties that represent the spectrum of Iraqi politics.

But while Sunni parties hinted at their lines of communication to nationalist and tribal insurgents, none would admit any link to militants like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who has led a wave of suicide bombings through his group Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia.

The wording was a partial victory for Iraq's Sunni politicians, who have long demanded that the United States commit to a scheduled pullout.

While the wording stopped short of condoning armed resistance to the occupation, it broadly acknowledged that "national resistance is a legitimate right of all nations."

"This is the first time that something like this is said collectively and in public," Muhammad Bashar al-Faythi, spokesman for the hard-line Sunni Muslim Scholars Council, said Monday, referring to the timetable. "We managed to convince them of the importance of a timed pullout."

On Monday, Iraq's interior minister, Bayan Jabr, said American-led forces should be able to leave Iraq by the end of next year, adding that the one-year extension of the mandate for the multinational force in Iraq by the United Nations Security Council earlier this month could be the last, The Associated Press reported.

"By mid-next year, we will be 75 percent done in building our forces, and by the end of next year it will be fully ready," Mr. Jabr told Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab news channel.



Informant: Bob Reuschlein

From ufpj-news

Phone mast fury

Burnley Express

COUNCIL Leader Coun. Stuart Caddy has vowed to back residents' emotional battle against mobile phone masts in a neighbourhood of Lowerhouse.

Worried neighbours called an emergency meeting to voice concerns over proposals for a new mobile phone mast and the extension of one next to their homes.

Many claim they have suffered ill health since the 25 metre mast was extended from a 15 metre mast about four years ago. Mr Patrick Lock, of Wilson Fold, said they have taken as much as they can handle and it is time for action.

He said: "People are saying they are getting headaches and generally feeling ill. Personally whenever I am home, I suffer from a runny ear, which somehow vanishes while I am at work.

"I have been to see the doctor about it a number of times but the medication does not seem to make a difference.

"My wife Samantha cannot get to sleep and my little girl gets headaches. I am genuinely worried that the mast is having a bad effect on our health and this could get worse if they build another one."

Mobile phone giants Orange has applied for permission to construct a 20 metre mast in land off Gannow Lane.

A temporary mast was erected early yesterday morning in an effort to show residents it will not impact on their lives.

To make matters worse, the mast currently standing in grassland at the end of the street could soon be extended. The mast was built in 2001 and is shared by BT Cellnet and Orange.

Besides ill-health, Mr Lock fears property prices could plummet as a result. He went on: "One of the residents, who doesn't want any publicity, was recently trying to sell their home. The potential buyer took one look at the mast and pulled out straight away.

"The Government claim the masts are safe, but that children could suffer from over-using mobile phones. Well, phones can be switched off but that mast is there 24 hours a day."

Mr Lock has recruited the support of Mr Dennis Cannon, chairman of pressure group Together Against Masts, to boost his cause.

Mr Cannon claims the radiation levels in the house that have been detected are unacceptable.

He added: "Countless scientific studies show that exposure to the microwave radiation emitted by mobile phone masts produce serious adverse health effects to living cells."

Mr Cannon's claims were backed up earlier this year when the Health Protection Agency (HPA) admitted for the first time that exposure to microwave radiation can damage health.

Coun. Caddy is urging the residents to drum up as much support as possible to make a strong case to the council.

He said: "I am not just doing this because I am the ward councillor, I strongly oppose any mast being put up in residential areas.
"I am extremely concerned and will fight this."

Mr Matthew Hayes, a planning officer with Orange, said the construction will comply with government guidelines.

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/771911/

22 November 2005


From Mast Sanity

The cellular phone and children

Here is the web link to the video files of the two CBC TV programmes - about health effects of mobile telephony as well as the impairment electrohypersensitivity - that was aired yesterday in Canada: http://tinyurl.com/bed8n

Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

The industry of the cellular telephone has been attacked, for a few years, at a new market: children. Some 500 million of them uses. It is particularly popular to the teenagers, and some make use of it up to three hours per day.

However, there is not any study on the harmlessness of the microwaves of cellular for the children. So certain European countries prefer to use the principle of precaution, it is not the case in North America. In front of the absence of evidence, one assumes that the cellular one is sedentary.

