Fallujah: A Name That Lives in Infamy

Mike Marqusee writes, "Like Jallianwallah Bagh, Guernica, My Lai, Halabja and Grozny, Fallujah is a place name that has become a symbol of unconscionable brutality. As the war in Iraq claims more lives, we need to ensure that this atrocity - so recent, so easily erased from public memory - is recognized as an example of the barbarism of nations that call themselves civilized."


The Deadly Doughnut

Paul Krugman writes that soon millions of Americans will learn that doughnuts are bad for your health. And if we're lucky, Americans will also learn a bigger lesson: politicians who don't believe in a positive role for government shouldn't be allowed to design new government programs.


House Budget Measure Is Pulled

House Republican leaders were forced to abruptly pull their $54 billion budget-cutting bill off the House floor yesterday, amid growing dissension in Republican ranks over spending priorities, taxes, oil exploration and the reach of government.


Veterans Day Is upon Us

Viet Nam vet Kenneth "Larry" Stephens writes, "I do not support the policy of this 21st century Viet Nam. But having said that, I do support our troops, and as a demonstration of that support, I will speak out and fight vigorously against the abuse of our troops and the failure of honesty in this administration by their deliberately hiding the true human cost of this war."


Koalition plant angeblich Rasterfahndung nach "Hartz IV-Betrügern"

Computerabfragen: Koalition plant angeblich Rasterfahndung nach "Hartz IV-Betrügern" (11.11.05)

Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit will künftig angeblich mit einer elektronischen Rasterfahndung nach Betrügern forschen, die unberechtigt das neue Arbeitslosengeld II beziehen. Wie die "Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung" berichtete, sind Ergebnisse eines ersten Abgleichs von rund fünf Millionen Datensätzen der Bundesagentur mit Daten des Verbandes der Rentenversicherungsträger für Dezember zu erwarten. Solche Abgleiche sollten künftig in regelmäßigen Abständen vorgenommen werden. Die Rasterfahndung gehöre zu den Sofortmaßnahmen, mit denen die angehende große Koalition die "Kostenexplosion" bei den Leistungen nach der Arbeitsmarktreform "Hartz IV" in den Griff bekommen wolle, schrieb das Blatt.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:

Unkontrollierter Versand von Bestandteilen für Biowaffen


Viele Firmen, die auf Bestellung DNA-Sequenzen mit der Post liefern, überprüfen nicht oder nur mangelhaft ihre Kunden, obwohl sich gefährliche Erreger aus diesen Bestandteilen herstellen lassen.


GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline


Informant: Joseph Wanzala

St Pauls Church in Longridge Lancashire received permission to install 3G dispite 230 objections

St Pauls Church in Longridge Lancashire received permission to install 3G way back in January dispite 230 objections.They have not installed anything yet and everyone thought that the church had decided not to go ahead. However I contacted the vicar over the telephone 2 weeks ago and he informed me that they were still going ahead and that vodaphone was dragging its feet. Has anybody got information of churches that have not gone ahead with the plan to install and the reasons why. This would greatly increase the chances of us persuading them not to go ahead. I am planning to put an article in the local paper to inform every one that the church is still going ahead despite local council objections, despite 230 objections and the way that the community has not been heard or consultated or even allowed to sit at the meeting Qs4 held with the pcc. We would have to sell our house and reschool our child because of the proximity to the church and feel despite us informing the vicar of this he realy couldn't give a damn.

Karl Kirkup


Churches are an easy target:

a) good height
b) residential locations
c) desperate for money
d) reduced planning burden

but social responsibility should ensure:

i) they read the full scientific indicators of risk to community health ii) they accept future responsibility for outcomes from irreversible contracts
iii) they accept moral responsibility for overriding people's concerns and all the effects these have iv) they approve of the content of the traffic they are enabling through consecrated property (porn, gambling, fraud, etc.) as much as "purer" conversations and purely commercial traffic that makes the church buildings a place of trade v) they accept they are part of "push marketing" to over-sell new products primarily to a youth market, with the social, economic and health consequences of that vi) they accept that the use of QS4 technology is the product of a liaison between the church authorities and an arms manufacturer.

Their theology has a great deal more to say on these matters than on the benefits of a new community centre or keeping buildings in repair with no congregations to sustain them.

Try this in google (quotes as shown only): church refuses "phone mast"




Hi Karl,

There is a similar situation in Blackheath SE London, also with QS4. They keep stalling there with the planning application, perhaps because this is a listed building in a conservation area? I have been in contact with at least one other area which is experiencing delays.

If you research QS4, you will discover that they signed a contract with the Church of England for many church sites in prime positions several years ago. You will also discover that they can serve all 5 operators.They cover the whole process from application and installation through to completion and after management.

At present many radio masts are shared, but the various telecommunications companies attach their own antennae. And demand is growing. The UK's five licence holders for third-generation (3G) mobile telecommunications could need up to 20,000 sites each - 100,000 in total. Apart from the cost implications for companies duplicating effort, there is growing public concern about the health and environmental impact of masts.

With The Rotch Group - one of the UK's largest landlords - we formed Quintel UK Ltd., to promote and implement a technology that will help keep the number of mobile phone masts in the UK to a minimum.

Quintel is in discussions with each of the 3G licence holders about how they can use shared antennae for their 3G services, without any loss of performance. They are clear on the cost savings and - as most mobile phone masts are on buildings in urban areas - shared masts could cut the number of mobile phone masts on the landscape.

To combat this, the Quintel RF unit contains a 'combining network' that allows transmitter signals to be fed to the shared antenna system, and a distribution network that allows handset signals received by the base-station antenna system to be fed to the appropriate operator 's receiver.

QinetiQ will also support Quintel UK Ltd by providing comprehensive management and through life support to shared base-stations, independent expert Health and Safety advice and a refresh of the technology used through Quintel funded research.

They are in a consortium which includes the Qinetiq which develops advanced weapons technology. There was an article in the news highlighting a church in Kingston on Thames which objected to the arms link.

Clergy criticise the Church over links with British weapons firm By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent Daily Telegraph
(Filed: 26/09/2005 )

The Church of England was fending off accusations of hypocrisy from its own clergy last night after it admitted having links with a major British arms manufacturer.

Further comments in the news article are:

The Archbishops' Council, the Church's managing body, signed an agreement with the telecommunications company Quintel S4 in 2002, giving it "approved status" for mobile phone mast installations in churches.


The partnership was designed to reassure parishes that wanted to earn extra income by hiring out their spires or towers to mobile phone companies but were wary because they lacked the expertise.

The deal gave Quintel S4 access to thousands of parishes which were potential sites for aerials in return for national guidelines over rent and health and safety issues. Despite growing concerns over mobile phone masts, a number of parishes have since hired out their steeples to the company for thousands of pounds a year.

The Church's website described QinetiQ as "one of Europe's leading science and technology organisations, formed in July 2001 from the majority of the Government's Defence Evaluation and Research Agency."

Another page made clear that the company was "formed from the research laboratories of the Ministry of Defence".

