Handyverbot für sensible Zonen gefordert - Handy-Kampagne der Ärzte



Salzburg sollte ein Handyverbot in Ordinationen und Kliniken einführen. Kranke könnten besonders sensibel auf elektromagnetische Strahlung reagieren, sagt Bernhard Carl, Gesundheitssprecher der Bürgerliste.

Wenig und kurz telefonieren Die Idee zum Handyverbot in sensiblen Zonen kommt von der Wiener Ärztekammer.

Auf Plakaten werden zehn medizinische Regeln für einen vorsichtigen Umgang mit Mobiltelefonen vorgeschlagen.

Kein Handy für Leute unter 16 Unter anderem soll wenig und kurz telefoniert werden. Das Handy soll während des Gesprächsaufbaus vom Körper ferngehalten werden.

Jugendliche unter 16 Jahre sollten gar nicht mit dieser Technologie telefonieren, um die Hirnreifung durch die Strahlung nicht zu stören, so die Botschaft der Wiener Ärztekammer.



Handy-Kampagne der Ärzte

Keine Mobiltelefone im Wartezimmer

Die Wiener Ärztekammer startet demnächst mit einer Aufklärungskampagne zu drohenden gesundheitlichen Gefahren durch häufiges und unkontrolliertes Telefonieren mit dem Handy.

Auf Plakaten, die in Spitälern und Ärztepraxen angebracht werden, wird zu einem um- und vorsichtigen Gebrauch von Mobiltelefonen aufgerufen.

Zehn Handyregeln aus medizinischer Vorsorge wurden formuliert. So sollen Handys während des Gesprächaufbaus vom Kopf ferngehalten werden, beim Versenden von SMS soll das Minitelefon so weit wie möglich vom Körper weggehalten werden. In Fahrzeugen wie Auto, Bus und Bahn soll gar nicht telefoniert werden, die Strahlung ist höher. Jugendliche im Alter unter 16 Jahren sollten gar nicht telefonieren. Infos und Liste unter: http://www.aekwien.at/media/Plakat-Handy.pdf

Der Salzburger Bürgerlisten-Gemeinderat und Gesundheitssprecher Bernhard Carl fordert die Salzburger MedizinerInnen nun dazu auf, die Aktion zu übernehmen. „Handys in Ärztepraxen und Ambulanzen sollten geächtet werden. Abgesehen davon, dass das Klingeln und laute Telefonieren stört, können Kranke besonders sensibel reagieren. Man sitzt ja oft stundenlang und ist hoher Strahlungsdichte ausgesetzt“, so Carl.

Die Bürgerinitiativen zum Schutz vor Mobilfunk in Salzburg werden demnächst auch einen speziellen Eltern-Ratgeber zur Benützung der Handys für Kinder und Jugendliche herausgeben.


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim


Ärztekammern und Mobilfunk

The Bush administration is continuing to tighten its control over the national economic/political process

Watch That Pea

According to John Kelly, while all of the Democratic were vocal over the indictment of Scooter Libby and the nomination to the Supreme Court of Samuel Alito, the Bush administration is continuing to tighten its control over the national economic/political process.


Why We Should Pay War Reparations to Iraqis

Bob Schildgen, on the grounds of moral and strategic responsibilities, urges the US to concede with the UN's appropriate figure of Iraq war reparations.


Rosa Brooks Torture: It's the New American Way

Rosa Brooks examines the Eastern European CIA "black site" prisons, of undisclosed locations, that use stress techniques she defines as torture.


Torture: It's the new American way
LA Times
by Rosa Brooks


During the Cold War, we thought we knew what distinguished us from our Soviet bloc enemies. We did not have a gulag; we did not imprison and torture our enemies. But the war on terror has distorted our national values. We have used some of the same tactics we once decried. The Soviet Union's legacy of terror lives on, its tactics embraced by some of our leaders. Vice President Dick Cheney continues to insist that the McCain amendment, which prohibits U.S. personnel from cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of prisoners, should not be applicable to the CIA. Somewhere in Moscow's Novodevichyi cemetery, Khrushchev is probably laughing inside his grave...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

DeLay Uses Campaign Tactics to Fight Charges

With his future tied to the outcome of a criminal indictment in Texas, Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) is using an extraordinary array of campaign tactics to try to win his court battle and save his political career.


Bleeding Hearts of the World, Unite

Kristof: In a country dispirited by political mud wrestling, there was a spark of hope the other day: a conference in which liberals discussed international issues with conservative Christians - and agreed!