In Sweden, several researchers consider the question. They worry that the children, because of their brain under development run a greater risk only the adults. They fear that the young users of cellular telephones do not develop late any more a more great number of neuro-degenerative and autoimmune diseases.

Already, a certain number of adults are victims of the electro-over-sensitiveness, caused by the microwaves of cellular telephony.

While waiting, the researchers preach prudence.

Journalist: Michel Rochon
Realizer: Pierre Devroede

The cellular telephone and children



Dear Colleagues:

Radio (TV) Canada's news program "Decouverte" [Discovery] broadcast a two-part news show on EMFs last Sunday (Nov.20) evening.

You can watch both shows on Radio Canada's Web site:

The first part is on cell phones and kids and their risk of developing acoustic neuromas and brain tumors. Also cited is the University of Lund work showing that microwave radiation can lead to leakage through the blood-brain barrier. The second part is on electrosensitivity.

Among those on the show are:

Igor Belyaev
Lennart Hardell
Olle Johansson
Leif Salford
Per Segerback
--all of Sweden,
as well as Sir William Stewart in the U.K.

Sir William calls the marketing of phones to kids younger than eight "grotesque."

I was also interviewed.

Note that the show is in French.


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Children and mobile phones

Mobile phones tumour risk to young children

Mobile Phone Use and the Risk of Acoustic Neuroma

Mobile phone use and acoustic neuroma

Mobile Phones Again Linked to Cancer - in this Case specifically to Acoustic Neuromas

Case-Control Study on Cellular and Cordless Telephones and the Risk for Acoustic Neuroma or Meningioma in Patients Diagnosed 2000-2003

Long-Term Mobile Phone Use and Brain Tumor Risk

Three papers from Hardell

Hide Cellular Phones From Children

A Danger from within the house: Radiation was found in the Israeli Prime Minister Office

From Iris Atzmon

Dear Prime Minister,

DO NOT MEASURE RADIATION IN YOUR OFFICE Because that is what the World Health Organization Recommends, and "As you know WHO has built the highest possible reputation in public health matters among the public and governments world wide". A letter from Mike Repacholi, Coordinator of the Electromagnetic Fields Project in the World Health Organization and direct responsible for EMradiation matters in the WHO, to Hans Karow, July 07, 2005.

WHO recommendation discouraging the general public and governments from measuring electromagnetic fields in homes (page 8 of "WHO Workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity, Prague , Czech Republic, October 25-27, 2004. Working Group Meeting".)

Just imagine what would have happened if the Israeli government had listened to Repacholi's recommendation to discourage radiation measurements in the house... The below is the final proof that Repacholi is a serious danger to the world governments and the public. Listening to his "scientific" advices is a danger for humanity. Our government office has received lately many letters and studies and summaries about electromagnetic radiation effects. Please inform your governments that they had better NOT listen to Repacholi's advices and save themselves from him by learning from the experience of the Israeli Government, and here it is:

Yediot Ahronot
by Itamar Ichner.

"A Danger from within the house: Radiation was found in the [Israeli] Prime Minister Office"

The prime minister office board ordered yesterday to evacuate 5 rooms in the office, in which high electromagnetic radiation levels were found. The high radiation levels were found in the ground floor in the prime minister office, near the electricity box of the building. Measurements done by the the Environment Ministry experts found levels of 20-30 mG in several rooms that are close to the electricity room, in which workers sit on a regular basis. This is a level which is 10 fold higher than the allowed level. IARC determined that electricity installations, which expose the public to more than 2 mG for the long term, are possible carcinogens. The average exposure in most houses in Israel and abroad, is not more than 0.4 mG.

The measurement findings created storm. Workers connected immediately between these findings and between the fact that in the last years several workers in the office got sick with malignant diseases. The office management ordered immediately to evacuate the joined rooms to the electricity room. The workers moved to other rooms. The office intends also to put protection in the room against the radiation: the office has hired the service of a company which builds protection against electromagnetic radiation with aluminium plates. The chairman of the prime minister office, Jacob Selzer, said yeasterday: "We stand on board. There is definitely readiness by the board, to invest money in order to solve the problem. It is definitely an important thing. We checked all the antennas in the prime minister office, and it is important to indicate that the management works with us in cooperation with regard to this subject".