S L Lawrence

Exxon Drills into YOUR Wallet

We, like so many of you, have been appalled by what we've seen at gas stations and on the news in recent months. At gas pumps across the country, Americans have been watching prices climb, and their wallets shrink. That's why a couple of weeks ago, when the world's largest oil company, ExxonMobil, announced record-breaking profits, it got everyone's attention - including Congress'.

TODAY, Congress is holding hearings against Exxon and the rest of the oil industry for possible price gouging.

Take Action! Tell YOUR Senators what you think about Exxon's profits


In fact, Exxon's profits exceeded the gross domestic product of several oil producing nations, including Kuwait, Libya and Qatar. Exxon made a profit of nearly $10 BILLION this quarter, and got another windfall from Bush's $14.5 BILLION in tax breaks and incentives for the energy industry. In short, ExxonMobil has made the highest quarterly profit earnings in U.S. history, but it hasn't spent a dime on alternative energy.

At a time when the average American is unsure how to pay for increased heating costs this winter, Exxon's red-hot profits are a slap in the face. Worse yet, they're a kick in the teeth for average fisherman in Alaska, who still have not received the $5 billion dollars awarded to them by a court of law following the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989. What's Exxon's excuse?

Exxon's behavior is greedy, and it's time for Congress to put a stop to it.


Chris, Nick, and the rest of the Greenpeace Energy Team

Informant: Nick

White House keeps dossiers on political enemies

Capitol Hill Blue
by Doug Thompson


Spurred by paranoia and aided by the USA Patriot Act, the Bush Administration has compiled dossiers on more than 10,000 Americans it considers political enemies and uses those files to wage war on those who disagree with its policies. The 'enemies list' dates back to Bush's days as governor of Texas and can be accessed by senior administration officials in an instant for use in campaigns to discredit those who speak out against administration policies or acts of the President. The computerized files include intimate personal details on members of Congress; high-ranking local, state and federal officials; prominent media figures and ordinary citizens who may, at one time or another, have spoken out against the President or Administration... [Editor's note: Oh, what a badge of honor to be on this list - MLS]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Delta blues again

by Sofiri Peterside, Patterson Ogon, Michael Watts and Anna Zalik


There are a number of lessons to be learned from of the events of September 11th and the carnage in Iraq that followed. One is that oil politics is a violent, corrupt and authoritarian business. Another is that life in the oil states is often nasty, brutish and short. The life and memory of Ken Saro-Wiwa, the Nigerian social activist, entrepreneur and acclaimed novelist is being celebrated this week, ten years to the day after he was hung by the Nigerian military tribunal on trumped up charges. Saro-Wiwa rose to international prominence precisely because he sought to expose, and to democratize, the sordid realities behind the quest for oil, money and power. But the tenth anniversary of his death also reminds us how little has changed in oil-rich Nigeria, indeed across the West African 'Gulf oil states'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US Army admits use of white phosphorus as weapon in Iraq

Centre for Research on Globalization
by Daily Kos


That's right. Not from Al Jazeera, or Al Arabiya, but the US Army, in their very own publication, from the (WARNING: pdf file) March edition of Field Artillery Magazine in an article entitled 'The Fight for Fallujah:' 'WP [i.e., white phosphorus rounds] proved to be an effective and versatile munition. We used it for screening missions at two breeches and, later in the fight, as a potent psychological weapon against the insurgents in trench lines and spider holes when we could not get effects on them with HE. We fired 'shake and bake' missions at the insurgents, using WP to flush them out and HE to take them out.' In other words the claim by the US Government that White Phosphorus was used only for illumination at Fallujah had been pre-emptively debunked by the Army. Indeed, the article goes on to make clear that soldiers would have liked to have saved more WP rounds to use for 'lethal missions'...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Is privacy no longer a right but a luxury?

by Bob MacDowell


Historically, privacy was, perhaps, one of the defining traits of British Society: lack of identity cards; ability to express views (however distasteful and abhorrent) complemented by the privacy with which the Public Authorities could pursue the business of government and administration. However, current media coverage would indicate that there is now less concern for the right to privacy, which is increasingly seen as a privilege or luxury. The perceived, if unproven, greater threat of terrorism is put forward as the major factor or excuse. This is complemented by public behaviour: the obsessive desire to participate in and be spectators of confessional stories on TV and other media; the abandon with which people communicate in public on their mobile phones -- often releasing information of a highly personal or even commercially confidential nature...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The education of our children should not be left to the state

Sierra Times
by Lee R. Shelton IV


By placing your child in the care of a government-run indoctrination center, you are saying that you trust the government to raise your child, essentially giving up your due process and privacy rights. You are admitting that the government is able to give your child something you cannot provide. When you consider how poorly the government manages everything else, why would any reasonable person think things would be different when it comes to education?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

White House ethics lesson

Mother Jones
by Tom Engelhardt


Cynics might call this a classic case of closing the barn doors after most of the cows had been let out (and slaughtered) and only those with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (that's Mad Cow Disease to you) remained inside. But better informed observers suspect that this is another case of 'lessons gleaned.' Unfortunately, old habits die hard and so ethics in the White House is being treated in a highly secretive manner. Short of a thoroughly unethical leaker, the rest of us will, sadly, never benefit from the presentations of the White House Counsel's office...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush leaves GOP in crisis

Human Events
by Pat Buchanan


With the rout of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's initiatives, Democratic victories in New Jersey and Virginia, and President Bush's free fall in national polls on job performance, credibility and character, the Republican Party is in imminent peril of losing the country. Indeed, since 9/11, the party has indulged in a willful self-delusion that it has become America's Party. The Bush triumph in 2004, talking heads brayed, settled the matter: Red State America has triumphed over Blue State America. The future belongs to us. This was always hyperbole. Where Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan rolled up 49-state landslides in re-election runs, Bush won 31 states, losing every state north of the Potomac and east of Ohio, two of the three great industrial states of the Midwest, Michigan and Illinois, and he was skunked on the Pacific rim. Had Kerry hammered him on trade and lost jobs in Ohio, Bush would be a one-term president...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Everyone's entitled

The American Conservative
by Doug Bandow

For years Republicans promised revolutionary change in Washington. But after Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, they complained that the GOP needed to run Congress. After Republicans gained control of Congress in 1994, they said they needed the presidency as well. Now, with both the White House and Capitol Hill under firm GOP control, Republicans have no more excuses. Unfortunately, the budget results have been ugly, and the future looks even worse. Notes Peter Ferrara of the Free Enterprise Fund, 'under current law Federal spending as a percent of GDP will rise from 20 percent today to 34 percent by 2030.' That is higher than at any other point since World War II. Toss in state and local spending, and half the economy will be in government hands. And these estimates ignore the natural tendency of government outlays to climb far faster than projected... (for publication 11/21/05)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

National security letters

Free Market News Network
by Noel Gibeson


One more thing to fear from the Patriot Act is the use of a national security letter issued unilaterally by a FBI special-agent-in-charge from one of the more than 60 FBI field offices scattered throughout the country. A national security letter, when presented to the recipient, demands that the institution provide all financial records and communications records for the person or people listed on the letter. Furthermore, the letter recipient is warned never to reveal or to disclose the existence of this letter or the person of interest to anyone, ever. More than 30,000 national security letters have already been issued and it is estimated that more than 100,000 people have been the intended targets of these letters...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Their terrorism, and ours


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

US trade deficit hits record high

Tracy Press


The trade deficit surged to a record in September as oil imports hit an all-time high, driven up by hurricane-related shutdowns of Gulf Coast production. The deficit with China also hit a record as that country shipped a flood of televisions, toys and clothing to the United States, triggering demands that President Bush take a hard line on what Democrats in Congress called China's unfair trading practices. The Commerce Department reported Thursday that September's trade deficit was a record $66.1 billion, 11.4 percent higher than August and much worse than economists had been forecasting...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



Informant: Milo

Holyrood told of mast fears

A mass of mobile phone transmitters on the roof of St Andrews’ cinema has been used in Holyrood to highlight the issue of masts on public buildings, writes Cheryl Wood.