VIDEO SPECIAL: t r u t h o u t's Sari Gelzer reports from San Franciso's "The World Can't Wait" demonstration. Thousands took to the streets and heard speeches from Cindy Sheehan and others. TO was also in Los Angeles to view reports from both actions go to


For full coverage of the CIA identity leak investigation, go to our Special Coverage page: Mr. Fitzgerald Calling.


Erythrocyte rouleau formation under polarized electromagnetic fields


Abstract: We study the influence of an external electromagnetic field (EMF) of 1.8 GHz in the formation or disaggregation of long rouleau of identical erythrocyte cells. In particular we calculate the variation of the transmembrane potential of an individual erythrocyte illuminated by the external field due to the presence of the neighbouring erythrocytes in the rouleau, and compare the total electric energy of isolated cells with the total electric energy of the rouleau. We show that the polarization of the external electromagnetic field plays a fundamental role in the total energy variation of the cell system, and consequently in the formation or disaggregation of rouleau.

Bibliographic information: Sebastian JL, San Martin SM, Sancho M, Miranda JM, Alvarez G; Erschienen in: Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys 2005; 72 (3): 031913-1 - 031913-9


Source: FGF-Infoline from 03.11.2005

Effects of 1800 MHz GSM-like exposure on the gonadal function and haematological parameters of male mice


From the abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the possible effects of in vivo 1800 MHz GSM-like exposure on male reproduction. The results indicate that the applied GSM-like microwave exposure may induce slight, but statistically significant alterations in some haematological and endocrine parameters of male mice within the physiological range. Further investigations are required to establish the biological significance of these phenomena.

Bibliographic information: Forgacs Z, Kubinyi G, Sinay G, Bakos J, Hudak A, Surjan A, Revesz C, Thuroczy G., Magy Onkol. 2005;49(2):149-51. Epub 2005 Oct 24


Source: FGF-Infoline from 03.11.2005



Access Full-text Article


Is male fertility at stake, can we afford to ignore it?

They Say That a Fish Rots from the Head Down


Of Course They’re Rioting in Argentina


Bogus Intel Got Us Into Another War


Bush Feels Hand of God as Poll Ratings Slump


How Climate Change is Destroying the World's Most Spectacular Landscapes


Rove Linked to Investigation of Conservative Broadcaster


Americas Don’t Buy Bush Plan for Trade


Cheney’s Refrain: “I’m a Believer”

by Walter Brasch

It’s hard to believe that Vice-President Dick Cheney believes in Constitutional rights -- at least after all that he and his protégé, George W. Bush, have done to the American people the past five years. First, there is the USA PATRIOT Act, which twisted and shredded the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth amendments to the Constitution. Those amendments once guaranteed the rights of freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances; freedom from unreasonable searches; due process and the right against self-incrimination; the right to counsel, a speedy trial, and the right to a fair and public trial by an impartial jury; reasonable bail and freedom from cruel and unusual punishment; and an equal protection guarantee for both citizens and non-citizens...


Before There Are 2,000 More

by Lucinda Marshall

Saddened and angry though we may be by the deaths of over 2,000 U.S. military personnel, we need to look at this milestone in context. As much as the Pentagon would just as soon not own up to losing 2,000 of its boots on the ground, it beats the heck out of having to own up to the real loses. Because what that number does not include is the more than 15,000 who have been wounded. It doesn't count the many more who are coming home with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and health problems due to exposure to our own chemical weaponry. And it certainly doesn't include the tens if not hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have been killed. Nonetheless, the antiwar movement chose to make this milestone a focus of nationwide vigils and the notion that this was a media moment to run with in and of itself bears some serious examination...


Eurasia at the Brink: Cultural Politics of the Islamic Revival

by William H. Thornton

The end of the Cold War found the U.S. and its NATO allies unprepared for the geocultural realities they met in Eurasia. As in the Middle East, Islam was bound to play a central role here, but the American concept of church/state division and the European concept of secular modernity put Western analysts at a loss where Islamism (the cultural politics of Islam) was concerned. Americans were especially in a fog in their effort to supplant Russian influence in the newly independent nations of Central Asia, where an Islamic renaissance had been in progress long before the Soviet collapse. Although all the ex-Soviet republics are officially secular, Islam is at once a key to legitimacy and a linchpin of resistance throughout the region. U.S. policy makers tend either to ignore this religious factor or, when that becomes impossible, to treat it as a cultural atavism in need of repair. That bias obscures the most crucial cultural fact of current Eurasian politics: that insofar as civil Islam (a moderate form that welcomes democracy but contests the culturally invasive commercialization that is synonymous with current “globalization”) is the worst enemy of uncivil Islam, Washington’s broad-spectrum “war on terrorism” sets in motion a vicious circle whereby aid to dictatorial regimes pushes moderate Islamists into the extremist camp, which in turn becomes a pretext for more aid...


