Ets1 oncogene induction by ELF-modulated 50 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic field


If that is a proven fact 'the conclusion is that cellular radiation is acting and penetrating our bodies, into the bones 'inside the brain the same as x rays' inside bodies of newborn babies .... in contrast to what hidden spokesmens of cellular industry who enter our groups in internet discussion and mock at us saying that electricy is much more dangerous... because of higher watt, but to my understanding 'electric rays or even solar UVA or infrared cannot penetrate through walls or even cloth we wear, so my question is why most academic research and activists put attention just on the thermal effect and pulses (frequencies) as causing damage instead of explaining that the cellular radiation is penetrating our own bodies 'even if we wear clothes! - from such radiation nobody can escape! - and we are being radiated with this kind of x (rf) rays (even that it is non ion) we get artificial radiation non stop for 2400 hours radiation in 100 days!! how european people who are much more concerned and academic than americans, don't gather by thousands to protest that are illegally radiating RF deep into each one's body? HOW? do they allow even one day more to continue this scandal ?? and for the possibility of oncogens to be created from this frequent radiation article from pubmed:


Subject : Ets1 oncogene induction by ELF-modulated 50 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic field.

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