New Picture House — believed to host four transmitters — was used as an example by MSP Ted Brocklebank as he quizzed the Scottish Executive on legislation to prevent public buildings being swamped by masts.

Also raising doubts over the long-term health effects of masts, his question to deputy communities minister Johann Lamont came just days after the death of a St Andrews tot from a rare form of cancer.

Rachel Bratt’s parents Raymond and Charlotte believe that a mast close to their former home in Balmullo was partly to blame for her being diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

The four-year-old died on November 2 after battling the illness for more than two years.

Conservative MSP Mr Brocklebank said, “Many people who, like me, live in the centre of St Andrews, are becoming increasingly concerned that masts seem to be proliferating at an alarming pace on the roof of New Picture House in North Street.

“There is still too much unknown about the effects of these masts, and where will it all stop?

“Are we to have school roofs almost entirely covered with masts while our children and grandchildren play underneath?

“The fact is we still cannot be sure about the long-term effects of some communications systems.”

Omega we can be sure about the long-term effects of these communications systems. See under:

Rachel’s parents have conducted research into the effects of transmissions and have vowed to continue even after their daughter’s death.

Mrs Bratt said, “They continue to stick these masts up and ignore what has been said about them.

“Until they are 100 per cent certain they don’t affect people, they shouldn’t put them up.

“I will keep fighting. I don’t want other families to go through what we have.”

In the Scottish Parliament yesterday, Mrs Lamont acknowledged people were concerned about mobile phone masts, but declined to comment on a particular site.

“Depending on the circumstances of a case, there may be a number of pieces of legislation with which such installations would have to comply,” she said.

“It is incumbent on everyone involved to be as transparent as possible about where the masts are going, who is operating them and so on, particularly given the unease about telecommunications masts.

“Current research does not reinforce that unease, but I know from my area that neither the current research nor emphasis of the fact that we are tracking the matter sufficiently reassure people.

“It is important — I know that the industry is committed to this — to work as closely as possible with people and to try, if possible, to site masts where people are comfortable with them.”

© All copyright D C Thomson & Co Ltd., 2005


Anger over new mobile phone masts for Kenilworth

Angry residents are preparing to go to battle with mobile phone giant Vodafone for a second time over a proposed mast.

The world's largest phone company plans to construct a 14m high telegraph pole with antenna in Beehive Hill on the grass verge opposite the junction with Woodcote Avenue.

Protesters fought off a previous application on the corner of Beehive Hill and Birmingham Road in May. But they say another application has been submitted for a mast just 65m away from the original site and 30m from the nearest house.

Dale Potts, Zoe Keep, Owen Hillis, and Paul and Kathy Mooney, who live in Beehive Hill and Woodcote Avenue, claim it would be an eyesore and have launched a campaign urging people to write to Warwick District Council ob-jecting to the plans. They have also taken a petition to Priors Field School, which they say is 400m from the proposed site.

Mr Potts, 35, said: "This mast will have virtually no screening or visual cover to protect the views of residents. This proposed mast will be some 75 per cent higher than existing street lighting and houses in the surrounding area, so will be clearly visible for some distance. It will have a totally overbearing effect on the local community.

"This location is still an 'A' road into Kenilworth with hundreds, if not thousands, of cars using this route daily. Is this really what we want people to see as they enter or leave Kenilworth? We urge residents to let the local planning office have their objections to what would be a complete eyesore on a beautiful part of town."

A spokesman for Vodafone explained that other potential locations had been investigated but this was a preferred site. She added: "Nothing is set in stone. We will take people's views on board."

Representations should be sent to Debbie Prince, senior planning officer, PO Box 2178 Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Leamington Spa CV32 5QH or emailed to: planning_west@warwickdc.gov.uk by November 25.

11 November 2005

All rights reserved © 2005 Johnston Press New Media.


Charte sur la téléphonie Mobile: Charte sur la téléphonie Mobile


Y. professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC


Informant: Milo

Professor Has Theory About 9/11 Attacks:

A BYU professor has developed a new theory about the terrorist attack in New York on September 11, 2001. He believes planes alone did not bring down the world trade center.


From Information Clearing House

Riding the (micro)waves

By Christina Toth

JUNE 6 - 2002 Headaches, buzzing and clicking in the ears, insomnia, weak muscles, gas and nausea - technology seems to be making some people sick. Mission resident Bob Riedlinger is crusading against the erection of telecommunications towers after he became ill while living near one in Harrison Hot Springs. Now living in Silverdale, the retired construction contractor gave Mission's councillors thick packets of paper with data from his six years of research to back up his concerns, which include unexplained illnesses, head noise, increased incidences of childhood cancers, dementia, depression and other hard-to-pinpoint complaints. A pragmatic man who enjoyed robust health during his working career, Riedlinger hopes people don't simply brush off his warnings as those of an unhinged hypochondriac. "I had to change my life completely because of this," he said. "I shouldn't have to be doing this, I should be out fishing. People should listen to what I'm saying." Riedlinger says he knows people so sensitized to telecommunication radio waves, they desperately seek peace in regions with no such activity. Some have taken their own lives to attain that peace, he says. "I know people are suffering like hell. It's an invisible pollution and it's causing chaos and people need to know about it." After seeing cell phone towers moving into his Silverdale neighbourhood, Riedlinger began a petition to halt the operation of a Bell Mobility tower recently erected on Canadian Pacific Rail right-of-way just west of the Mission RCMP detachment. "I want to stop this from going any further - perhaps to prevent the one that just went up from being used. I had to flee my home before and I won't flee again," he said. Mission council has invited someone from Industry Canada to respond to its questions and concerns about telecommunications radio waves. Robert Ross, Mission's community development officer, said that since the telecommunications industry is under federal regulation, city bylaws don't have enough legal clout to deny erection of towers. Industry Canada expects telecommunications firms to "consult" with city governments and communities to determine where their towers can go, Ross said Wednesday. In Abbotsford, telecommunications firms are asked to acquire a building permit, present a report to council and notify residents within a one-kilometre range, said Grant Acheson, director of development services. "Practically speaking, Industry Canada would not support a carrier's application if the carrier was not supported by the local council," Acheson said. In fact, strong opposition from Bradner residents blocked the erection of a Bell Mobility tower there last year and the company has yet to reapply for a west Abbotsford location. Mission's newly adopted community plan will require companies to notify neighbours within a 152-metre radius of a new tower or six times the height of the tower radius, and preferably in non-residential areas and away from schools, Ross said. Towers in Mission are currently atop Bear Mountain, at the public works yard and at the RCMP station, but there could be dozens more on rail lines, power poles and rooftops, he said. Since there are few scientific Canadian studies showing negative health effects, Ross would like to see Health Canada and Industry Canada devote their energy to definitive studies on health effects from the towers. The studies would be timely as towers proliferate in urban areas, he said. "We're starting to get an awful lot of interest for these telecommunications towers, on a weekly basis. We need more clarity on this issue from Industry Canada," he said, adding council would like a little more control over what comes into its territory. "I think any council would like to have a say about where (the towers) can be located. No municipality likes the federal government telling them what to do, especially when there is uncertain science attached to the health risks," Ross said. Riedlinger agrees. "Local government has the authority to protect water, to stop barking dogs, to maintain roads," Riedlinger said. "Why haven't they got the right to protect what's being sent through the air, against something that makes us ill?" Anyone interested in signing his petition can contact Riedlinger at 604-826-6791.