Bush Doing Corporate Bidding While on the Clock

by Evelyn J. Pringle

The FTAA faces widespread opposition in Latin America and for good reason. Ten years of NAFTA's so-called economic reforms have resulted in widespread poverty, high unemployment, massive debt, and a series of other economic crises. Bush is hoping to get the deal back on track while attending the summit, but his prospects look grim. Protests against his visit were already underway in Argentina three days before he arrived there, with the blocking of bridges and streets in the capital of Buenos Aires, and posters bearing the slogans “Stop Bush” and “Fuera Bush,” some of which were superimposed over graphic pictures of wounded children in Iraqi. Argentine Nobel Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel recently told a radio audience that Bush is “a torturer, violator of human rights, an assassin, a violator of United Nations resolutions, of international treaties and of the sovereignty of peoples, as has happened in Iraq.”...


The Niger Uranium Forgery of December 2003

Revisiting the Dream Memo

by Gary Leupp

I’ve been putting together a chronology of the Niger Uranium Disinformation Scheme, drawing on numerous Plame Affair timelines available online. As the question of who outed Plame leads to the question of who invented the yellowcake purchase story in the first place, the chronology has to include material on the Rome embassy break-in, Italian investigations, British reports on an African uranium purchase, CIA statements in response to those reports, officials’ public statements alleging a uranium deal, the establishment of bodies within the U.S. government to prepare for and explain the assault on Iraq, conversations between reporters and administration officials about Plame, investigations into the “prewar handling of intelligence,” prewar yellow journalism, the Fitzgerald investigation, etc. . . . My chronology-in-progress, which I’ll post when done, plainly indicates that the infamous 16 words in President Bush’s January 2003 State of the Union speech, and similar statements by Rice and Powell earlier that month, were caused by many months of discussion between U.S., British and Italian officials about alleged efforts by Iraq to obtain yellowcake from Niger; months of activity by Michael Ledeen in concert with Italian friends culminating with his input into the Office of Special Plans;


months of Judith Miller’s reporting on Iraq’s supposed nuclear program; and months of disputation between neocon proponents of the uranium story (backed up conveniently by British intelligence) and CIA skeptics. The evidence on which the statement rested was debunked by the IAEA even before the attack on Iraq began, but the administration and its supporters continued to argue that there was intelligence aside from the discredited documents linking Iraq to Niger uranium. One little item left out of all the timelines I’ve seen is an article by Con Coughlin in the December 14, 2003 issue of the British newspaper, the Daily Telegraph...


Hiding Offshore Assets: Economics Trumps Law in the Neoliberal Gulag

by Lila Rajiva

Oversupply. Not law but economics tells us how we got to Abu Ghraib. The laws only follow economics. Private interrogators driven to produce information at any cost come up with random civilians who with a little gentle persuasion can cough up information. The terminally free market gave us the dismal team of torture-happy prison goons that John Ashcroft sent out to do unto Iraqis what had been done unto American prisoners for decades. The spy business is now infested with a network of lobbyists and government connections as thick as the one in the defense business. With one nasty difference. While defense contractors are at least monitored, intelligence contractors have classified budgets and work in secret without proper oversight...


Das Internet und die gefühlte Bedrohung

Der Global Business Dialogue on eCommerce (GBDe) wehrt sich auf seiner 7. Tagung in Brüssel gegen den Anspruch von Regierungen die Zukunft des Internet zu kontrollieren.


The Truth About the Drug Companies


Rummy's bird flu bonanza

No sooner are indictments being handed down to I Lewis "Scooter" Libby, but a new scandal is surfacing, every bit as outrageous and ultimately, likely also criminal.


From Information Clearing House

The day George Bush came face to face with Latin America's revolt

Thanks to a powerful indigenous movement from Colombia to Bolivia, US free-trade policies are in tatters.