Petition to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi

America: The Fundamentalist Invasion

They're in the White House, already control the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court. Today, the ultras of the extreme religious right also want to stuff their own men into the whole judicial apparatus. The supposed objectivity of the fundamentalists and the ideologues of the right, in fact, covers up a much more sinister ambition, writes Philippe Boulet-Gercourt.


British-Trained Police in Iraq 'Killed Prisoners with Drills'

Britain has been dragged into the growing scandal of officially condoned killings in Iraq. British-trained police operating in Basra have tortured at least two civilians to death with electric drills, says The Independent.


In the Senate, a Chorus of Three Defies the Line

On a July evening in the Capitol, Vice President Dick Cheney summoned three Republican senators to his ornate office just off the Senate chamber. The Republicans - John W. Warner of Virginia, John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina - were making trouble for the Bush administration, and Mr. Cheney let them know it.


Scanlon Testimony in Abramoff Case Could Widen Probe to DeLay and Ney

Scanlon, a former aide to Representative Tom DeLay, is scheduled to appear today in US District Court to present a plea bargain with the Justice Department likely to lead to his cooperation with investigators. His testimony would ratchet up the pressure on Abramoff and aid prosecutors in widening the investigation to members of Congress, such as Republicans DeLay and Representative Robert Ney of Ohio.


Hide Cellular Phones From Children

Russian precautionary actions and children’s use of cellphones

It is interesting to compare the following message from Russia to the last one sent out on this list. The researchers at the Australian Centre for Radiofrequency Bioeffects Research (ACRBR) conducting that 3 year study on kids and cell phone use should be talking to these guys!

In fact there should be some direct collaboration considering what the Russians are seeing with Russian kids and cell phone use. The Russian National Committee for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection(RNCNIRP) has a slightly tougher version of a ‘precautionary principle’ than Australia’s ACRBR. The advice from RNCNIRP is simply “Although it is impossible to ensure healthy way of life for all teenagers, at least cellular phones should be immediately taken away from them.”

Don Maisch

From the State Research Center - Institute of Biophysics, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Center for Bioelectromagnetic Compatibility, Moscow, The Russian Federation November 8, 2005


Hide Cellular Phones From Children

[Note that I have corrected the English translation in one part (The proper name is the Russian National Committee for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection). Go to the above link to see the uncorrected original]

Scientists are concerned with commodization of mobile communications. Although the damage of cellular phones’ electromagnetic radiation has never been proved, their safety can not be warranted either. Chairman of the Russian National Committee for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP), Doctor of Science (Medicine), Professor, Yuri Grigirievich Grigoriev advises that children and teenagers are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Judging by some data, long child’s conversations on the cellular phone may painfully affect in mature age.

To evaluate safety of cellular phones, consequences of long-term electromagnetic fields’ influence should be investigated. The overwhelming majority of medical investigation of mobile communications was performed abroad and was devoted to short-term effects. Domestic researchers have accumulated a lot of data about state of health of the people who worked for years with the sources of electromagnetic radiation. Summing up all these data, Yu. G. Grigoriev affirms that cellular phones are unsafe. Even a short telephone conversation often affects the brain activity: participants of experiment spend more time on fulfilment of test assignments, which is particularly important for students and schoolchildren, some people complain of headache and some distraction.

This annoyance is over soon but lengthy intense use of cellular communications result in more serious consequences. Some users suffer regularly from headaches, after a five-minute telephone conversation the ache being intensified. People complain of fatiguability, irritability, discomfort feeling, giddiness, difficulty in concentrating attention. The specialists who spent years working with sources of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation acquire vegetative disorders and neurasthenic symptoms. Experiments with young rats deserve particular attention.

As children and teenagers are particularly sensitive to negative impact of electromagnetic fields, therefore cellular communication is strongly contra-indicated to them. This opinion is shared by the majority of European scientists. In 2001, the European Parliament Research Group recommended to all EU member countries to prohibit children under 16 to use cellular phones. Physicians of Great Britain accepted similar recommendations in 1999, World Health Organization – in 2000, Russian physicians – in 2001. Unfortunately, physicians’ recommendations in Russia have no validity. The number of underage subscribers of mobile communications is steadily growing in Russia, and cellular phones manufactures develop special child’s models. In the meantime, adverse effect of electromagnetic radiation is superimposed on the influence of other unfavorable environmental and social factors. Within the last 12 years, Russian teenagers morbidity has increased several times. Although it is impossible to ensure healthy way of life for all teenagers, at least cellular phones should be immediately taken away from them.