Informant: Iris Atzmon

CIA-White House Tug-of-War Intensifies

After Lewis Libby's indictment, Philippe Gelie argues, the tug-of-war between the CIA and the White House is intensifying. A subterranean war, waged by confidential information strikes and accusations of talking too much, but which all reverts to the fundamental disagreement between the Agency and the Republicans about the justifications for the war in Iraq.


Democrats Raise Red Flag on Alito

Senate Democrats issued their first coordinated challenge to Judge Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court on Wednesday, seeking extensive records about his participation in a 2002 appeals case despite a six-figure investment with one of the defendants.


Janis Karpinski Is Rummy's Scapegoat

Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski - former commander at Abu Ghraib - says she was hung out to dry by the Pentagon.


Roberts Wants Pentagon Involved in Intel Probe

The Pentagon's inspector general has been asked to investigate the pre-war intelligence role of a planning office headed by former US defense policy chief Douglas Feith, a main architect of the Iraq war, officials said on Tuesday.


Sign to stop the suffering

Strange, but true: Poultry -- turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, and other birds -- are NOT protected by humane slaughter laws in this country, even though they make up the overwhelming majority of farm animals killed for food in the United States (9 billion a year). Today, you and I have the power to change that.


Some background: Since the 1950s, the Humane Slaughter Act has required that all livestock be rendered "insensible to pain" before slaughter. Seems like such a modest requirement reflecting our society's belief that animals should not suffer unnecessarily, right? Yet this most basic requirement does not extend to more than 95 percent of the farm animals slaughtered in this country, simply because the law does not explicitly mention poultry.

We need your help to change this shocking situation. To get Congress to amend the law to provide the same basic protections for poultry that cows, pigs, lambs, and other livestock have, we need to demonstrate widespread support as quickly as possible.

Our goal? At least 150,000 signatures on the Petition for Poultry by Thanksgiving, the day when millions of birds have nothing to be grateful for. It only takes a minute of your time to sign the petition


- and then, please, tell a friend.


* Click here to sign the Petition for Poultry and instantly join thousands of compassionate Americans who are urging Congress to amend the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.


* And then... click here to pass the petition on to a friend.

It's that simple to make a difference for billions of animals today - including the 46 million turkeys consumed at Thanksgiving alone. I hope you'll agree that it's time to fix this gaping hole in our animal welfare laws. Please, help us achieve this long-overdue reform today.



Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO The Humane Society of the United States

The Great Retirement Ripoff


Informant: NHNE

"Stop Global Warming" Actions - Climate Crisis Coalition Organizing Nationwide

November 10, 2005

For Immediate Release

For further information:
Ted Glick, 973-338-5398
Barbara Lerman, 609-203-1842

Climate Crisis Coalition Organizing Nationwide

"Stop Global Warming" Actions on December 3

Climate Crisis, USA Join the World! http://www.climatecrisis.us today announced that it is organizing actions across the United States on and around December 3 to demand that the U.S. government support action that is commensurate with the urgency of the deepening climate crisis.

"Scores of Stop Global Warming local actions will be happening during the Nov. 28-Dec. 9 time period when the huge, United Nations Climate Conference in Montreal takes place," said Ted Glick, spokesperson for the group. "We will be acting in concert with hundreds of thousands of people in at least 28 countries around the world who are making December 3rd an International Day of Action to Stop Global Warming."

The Climate Crisis group is demanding that the U.S. government join the world by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol.

Climate Crisis also demands that the federal government withdraw its annual $25 billion in subsidies for coal and oil and create equivalent subsidies for clean, safe, non-nuclear energy alternatives; that it dramatically strengthen energy conservation and fuel efficiency standards; that it plan for a just transition for workers, Indigenous communities and others affected by a change to clean energy; and that it actively defend the world's forests and support community-run tree planting campaigns.

States where local actions will be taking place include: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Washington.

In D.C. on December 3, scores of hybrid vehicles organized by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network will circle the White House. In New Orleans the Alliance for Affordable Energy will be holding a Stop Global Warming event in the French Quarter. In Los Angeles on December 2, the Labor/Community Strategy Center will be doing an action calling for an expansion of the city's bus fleet to provide badly-needed public transportation which will also cut down on car-producing greenhouse gases. And in New York , also on December 2, a coalition of groups will rally in Foley Square across from the Federal Building calling for the federal government to stop its obstructionist efforts and instead act to address this urgent crisis.

In many localities, following the lead of organizers of a massive march on December 3 in Montreal , participants in the actions will try to hold their breath for 60 seconds. USA Join the World! coordinator Glick explained that, “Doing so reminds us all how important clean air is to all living things. It reminds us of the urgency of our work. It is a metaphor for what people on some Pacific islands may soon have to do as the oceans rise and their islands disappear and breathing becomes impossible.”


From ufpj-news

Meet the New Interrogators: Lockheed Martin

Dozens of people converged this summer in the high desert town of El Paso, Texas, en route to spending six months in Iraqi prisons. They were going not as prisoners, but as their interrogators, walking a legalistic tightrope stretched across the Geneva Conventions. Just for signing up, they got a $2,000 check from a company that is rapidly becoming one of the key employers in the world of intelligence: Lockheed Martin, the world's biggest military company, based in Bethesda, Maryland.


Hillary Clinton Calls for Cleaner Energy

Hillary Clinton has joined a growing clique of both Democrats and Republicans focusing on clean-energy as they gear up for the 2006 congressional elections. In the past two months, the New York senator has popped up at a major Arctic Refuge rally, a high-profile global-warming conference, and a clean-technology investor symposium to make fervent calls for cleaner, greener energy policy.


Senate Subcommittee Votes to Write Discrimination Into the Constitution


Germ Boys and Yes Men


Something Happening Here ...


Just What Does U.S. Get as Consequence of Torture?


Bush Administration Says Torture is the American Way


U.N. Blasts Practice of Outsourcing Torture


CDC may ship killer virus to U.S. labs


Informant: Milo



Protect Private Property Against Supreme Court's Decision



The President Should Be Held Accountable


Support of congressional candidates who favor impeaching Bush and Cheney





Informant: Lew Rockwell

Nationalism in the Sanctuary


Informant: Lew Rockwell

Financial Madness at the Fed


Disproving the State


The Seeds of Destruction


A Pact With the Devil


WHO writes off electrosmog victims

World Health Organization

WHO writes off electrosmog victims

By Judi McLeod
Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is "dirty electricity" in your own suburban dream home making you ill?