From Information Clearing House

Secret Jails

The Bush Administration faces international controversy over what amounts to a clandestine CIA prison system


Guantanamo ordeal of Aljazeera cameraman:

"Guantanamo is a PR disaster. It is one of the most iconic symbols of hypocrisy in the world."


From Information Clearing House

The Quiet Oil-for-Food Scandal


From Information Clearing House

MPs unite for inquiry into Blair’s conduct over Iraq

TONY BLAIR is set to face an unprecedented parliamentary inquiry into his conduct in the run-up to the Iraq war.


From Information Clearing House

The Niger connection

Britain insists it did not rely on forgeries for its case against Iraq. But its own 'evidence' came from the same shady Italian intelligence broker.


From Information Clearing House

Beneath spy `outing' lies story of lies about Iraq


Guardsman re-enlists, Pentagon kills bonus

A Department of Defense decision to renege on war-time promises to pay bonuses to more than a dozen re-enlisting Washington National Guardsmen has sparked outrage from prominent elected officials and state National Guard officers working to rectify the situation.


From Information Clearing House

Congratulations Americans

American and British sons and daughters and husbands and wives are dying so that this coming December, Iraqis can go out and vote for Iran influenced clerics to knock us back a good four hundred years.


When Courage Fails Us

By Charles Sullivan

Are there no more Rosa Parks moving among us today? Did hope for social justice and simple human dignity get buried with Thoreau, Mother Jones, Joe Hill, Dr. King and Rosa Parks?


Cheney asks that the CIA be allowed to continue torture

By Associated Press

Vice President Dick Cheney made an unusual personal appeal to Republican senators this week to allow CIA exemptions to a proposed ban on the torture of terror suspects in U.S. custody, according to participants in a closed-door session.


I will tell you what torture means

When Conscience Bows to Calculation

By Niranjan Ramakrishnan

There is nothing less risky than praising a dead icon. There is nothing more risky than standing with a living one who, to use John Kerry's words for Rosa Parks, "speaks truth to power".


Report Warned Bush Team About Intelligence Suspicions


A high Qaeda official in American custody was identified as a likely fabricator months before the Bush administration began to use his statements as the foundation for its claims that Iraq trained Al Qaeda members to use biological and chemical weapons, according to newly declassified portions of a Defense Intelligence Agency document.




Informant: NHNE


Siemens VDO prüft elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit

Mittelbayerische Zeitung Regensburg, 28.10.05

REGENSBURG (fl). In modernen Fahrzeugen steckt immer mehr Elektronik. Bei mangelhafter Abschirmung kann sie von elektromagnetischen Wellen selbst gestört werden oder aber andere Geräte beeinflussen. Diese Effekte seiner Produkte auszuschließen, ist die Aufgabe von Siemens VDO Automotive. Um Fahrzeuge entsprechend auf ihre elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV) hin testen zu können, hat der Automobilzulieferer in Regensburg eine Prüfhalle eingerichtet, die gestern offiziell eröffnet wurde. Standortleiter Reinhard Scheid bezeichnete sie als ein weiteres Element beim Ausbau Regensburgs zum Kompetenzzentrum von Siemens VDO für EMV. „Hier ist eines der größten Zentren der Branche für Reliability. Wir sind da Taktschläger.“ Komplettiert wird das Testzentrum Ende November, wenn ein 1,3 Kilometer langer Systemprüfkurs eröffnet wird.
Was passiert, wenn hochfrequente Wellen ihr Unwesen treiben, ist am leichtesten am Autoradio nachvollziehbar. Störungen sind dann hörbar. Schlimmer wäre es, wenn sich sicherheitsrelevante Geräte beim Passieren von Fernsehtürmen oder Radaranlagen beeinflussen ließen. Umgekehrt sollen die Steuergeräte selbst so wenig elektromagnetische Strahlung abgeben wie möglich. Dafür gibt es EU-Grenzwerte. Die Autohersteller verlangen aber weitaus schärfere Normen, die Siemens VDO erfüllen muss, weiß der zuständige Leiter der Abteilung, Günter Vogl.

Nachricht von Karin Piller
BI Mobilfunkkritiker Regensburg Stadt und Land

Is plastic killing us?


Informant: binstock

Judith Miller scandal continues to fester at N.Y. Times: Sulzberger to blame


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Bird on the Wire

Bird on the Wire - this one sided report reads to me like the complete 'spin' we see on all advertisements for mobile phones - which is not related to real life at all! If mobile technology is as safe as this 'advertisement' says it is - there should be no need for it to be so heavily and desperately advertised. After all, we never see comparable heavy advertising for conventional safe telephone landlines.

