A Danger from within the house: Radiation was found in the Israeli Prime Minister Office

From Iris Atzmon

Dear Prime Minister,

DO NOT MEASURE RADIATION IN YOUR OFFICE Because that is what the World Health Organization Recommends, and "As you know WHO has built the highest possible reputation in public health matters among the public and governments world wide". A letter from Mike Repacholi, Coordinator of the Electromagnetic Fields Project in the World Health Organization and direct responsible for EMradiation matters in the WHO, to Hans Karow, July 07, 2005.

WHO recommendation discouraging the general public and governments from measuring electromagnetic fields in homes (page 8 of "WHO Workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity, Prague , Czech Republic, October 25-27, 2004. Working Group Meeting".)

Just imagine what would have happened if the Israeli government had listened to Repacholi's recommendation to discourage radiation measurements in the house... The below is the final proof that Repacholi is a serious danger to the world governments and the public. Listening to his "scientific" advices is a danger for humanity. Our government office has received lately many letters and studies and summaries about electromagnetic radiation effects. Please inform your governments that they had better NOT listen to Repacholi's advices and save themselves from him by learning from the experience of the Israeli Government, and here it is:

Yediot Ahronot
by Itamar Ichner.

"A Danger from within the house: Radiation was found in the [Israeli] Prime Minister Office"

The prime minister office board ordered yesterday to evacuate 5 rooms in the office, in which high electromagnetic radiation levels were found. The high radiation levels were found in the ground floor in the prime minister office, near the electricity box of the building. Measurements done by the the Environment Ministry experts found levels of 20-30 mG in several rooms that are close to the electricity room, in which workers sit on a regular basis. This is a level which is 10 fold higher than the allowed level. IARC determined that electricity installations, which expose the public to more than 2 mG for the long term, are possible carcinogens. The average exposure in most houses in Israel and abroad, is not more than 0.4 mG.

The measurement findings created storm. Workers connected immediately between these findings and between the fact that in the last years several workers in the office got sick with malignant diseases. The office management ordered immediately to evacuate the joined rooms to the electricity room. The workers moved to other rooms. The office intends also to put protection in the room against the radiation: the office has hired the service of a company which builds protection against electromagnetic radiation with aluminium plates. The chairman of the prime minister office, Jacob Selzer, said yeasterday: "We stand on board. There is definitely readiness by the board, to invest money in order to solve the problem. It is definitely an important thing. We checked all the antennas in the prime minister office, and it is important to indicate that the management works with us in cooperation with regard to this subject".


Petition to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi


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