According to PooBahs at the World Health Organization, you’ve only come down with "Idiopathic Environment Intolerance" (IEI).

Summer smog visible on the skyline over cities like Toronto and Los Angeles provides a perfect seasonal soapbox for headline hungry politicians.

No politician or environmental activist is doing anything about the electricity pollution that an increasing number of people say is making them ill, and certainly not WHO.

WHO, which last week held a workshop on "Electrical Hypersensitivity", in Prague, Czech Republic wrote off global victims of electricity pollution and electrosmog–and included a recommendation advising governments to "discourage measurement in homes".

If electrosmog is not creating problems for human health, then why would WHO discourage measurement of electric magnetic fields in homes?

Retired Toronto police officer Martin Weatherall, who suffers from an illness he believes was brought on by electricity pollution, says WHO may someday be found "criminally irresponsible" in writing off the victims of electrosmog.

Weatherall, who works on behalf of other victims of electricity pollution, has dispatched a letter to WHO Director General Lee Jong Wok, included here:

10 November 2005

Director-General Lee Jong-wook World Health Organization Headquarters Avenue Appia 20
1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland

Dear Director-General:

I have recently read the document entitled " WHO Workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity, Prague , Czech Republic , October 25-27, 2004 . Working Group Meeting". I am now writing to advise you how disappointed I am with some of the recommendations. In particular, I am referring to the recommendations on page 8 under the headings Information for the General Public and Advice to Governments, both of which include the point: "discourage measurements in homes".

This advice to the General Public and to Governments is so completely contrary to sensible thinking and so fundamentally wrong that the World Health Organization may be criminally liable for offences in the countries that follow these guidelines. I base this statement on my own experience and situations where I have had personal involvement.

If the WHO is considering only simple EMFs as being the cause of many people’s illnesses, the WHO is quite wrong. A better way to describe the real problem is "electrical pollution" or "electrosmog". This includes:

1. Electromagnetic fields

2. Electrical fields

3. Ground current electricity

4. Dirty electricity on the power distribution systems

5. Broadcast signals from a variety of different sources, including cellular telephones, radar and wireless devices.

If the WHO is not willing to consider how all of these problems interact and cause health problems, the WHO will fail to diagnose the true cause of many severe illnesses and will fail in its duties to the world population.

In the WHO document, the working group has chosen a description other than electro hypersensitivity and has called the illnesses "Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance’ (IEI). My description is a little more simple to understand and is more to the point — "electrical and radio frequency radiation poisoning". The persons that you refer to as IEI suffer their illnesses only after being exposed to dangerous levels of electrical pollution. They have been poisoned, possibly by one of the above named toxic ingredients, but it is more likely that a mixture of two or more elements caused their illnesses.

It is totally irresponsible for the WHO to discourage the testing of homes of persons suffering from EMFs and other forms of electrical pollution. Severe suffering and even death may result for those who do not get help. The WHO should reverse the current recommendations, and advise complete and thorough testing of victims’ homes and, possibly, their workplaces. It is very important to identify and quantify the reasons why so many people are being made sick by electrical pollution. Missing any one of the above "ingredients" of electrical pollution may fail to find the real reason for a victim’s sickness and cause further suffering and danger. If several new viruses were causing death and suffering throughout the world, surely the WHO would not simply say to Governments - "do not try to identify them". Why, then, has the WHO ignored the significant health damage already occurring in many countries because of electrical pollution? Is the WHO going to wait until a catastrophic amount of harm is visible to all the population, before taking action?

My own situation is an example of the need to identify and measure the different elements of electrical pollution. Considerable ground current electricity was found inside my home even when all of the electricity was disconnected. High electrical fields were located throughout the basement and on the telephone lines.

Electromagnetic fields covered the whole house and were particularly high at the outdoor drilled water well. Various low and high frequencies were located on the electricity flowing through the house. I suffered a variety of very adverse health symptoms and developed prostate cancer within one year of living at my home. My wife and I have been unable to live in our own house for ten months now, and we have been forced to find alternate accommodation because the electrical utility company has refused to correct problems with their distribution system. Canadian health care and government authorities have failed to provide any meaningful assistance or advice about our electrical pollution problem. Without the assistance of an electronics expert who provided detailed measurements, I would not have known what was causing my illness and would have probably continued to grow increasingly ill. Your recommendations enable governments and utility companies to continue their bad and dangerous practices, while at the same time leaving sufferers helpless to correct their situations.

Within the last few weeks, I have been involved in three situations where the measurement of victims’ homes resulted in the discovery of dangerous electrical pollution that was causing serious illness. In a rural house northwest of Toronto , a wireless plug-in telephone jack was causing massive amounts of high frequency radiation inside the home. After the wireless jack and other problematic items were unplugged, a female occupant of the home reported a drastic improvement to her health. She was able to walk properly, climb stairs, and sleep all night, which she had not been able to accomplish previously. She also reported that she was no longer experiencing many severe migraines, only "normal" headaches. Only the use of special instruments located the problematic devices that were causing so much harm.

Upon request, I recently attended in Toronto at the apartment of a woman who was disabled by electrical pollution. A defective fluorescent light fixture in the apartment below seemed to be the cause of very high levels of EMFs that were emanating from the kitchen floor. In the bedroom of the same apartment, near to the place where the victim’s head lies when she is sleeping, a very high amount of high frequency radiation was discovered coming from the wall. The problem was eventually located in the next apartment, where an almost new wireless telephone was found to be the source of extremely high amounts of radio frequencies. This was a problem even when the telephone was not in use, and simply resting in its cradle. Only careful testing with a variety of different sensitive instruments managed to locate these very serious electrical pollution problems. Unfortunately, the victim is so electrically hypersensitive that she still suffers greatly. In her previous efforts to get help from doctors, she had been referred to psychiatrists and had not been provided with any meaningful help. The WHO recommendations actually encourage this type of treatment by failing, as an organization, to explore the connection between electrical pollution and sickness, and by advising physicians not to search for causal factors when treating victims. Furthermore, the WHO undermines the serious nature of this problem by advising governments that there are no grounds to use IEI as a diagnostic classification.

In a different situation, in a rural home located west of Toronto, I found another wireless telephone that was producing and transmitting very high levels of high frequency radiation, but only when the telephone was turned on and in use. The victim complained of tinnitus, severe ear pain in the area where the receiver was normally held against her head, and severe pain linked to her neck and back. In the short amount of time since this problem was identified and she stopped using the wireless phone, the victim has reported that her injuries have improved by fifty percent.

In the workplace of an assistant professor at a Canadian University , extremely high levels of ground current electricity were located flowing through his office. He has developed such severe sensitivities to the electrical pollution, that he cannot work in that office and is experiencing great difficulty finding a place to live where he does not feel ill. A university office tower located near his office houses many different broadcast and cell phone antennae. Amongst the workers in the top floors of that tower, there are several persons who have developed cancer.