I was tickled pink to see this report criticise the government for not allowing mobile use in Westminster for safety reasons! When it comes to the safety of the government - the precautions taken in avoiding certain products seems to reveal how dodgy those technologies might be!

Best wishes


Bird on the Wire next installment

Bird on the wire


Another pro mobile phone network promotion.

The Mysterious Death of Pat Tillman

Frank Rich writes, it would be a compelling story," Patrick Fitzgerald said of the narrative Scooter Libby used to allegedly mislead investigators in the Valerie Wilson leak case, "if only it were true."


Frank Rich: The Mysterious Death of Pat Tillman:

This administration just loves to beguile us with a rollicking good story, truth be damned. The propagandistic fable exposed by the leak case - the apocalyptic imminence of Saddam's mushroom clouds - was only the first of its genre. Given that potboiler's huge success at selling the war, its authors couldn't resist providing sequels once we were in Iraq.



Please give the attachment the widest possible circulation.

David B

Mast Sanity lends the strongest possible support to a proposed new Telecommunications Bill drafted by Chris Maile of the Campaign for Planning Sanity. Please read on…..



In 2003, The Campaign for Planning Sanity (CfPS) was contacted by Richard Spring MP (Con) who had been successful in the annual private members' ballot and he was keen to take forward a Bill relating to telecom masts. A draft produced by Chris Maile of CfPS was adopted in full by Mr Spring and introduced to Parliament as the 'Town and Country Planning (Telecommunications Masts) Bill 2004'. This had a technical win of 10 votes in favour to 2 against at its second reading but fell owing to insufficient MPs being present in the House (40 being required for a quorum).

Andrew Stunell MP (Lib Dem) was successful in the next ballot and took up the Bill, slightly amended, in 2005, as the 'Telecommunications Masts (Planning Control) Bill. However, the General Election of that year was called before the second reading and thus, again for technical reasons, the Bill fell. It has now been taken forward by David Curry MP (Con) and is due for its second reading in February next year; however, since this latest Bill is not associated with a ballot place, it is most unlikely to given debating time.

The New Bill

Meanwhile, Chris Maile has drafted a new private members' Bill ready for the outcome of this year's ballot in mid-December. Titled the 'Town and Country Planning (Telecommunication, Statutory Nuisance, Health and Precautionary Principle) Bill 2006', it is an amalgam of the previous versions but expanded to have far-reaching powers; as such, it addresses the concerns about telecom masts more so than ever before. Chris intends to launch the Bill in advance of this year's ballot with the intent of persuading one of the successful MPs to adopt it; public release of the Bill is planned for 1st December.

By way of a synopsis, this new Bill will:

- Remove permitted development rights for mobile telecoms installations such that most, if not all, development is subject to the full planning process.

- Require the submission of a certificate defining the extent of the Beam of Greatest Intensity for telecoms developments.

- Require the submission of a statement on the precautionary approach being applied in respect of telecoms developments.

- Give greater rights for the removal of telecom developments that are on or close to educational and medical premises.

- Require a 'Health Statement' for all types of development covered by the draft.

- Require statutory nuisances to be treated as material planning considerations.

- Define excessive EMF emissions as a statutory nuisance whereby the operator responsible may be prosecuted by the public in the magistrates' court.

- Strengthen the rights of the public to compensation where they are adversely affected by telecoms developments.

A copy of the latest draft can be downloaded from the following link: http://www.planningsanity.co.uk/bill2006.pdf.


This Bill needs the maximum possible support of all parties to ensure that it is adopted and taken forward. To this end, mast campaign groups and individuals are urged to:

- Submit their own motions of support.

- Encourage Local Authorities to pass motions of support (via councillors where appropriate).

- Lobby local MPs and MEPs for appropriate backing.

- Promote the Bill in regional and local media.

- Make a financial contribution to the promotion (cheques made out to CfPS and sent to CfPS, 97 Spa Crescent, Little Hulton, Gtr Manchester M38 9TU or via an online method http://planningsanity.co.uk/funds/donate.hmtl.