Article supplied by Sylvie

Source: http://www.emfacts.com/weblog/index.php?p=321


Russia wants to ban mobiles for children

Children and mobile phones

The cellular phone and children - Le téléphone cellulaire et les enfants http://omega.twoday.net/stories/1178705/

The Congressional Millionaires Club

There is little reason for anyone to be confused by the events leading up to the unraveling of America. All one has to do is ignore the rhetoric and simply follow the money to reveal the hidden mechanisms that are operating the American government.


Able Danger

“The Able Danger intelligence, if confirmed, is undoubtedly the most relevant fact of the entire post-9/11 inquiry.”


From Information Clearing House

White House used 'gossip' to build case for war

Codenamed Curveball, an Iraqi chemical engineer who arrived in Germany in 1999 seeking political asylum, and told the German intelligence service, the BND, how Saddam Hussein had developed mobile laboratories to produce biological weapons. Curveball was also apparently jailed for a sex crime and then drove a Baghdad taxi.



The Great War For Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East

Speaking on his new book, The Great War For Civilization; The Conquest of the Middle East at King Middle School, Berkeley. Nov 19 2005. Fisk, in yet another stirring account, paints a disturbing picture of recent history and events in Iraq and the Middle East.


From Vietnam to Iraq

Sen. George McGovern Discusses the Lies of War from the Gulf of Tonkin to Iraq's WMDs.


From Information Clearing House

Proof The Administration Manipulated Intelligence

The Rendon Group personally set up the Iraqi National Congress and helped install Ahmad Chalabi as leader, whose main goal - “pressure the United States to attack Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein” - Rendon helped facilitate.


From Information Clearing House

How The Rendon Group Spun the Iraq Propaganda for Chalabi's Inc

Documentary focusing on the tactics used by the U.S and it's allies in the build up to and during the Iraq War, featuring Ray Mcgovern and Seymour Hersh amongst others.


Iraqi leaders agree on resistance right

Iraqi government representatives conceded a theoretical right to resist occupation.


From Information Clearing House

Cheney Slams War Critics, Praises Murtha


Informant: Friends

US Corporate Excess Under Fire as Unions Go On the Attack

US unions, weakened by public apathy and internal splits, are fighting back with an online database that accuses corporate supremos of lining their own pockets while grinding down their employees.


Doctors Objecting to Planned Cut in Medicare Fees

The Bush administration is headed for a clash with the nation's doctors over a federal plan to cut their Medicare fees by 4.4 percent next year, even as the government tries to measure the quality of care they provide. Doctors say that if the cut occurs, some physicians will be less willing to accept new Medicare patients.


House Passes Budget with Public Lands Giveaway

On Friday, the US House of Representatives narrowly passed its budget reconciliation bill. According to Earthjustice, this industry giveaway contains numerous attacks on the environment, particularly on our most cherished public lands.


Cheney Attempts to Tie Iraq to 9-11 Again

Cheney ticked off a long list of terrorist attacks on American interests going back more than the two decades that preceded the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, including the September 11, 2001 attacks and earlier ones in Beirut, Saudi Arabia and Africa.


Katrina Evacuees Victimized by Administration's Broken Promises, False Hope


Tax Cuts Benefit Only Wealthiest Few


Getting Out of Iraq


Cities to End the War


Feingold Got Senate Moving on Iraq


Give Thanks No More: It’s Time for a National Day of Atonement


U.S. Troops Fired on Baghdad Civilians


On John Murtha's Position

By Gilbert Achcar and Stephen R. Shalom

When Murtha says "redeploy" -- instead of withdraw -- the troops from Iraq, he makes clear that -- despite his rhetoric -- he doesn't want to really bring them home, but to station them in the Middle East.


Bob Novak, the CIA's MOCKINGBIRD program and the Plame/Wilson Scandal





Cheney defends statements on war critics


How the Media Can Restore Credibility


Informant: Lew Rockwell

Jack Kenny on the Iraq disaster


Threat of federal charges against DeLay grows


Informant: John Calvert

The Trouble With Deposit Insurance


Is Bush a War Criminal?


The CIA's Torture Taxi


The FDA Kills


The Internet vs. the State


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