In each of these situations, it was difficult to locate and identify the cause of the harm. Even simple EMF measurements, which you discourage, would have been inadequate. The victims would have continued to be harmed, their quality of life would have been degraded, and their lives would have been at risk. If the WHO continues with its recommendations to discourage the measurement of homes, you will be ensuring that many people will suffer, become ill, and possibly die, and that the real causes of their sicknesses will not be identified by health authorities.

There are clear signs that electrical pollution is becoming a major health problem throughout the developed world. The recommendations from this working group will ensure that the WHO stays "willfully blind" to the causes of what appears to be a major environmental disaster. This health threat is so significant that the WHO should give it highest priority. Instead, your feeble response to date is compromising the safety of those you should be protecting.

In conclusion, I recommend that the health dangers of electrical pollution be brought to the attention of all governments and health authorities throughout the world. Also, thorough and complete testing of victims’ homes should be recommended to governments, health authorities and health care professionals, so that the electrical pollution harming citizens can be identified. Only by this means will the WHO be able to properly recognize the real causes of these illnesses and be in a position to make recommendations for a safer world environment in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall


Mr. Dave Stetzer, Electrical Specialist & Consultant , Wisconsin , U.S.A.

Dr. David Fancy, Director - Safe Wireless, Electrical and Electromagnetic Policies.

Dr. Magda Havas, Environmental and Resource Studies Program, Trent University.

Canada Free Press founding editor Judi McLeod


is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the media. A former Toronto Sun and Kingston Whig Standard columnist, she has also appeared on Newsmax.com, the Drudge Report, Foxnews.com, and World Net Daily. Judi can be reached at: letters@canadafreepress.com. You can read your Letters to the Editor here. http://www.canadafreepress.com/letters/index.php



Informant: Agnes Ingvarsdottir/Iris Atzmon

According to Oxford medical dictionary, idiopathic is: "a diseases or condition the cause of which is not known or that arises spontaneously". If Repacholi doesn't know the cause, it's not our problem. But DON'T measure radiation in your house, because radiation is NO problem.

----- Original Message -----
From: kbrekke
To: Agnes
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 8:22 PM
Subject: Re: my response to the WHO recommendation

November 11, 2005

Director-General Lee Jong-wook World Health Organization Headquarters Avenue Appia 20
1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland

Dear Director-General:

I received an email today with a link to an article in the Canadian Free Press discussing a WHO recommendation discouraging the general public and governments from measuring electromagnetic fields in homes (page 8 of "WHO Workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity, Prague, Czech Republic, October 25-27, 2004. Working Group Meeting".

Had I followed this advice, I would probably be dying from high grade brain tumor. In January of this year I was diagnosed with a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma in my right occipital lobe. Both my wife and I were experiencing tingling in our hands. In March, a friend of my mother lent us a meter that revealed a malfunctioning network router that was spiking the power throughout our home. After replacing this router, micro surge levels dropped by 99%, the tingling stopped, and my tumor collapsed. I have now had three clear MRI scans. In gratitude, I have been sending meters to other brain tumor patients to check their homes for "dirty power". Do you recommend that I stop? Why does the WHO promote ignorance of life threatening hazards?

Kristian Brekke

Quoting Agnes

Another question to Lee Jong is: You received an international petition, what have you done with the petiton to remove Repacholi?

Omega see "Repacholi Petition" under:

Did you throw it to the garbage? We have the right to know. Why does he ignore this? He shouldn't get away with it. Is he cooperating with industry too or is he Repacholi's puppet? Who appointed Repacholi anyway does someone know? Does the industry appoint people in the WHO?

Iris Atzmon



Is WHO under United Nations, if so should we not send the petition to them as well along with our other complaints??





the last petition to the UN sent by Hans Jacobs to Kofi Anan did not interest his majesty. I think I know what is needed but it's hard work, demands time and money. What is needed in my opinion is to create a serious world mess by writing letters asking directly Lee Jong what's he doing about the petition and about investigating Repacholi for

1) breaking rules of WHO and receiving 150,000 dollars a year directly from industry for meetings

2) inviting power industry people to evaluate health standards. With the original items from Microwave News of course. To confront the general director of the WHO with copies to key people all over the world including judges, PM, ministers, green parties, many people about Repacholi. To lay on him all the responsibility for Repacholi's specific acts. When there are many eyes on him (Lee) from outside, people will start asking questions. I also would bother again Kofi Anan to confront him with the damage he caused by ignoring Jacob's petition in 2002. With copies of the original petitions so many people will know exactly what he ignored. He was charged that he ignored another serious crime of murdering of nation, and now he should be blamed for this. The whole trick in my opinion is involve as many KEY people (including the biased ones) as you can and create a world mess becuase of Repacholi, some uncontrollable mess the letters should be very strong, sharp, blaming them for crimes with studies that prove they hurt the whole world, and all the copies should contain the studies. It should be taken out of their control, they should be pressed with huge pressure about it intensively. I see what's working here - this method works here, if someone has the money and will to pay for national newspaspers ads - to buy a place in the newspaper and just write what the WHO is doing and why, sharply. To blame them in crime they will not sue back because they are doing crimes and they know it. Anyway it's a lot of work for letters and money to send all this to many people. The exposure of their crimes is the most threatening on "them". Because when people know, these int. bodies/ people can loose their respected image and so they can loose control over the public. All what they work for is that people won't know. When people know they cannot hide. Repacholi never denied that he broke the rules of the WHO and that he invites power industry to review standards. Surely it demands an urgent investigation. What does Lee Jong doing about this?! At what right does he put the whole world at the risk by letting Repacholi do the above? (of course the document must be attached) and to add that there is a petition that he ignores. Lee Jong must be questioned about the back-up he gives to Repacholi. People around Repacholi must pay for the deeds of Repacholi. What is Jong doing to prevent this crime? With copies to many important people, the situation should be exposed.

Iris Atzmon.

A (Health) Tale of Two Cities


It is the worst of times for Vancouverites as city council under the advice of their chief medical officer John Blatherwick, has decided in January, 2000 that cellular phone companies would no longer be required to notify the public as to where or when they planned to site cellular phone antennas on public property. Blatherwick’s advice; that cellular phone towers pose no known health risk, is exactly opposite to that of the chief medical officer of Canada’s largest city, Toronto.

After extensive independent research, Dr. Shelia Basrur, and consultant, Ron MacFarlane raised their concerns in a memo of November, 1999 to city council. They recommended to:

1. Practice prudent avoidance - site towers at least 200 meters from schools and day-cares.

2. Reduce radiation emissions by 100 times below current limits.

3. Notify residents of new or changed installations, allowing citizens to be an integral part of the process.

Until now, federal government regulations have allowed cell phone companies to locate antennae any where they want, as long as the company notified residents living within 100 meters of the base of a support structure. By deciding not to tell citizens about where antennae are going to be located council has removed the last vestments of free or fair public process. Vancouver City Council, the victims of slick PR campaign by the cell phone industry and the Radiation Protection Branch, has ruled that no citizen will be told if a multinational communications giant, decides to place an antenna against their back fence, or on top of their child’s daycare centre for that matter.