Comments on the Bill and motions of support should be forwarded to: chris@planningsanity.co.uk


----- Original Message -----
From: David Baron
To: Committee
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 11:57 AM
Subject: Telecoms Bill - 2006

As some of you will have heard directly from Chris Maile, it has now come to light that there will be no further ballot for Private Members' Bills until November 2006. Owing to this year's general Election, a ballot was held in June with little attendant publicity; David Curry MP was successful at No 13 on the list and hence his current Telecommunications Bill which is due to be given its second reading on 24th February.

We must therefore now turn our support to the Curry Bill and do our utmost to ensure that there are sufficient MPs in the House on 24th February to form a quorum and vote. If this Bill succeeds, well and good; if it fails, then we will be in pole position to promote Chris's Bill in advance of next year's Ballot.

More on the Curry Bill in due course.


Jenseits der Wahl: die nächsten Schritte sozialer Bewegung


Wir laden alle ein, die sich auf die Suche nach einer gerechten, friedlichen und ökologischen Gesellschaft machen wollen, sich an der Aktions- und Strategiekonferenz der Versammlung sozialer Bewegungen vom 19. bis 20. November 2005 in Frankfurt a.M. mit ihren eigenen Vorschlägen und Vorstellungen zu beteiligen und am Vorbereitungsprozess mitzuwirken.

Link zum Artikel: http://www.aku-wiesbaden.de/artikel_96.htm

Der Missbrauch des demokratischen Gemeinwesens muss stark hinterfragt und kritisiert werden


Bitte lesen Sie zu nachfolgender Kommentierung von Herrn Volker Hartenstein unbedingt die anhängende pdf-Dateianlage:


Solange solche monetär gesteuerten “Wissenschaftler und Politiker“ als Wahrheitsverdreher agieren und medialen Einfluss haben, kann der Freilandversuch am Menschen kein Ende finden. Der Missbrauch des demokratischen Gemeinwesens muss weiterhin stark hinterfragt und kritisiert werden.

HLV – Alfred Tittmann

Volker Hartenstein, MdL a.D. 6-11-2005

Die in dem beigefügten Schriftwechsel


offengelegte Vorgehensweise des StMGUV erinnert mich stark an die von mir vor einigen Jahren nachgewiesenen Einflussnahmen desselben Ministeriums (frühere Bezeichnung: StMLU) auf die sog. Rinderstudie. Der von den Wissenschaftlern eingereichte Ergebnisteil musste damals von diesen vor der Veröffentlichung der Studie in entscheidenden Passagen abgeändert werden. Die (eingereichten) Originalaussagen der beiden Wissenschaftlergruppen (LMU München und Uni Gießen) habe ich an verschiedenen Orten gesichert.


Volker Hartenstein

Quelle/Informant(in): Dr. Eger u. Frau Bücher, Bayern

FBI mines records of ordinary Americans


The FBI's Secret Scrutiny

© Virginia Metze

France falling into Islamic revolution will the West wake up in time?


Informant: beefree

Kein Grund zur Beunruhigung

06.11.05 12:37

http://www.aekwien.or.at/134.py sowie

bringt das Plakat der Wiener Ärztekammer zu Gesundheitsrisiken der Handystrahlung.

http://forum.gigaherz.ch/read.php?f=1&i=6522&t=6522 teilt mit:

Laut Kammer sei das Sujet bewusst an jenes von Radioaktivität angelehnt.

Omega siehe dazu auch „Wiener Ärztekammer warnt mit Plakaten in Arztpraxen“ unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/1122063/

Das wird der Personalunion des Herrn Repacholi bei der WHO in Sachen ionisierende (Radioaktivität) UND nichtionisierende Strahlung gerecht!

Wer die Gelegenheit hat, z.B. den Beitrag des Schweizer Fernsehens zur Auseinandersetzung über die gesundheitliche Katastrophe in Folge der Explosion des Reaktors von Tschernobyl zu verfolgen, kann bemerken, wie von Seiten der WHO die Angelegenheit der Gesundheitsrisiken durch Hochfrequenztechnik sehr parallel zum Umgang mit Radioaktivität "gehandhabt" wird.

Wie Vietnam für die USA und GB im Irak-Krieg eine Lehre war ("eingebetteter Journalismus"), so kann man derzeit unschwer im Umgang der Mobilfunklobby mit den Kritikern die Verarbeitung ihrer Erfahrung mit dem "Atomausstieg" - eben wegen Tschernobyl - wiedererkennen.

Hier wie da existieren, [Zitat Repacholi] "keine von den Regierungen vorgelegten offiziellen Zahlen, die ein Risiko belegen, auf deren Grundlage allein die WHO handeln könnte".

