A MAN being treated for prostate cancer could have a phone mast built next to his house.

Frank Swindell, of Sheep Pen Lane, said, 'I have had cancer already. I have just had 16 days in hospital — I have cancer of the vertebrae and have had radiotherapy.

'I have also got a clot on my lung and an irregular heartbeat.
'I am concerned, not just for my health, but for my wife and my neighbours, who will all be living in a very short distance of the mast.

'If you read some of the research into this, anything within 80 metres of one of these masts is not good for one's health.
'I am sure the phone company would argue against that but I have been looking at recent research about it.

Pat Swindell, Frank's wife said, 'It seems so unfair that these radio waves will beam down on us in a concentrated way like this for 24 hours a day.

'The whole exercise has had a damaging effect on his health, his morale and I feel we are very much up against big business.'
Frank added, 'The whole thing has been a tremendous worry and hasn't helped at all with my health problems.'

Mr Swindell has many other concerns about the construction of the mast.

He said, 'We are equally worried about it from a safety point of view.

'This is a very busy corner — there is enough accidents there already.

'If you put another two obstructions, a base station four metres high and a tower eight metres high, you are going to have visibility problems.

'It all adds to the safety worries of the junction.'

A spokesperson for Orange said, 'A planning application is due to be submitted over the next few weeks and will be subject to all the normal planning conditions as with any new development.
'In terms of siting in general, it is not always possible to site base stations away from populated areas due to the low operating power which means that the signal doesn't travel a great distance.

'Therefore, if people want to be able to use their mobile phones while at home or work, and inside buildings, we have to site our installations close enough to support their network demands.

'Many people view mobile technology as a new invention and believe that we should be cautious until we know what the effects may be.

'However, mobile phones are just a new way of using old technology.
'Radio Frequency has been around for over 40 years and there are many other forms of RF already in our environment whether we are at home, in a classroom or outside.

'No substantiated evidence exists to date linking exposure to RF emissions from mobile phone technology with adverse human health effects, despite significant global investment into this type of research.

Omega this is not true. See under:

A spokesperson for Lewes District Council confirmed that Orange were in discussions with planners but no formal...

22 November 2005


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