Some might consider that something so fundamentally and morally wrong would violate every thing that a free and democratic society represents. They may think that this bylaw steals basic civil rights away from them in much the same manner as the regulations promoted by the MAI and the WTO or that such a draconian law violates their rights as laid out in our country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms - and they might be right. This may put Vancouver city council in the constitutional hot seat they deserve. Unless this type of bylaw is declared unconstitutional any city council could decide to take these fundamental rights away from the very people who elected them.

This can and will happen in other municipalities in Canada, or worldwide. For the most part, the corporate media in Canada has given little serious coverage of this issue, but if you check out other information sources such as the Internet, you will find these same struggles are happening all over the world. In the Victoria area, in 1998 and 1999, a small group of activists helped 5 neighborhoods repel efforts by cell phone companies to erect towers. Because the cell phone company must notify local governments and the citizens near to the proposed tower, activists have found out where the towers were to be located and went directly to the neighborhoods to warn the residents. That is why cell phone companies want to get rid of this requirement.

In our area in Victoria the companies will soon run out of existing structures to attach their antennae, and they will have to apply for permits to build towers again. They are carefully assessing the ideologies of each council member in each local council, and if the political climate is right, the cell companies will approach councils to adopt a bylaw such as that in Vancouver.

In Vancouver, with no public notification of where these structures are proposed, environmental activists will no longer find out where the towers are going and they can no longer warn those most affected of the potential health hazards. With one little bylaw and the cell phone companies have cut off the enviro-warriors vital communication lines and removed the public’s primary source of information about associations between disease and cell phones. Consequently, Vancouverites will remain uninformed about the devastating health effects of EM Radiation and mega-corporations will get to put their antennae anywhere they want.

In another Canadian city, Toronto’s medical health officer, Dr. Sheila V. Basrur is going in exactly the opposite direction to Blatherwick, by declaring that there are negative health effects of EM Radiation occurring at exposure levels far below that which Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Branch, (RPB) claims is safe. This is not surprising given their EM Radiation guidelines, known as Safety Code Six, are only concerned about how much EM Radiation it takes to heat human tissue. What Basrur and the all Canadians are concerned about are disease processes that are triggered by EM Radiation exposures that are thousands of times less than what is required to heat tissue.

If you call the RPB today and express your concerns about EM Radiation exposure, from cell phones or antennae, they will quote Safety Code Six, which lists your exposure level as thousands of times less than what will cause "harm". The problem is, the RPB conveniently neglect to tell you that their definition of harm is when EM Radiation begins to heat your flesh. They also do not mention that diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s are associated with exposure levels thousands of times lower than what heats tissue. They use guidelines that have nothing to do with the health effects that the public is concerned about, guidelines that allows massive levels of exposure to EM Radiation.

The RPB rests their whole case of public safety, on their wacky definition of harm, and it is a position that can not supported scientifically. If the truth gets out the public could get mighty angry, so the RPB has no choice but to perpetuate the deception. The RPB is really nothing more than a public relations department for the cell phone industry as they collaborate to influence health officials. The plan has worked well so far, but now it appears Basrur has seen through them. Her job will probably be on the line only because she is honest.

Dr. Sheila V. Basrur is recommending guidelines for exposure to microwave radiation as emitted from cellular phones and antennae, 100 times more stringent than those that currently exist. Health Canada’s claim that Safety Code 6 is "one of the most stringent in the world" is simply not true. Switzerland’s emission standard is 90% lower than ours, Italy’s is 85% lower, the province of Salzburg, Austria is 98.5% lower, and six municipalities in Australia have standards 10, 000 lower than our "stringent" standards. Dr. George Carlo headed the industry’s Wireless Technology Research and served as the industry’s spokesperson from 1993 to 1999. This $27 million US research program oversaw over 50 studies in 16 different laboratories. In a letter dated Oct. 9, 1999, to C. Michael Armstrong, CEO of AT&T, Dr. Carlo cautioned the industry against dealing with public health concerns "through politics, creating illusions that more research over the next several years helps consumers today, and false claims that regulatory compliance means safety."

"The current popular backlash we are witnessing in the United States today against the tobacco industry is derived in large part from perceived dishonesty on the part of that industry in not being forthright about health effects. I urge you to help your industry not repeat that mistake."

In October, 1998 scientific experts gathered in Vienna to discuss health effects of RF electromagnetic fields. They unanimously signed an accord stating "The participants agreed that biological effects from low-intensity exposures are scientifically established." Regarding cellular base stations, they said "The public should be given timely participation in the process. This should include information on technical and exposure data as well as information on the status of the health debate. Public participation in the decision [limits, sitings, etc., ] should be enabled."

One of the signatories was Carl Blackman of the US Environmental Protection Agency. Another was Dr. William Leiss, President of the Royal Society of Canada. The E.P.A. has classified electromagnetic radiation as a possible human carcinogen.

Another signature, Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington said, "I have come to the conclusion that exposure to RFR from use of mobile phones and possibly from chronic exposure to phone masts and transmission towers has not been proven to be safe. Actually, recent research data in the last few years have added to the concern. To deny any "possible health effects" from RFR emitted from wireless communication devices is scientifically not defensible given the growing evidence of RFR bioeffects."

Let's hope our local councils adopt Toronto’s recommendations and have the wisdom to allow the citizens that they represent basic civil rights, by insisting that the public is informed about any proposed cell phone antenna installation.

Source: http://www.emfacts.com/weblog/index.php?p=292

Hated mast is pulled down


Nov 9 2005

Anti mobile phone mast protesters have pulled down a massive communication tower near to a Huntington youth club, following widespread fury at its controversial siting.

The 12-metre Orange mast at the back of Littleton Youth Centre was ripped out of its foundations and dumped on its side by what is believed to be a number of protesters in the village.

It is believed they used bolt-cutters to fell the mast.

Feelings about the contentious tower have been running high in the village since its siting in 2002 - this is the second attack on the mast in a number of months.

Residents in Stafford Road, which runs along the bottom of the youth centre, told The Post they were not surprised by the incident.

"To be perfectly honest, I don't think you'll find anyone in the village who will be shocked by this," one resident, who did not want to be named, said.

"That thing is massive and nobody wanted it here at the time. It's right next to a youth centre and a playing field. How can that be safe?

"Everybody hears horror stories about these things and yet they stick it right next to where children play.

"I don't think you'll find anybody who will be upset about this. In fact we would probably buy them a round of drinks."

South Staffs District Council was inundated with protests when the mast was first erected. Residents' fears were also echoed by Huntington Parish Council who thought the tower was in the wrong place.

Anger over a glut of mobile phone applications in the Chase area has been growing over the last few months.

Many residents feel the area has become a 'dumping ground' for phone companies to erect their masts.

The concern comes at a time when Chase Council planning control committee councillor, Les Bullock, admitted the health guidelines the committee were given on mobile phone masts contained 'no cast-iron guarantee' on their safety.

"Nobody can give us a definitive answer on the safety of these things," mother of two Patricia Fellows said.

"To be truthful I'm glad it has been ripped down."

South Staffs and Huntington Parish Councillor Ron Kenyon said he understood the concerns of residents, but could not condone the actions of protesters-This is the second time they've had a go at it (the mast)," he said.