In der Sowjetunion hat nachweislich der KGB Tschernobyl-Daten vernichten bzw. unter Verschluss halten lassen.

Werden neue Erkenntnisse veröffentlicht, werden die Wissenschaftler eingesperrt (Bsp. Belarus).

Bei solcher Datenlage kann Herr Repacholi nun wirklich nicht viel tun. Es sei denn zu sagen:" Kein Grund zur Beunruhigung".

Omega siehe dazu “Petition to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi” unter:

Helmut Breunig
Feldpost 051108A


Fashioning Deadly Fiascos

Maureen Dowd details the makings of "good intelligence" from the Cheney 'cabal' to Michael Brown's FEMA fashions.


Lawmaker From Ohio Subpoenaed in Abramoff Case

Rep. Robert W. Ney notified Congress yesterday that he had been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury examining the Lobbying Activities of Jack Abramoff, making the Ohio Republican the first lawmaker to receive such a demand in the expanding influence-peddling investigation.


Wilkerson Points Finger at Cheney on Torture - How a White House "Cabal" Hijacked U.S. Foreign Policy

Colin Powell's former Chief of staff, Lawrence Wilkerson, stated bluntly that it was Vice President Dick Cheney's office which triggered abuse of Iraqi prisoners with word that filtered down to soldiers in the field that interrogations were not providing needed intelligence. Now, Cheney goes one step further, by appealing to Republican senators this week to allow CIA exemptions to a proposed ban on the torture of terror suspects in US custody.



Explosive Interview:

Colin Powell's Former Chief of Staff Col. Wilkerson on Prewar Intel, Murder and Torture

By Democracy Now!

How a White House "Cabal" Hijacked U.S. Foreign Policy
Audio and Transcript.


Cheney continues to lobby senators to support torture


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news]

Inside U.S. War Plans


Informant: Kev Hall

Reports of CIA 'black sites' in Europe


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Vaccination Quotes


Dr Thomas Hohn MD.. "Illness is not based on bad luck, genetics or destiny! If you have no nutritional deficiencies, no toxins and no unnecessary stress and you are not acidic or lack oxygen in your system; you can not get sick!"

Fact: There is not and there never will be a safe and effective flu vaccine that will or even could work. The flu virus is forever evolving so it is impossible to create a vaccine with the right virus before the flu hits; after that it is too late anyway.

There has never been a conclusive scientific study performed that proved vaccines were safe and effective, yet there is evidence showing that vaccines cause autism, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ADD, etc.

The scare tactics used to entice people to get flu vaccinated is a ploy by pharmaceuticals and medical groups and our government's IOU to them to make money and control people. It is a historical fact that quarantine never worked and never could work. It only prolongs the outbreak at best; proved by countless scientists, Nobel Prize winners.

Informant: beefree

051105 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


051104 - R - Mobilfunk - Newsletter


Crash 2030: Ölkonzerne müssen sich warm anziehen

Vor 15 Jahren zeigten wir in der ARD eine Zukunftsdokumentation, die Joachim Faulstich vom Hessischen Rundfunk "Crash 2030" nannte. Darin waren im Jahr 2030 weltweit Prozesse geführt gegen Politiker, Autobosse und Ölfirmen, die für die Klimakatastrophe verantwortlich waren: Helmut Kohl, Maggi Thatcher, Auto- und Ölkonzern-Bosse [Anm. Omega: und Mobilfunkbosse].


Frozen Angels

Eine menschliche Zukunft, die bereits in absehbarer Zeit außer Kontrolle geraten dürfte. Eizellenspenderinnen, Samenbankdirektoren, Juristen, Wissenschaftler und Leihmütter gewähren den Dokumentarfilmern Frauke Sandig und Eric Black Einblick in eine (gruselige) Zukunft der perfekt modellierten Kinder, die längst begonnen hat.


Globale Maßlosigkeit: der (un)aufhaltsame Zusammenbruch des Mittelstandes

Huschmand Sabet: „Globale Maßlosigkeit – der (un)aufhaltsame Zusammenbruch des Mittelstandes“ Ohne Verzicht der Superreichen auf Einkommenszuwachs wird der weltweit größte wirtschaftliche Leistungsträger– der Mittelstand – zusammenbrechen und eine nachhaltige Armutsbekämpfung eine Illusion bleiben.



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