"It was not made welcome by the residents who really didn't want it here at all.

"Everybody has had enough of these things, but I have to say this is a bit extreme.

"They've tried to undo the bolts at the base it before. People are getting fed up with them and you can understand their frustration. But, obviously, you can't condone this sort of thing at all."

© owned by or licensed to Trinity Mirror Plc 2005

Source: http://www.emfacts.com/weblog/index.php?p=290

Landesrat Rezar fordert den Bund zum Handeln auf

Eisenstadt, am 11.11.2005: Gestern, Donnerstag, den 10.November, hat der burgenländische Gesundheitslandesrat Dr. Peter Rezar an Frau Gesundheitsministerin Rauch-Kallat, Vizekanzler Gorbach und Staatssekretär Mainoni ein umweltmedizinisches Gutachten betreffend der Mobilfunkanlage Müllendorf übermittelt. Im Begleitschreiben fordert er die zuständigen Bundespolitiker - zum wiederholten Male - auf, endlich aktiv zu werden.

„Der Gutachter, Umweltmediziner Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, kommt zum Schluss, dass es einen Zusammenhang zwischen den im Siedlungsgebiet Müllendorf auftretenden Krankheiten und der Mobilfunkanlage gibt. Da er Gefahr im Verzug sieht, rät Dr. Oberfeld. die im Umfeld von Müllendorf befindlichen Mobilfunkanlagen für sechs Monate außer Betrieb zu setzen“, so Rezar.

Der burgenländische Gesundheitslandesrat fordert die Bundespolitiker auf, im Sinne der betroffenen Müllendorfer Bevölkerung eine rasche Lösung herbeizuführen.

„Von Seiten des Landes gibt es einen Bescheid, in dem die nachträgliche Erteilung einer Ausnahmebewilligung zur Errichtung des gegenständlichen Handymastens versagt wurde. Gegen diesen Bescheid haben die Mobilfunkbetreiber berufen. Der zuständige Bundesminister hätte es nun als nächste Instanz in der Hand gehabt, den burgenländischen Bescheid zu bestätigen. Diese Chance hat er vertan und hat den burgenländischen Bescheid aufgehoben, der Handymast kann leider bleiben“, erklärt Landesrat Peter Rezar.


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim




Mobilfunkanlage entzweit SPÖ und ÖVP

Gesundheitslandesrat Peter Rezar (SPÖ) fordert den Bund auf, in Sachen Mobilfunkanlage Müllendorf endlich aktiv zu werden. Die zuständige Landesrätin, Michaela Resetar (ÖVP), macht das Land für die Situation verantwortlich.

Causa beschäftigt Behörden

Seit Jahren läuft die Müllendorfer Bevölkerung Sturm gegen Mobilfunkmasten in ihrem Dorf. Diese würden die Gesundheit beeinträchtigen lautet die Begründung dafür. Seit mehr als drei Jahren beschäftigen sich auch die Behörden mit dieser Causa.

Gesundheitslandesrat Rezar fordert nun den Bund auf, in der Causa endlich aktiv zu werden.


In einem umweltmedizinischen Gutachten sei klar ein Zusammenhang zwischen Krankheiten in Müllendorf und der Mobilfunkanlage ersichtlich, so Rezar. In Gutachten werde empfohlen, die Anlage für sechs Monate außer Betrieb zu setzen.

Resetar: Mangelnde Verkehrsplanung

Die zuständige Landesrätin Michaela Resetar macht mangelnde Verkehrsplanung des Landes für die derzeitige Situation verantwortlich.

Weil kein konkretes Eisenbahn-Ausbauprojekt für die Schleife Müllendorf vorliege, sei die nachträgliche eisenbahnrechtliche Bewilligung für den Handymast erteilt worden, sagte Resetar.

Schon Mitte Juli hatte sich Rezar erbost gezeigt über eine Aufforderung von ÖVP und BZÖ, im Streit um Mobilfunkmasten in Müllendorf einzuschreiten. Entscheiden könne nur das Infrastrukturministerium, so Rezar.



Rezar: Ministerium muss entscheiden

Gesundheitslandesrat Rezar (SPÖ) zeigt sich erbost über eine Aufforderung von ÖVP und BZÖ, im Streit um Mobilfunkmasten in Müllendorf einzuschreiten. Entscheiden könne nur das Infrastrukturministerium, so Rezar.

Jahrelange Auseinandersetzung

Seit Jahren läuft die Müllendorfer Bevölkerung Sturm gegen Mobilfunkmasten in ihrem Dorf. Diese würden die Gesundheit beeinträchtigen lautet die Begründung dafür. Seit gut drei Jahren beschäftigen sich auch die Behörden mit dieser Causa.

Gesetzlich geregelt

Das Aufstellen und Betreiben von Mobilfunkmasten ist im Telekommunikationsgesetz geregelt, erklärte Gesundheitslandesrat Peter Rezar. Im Fall Müllendorf sei somit das Infrastrukturministerium zuständig, um Entscheidungen zu treffen.

Brief an Rezar

Doch nun hat Rezar nach einem Gespräch zwischen Landeshauptmannstellvertreter Franz Steindl (ÖVP), dem Bürgermeister von Müllendorf, Alfred Schlögl (ÖVP) und Staatssekretär Eduard Mainoni (BZÖ) einen Brief erhalten.

Darin wurde Rezar aufgefordert, in der Causa Müllendorf den Landessanitätsrat einzuschalten.


Der Brief sei eine reine politische Auftragsarbeit kritisierte Rezar: "Hier wird Schaumschlägerei der übelsten Sorte betrieben. Das ist ein parteipolitischer Gag der ÖVP, das ist inszeniert, um mit einem sehr sensiblen Thema vor der Landtagswahl Kleingeld zu kassieren."

"Die Steindl-ÖVP will die Bevölkerung von Müllendorf pflanzen, anders kann ich mir das nicht mehr erklären. Das dient nicht der Sache. Der Herr Steindl ist sich nicht bewusst, dass er hier Lösungen torpediert", so Rezar weiter.

Rezar will Ministerium zwingen

Obwohl er nicht zuständig sei, so Rezar, werde er ein Gutachten in Auftrag geben um Gesundheits- und Infrastrukturministerium endlich zum Handeln zu zwingen.

SPÖ-Klubobmann Christian Illedits fordert eine rasche Lösung. Das hieße in einem ersten Schritt, die umstrittene Sendeanlage in Müllendorf sofort abzuschalten


ÖVP-Landtagsabgeordneter Werner Gradwohl warf Rezar vor, das Handymasten-Problem in Müllendorf nicht ernst genug zu nehmen.

Die Klubobfrau der Grünen, Grete Krojer, sprach von einem "Ping-Pong" zwischen Bund und Land auf dem Rücken der betroffenen Müllendorfer. Sie forderte den unverzüglichen Abbau des umstrittenen Handymastens.



Omega siehe auch unter:

„Müllendorf: Krank durch Strahlen?“
http://omega.twoday.net/stories/548967/ und

„Müllendorf: Aus für Handymasten“


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Effects of cellular phone...
http://www.buergerwelle.de /pdf/effects_of_cellular_p hone_emissions_on_sperm_mo tility_in_rats.htm [...
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