From Los Angeles high school students: RESIST OR DIE

by Sara Escudero and LJ, LA high school students

November 2nd marks Bush’s reelection, but after 2005, it will be remembered as the beginning of the end of the Bush regime. On November 2nd thousands of people will be leaving jobs, leaving schools, and taking to the streets. This is a time to take action. What else needs to happen before we act? Go back to segregation? New Orleans, the war in Iraq, and these Supreme Court nominations are proof enough that this regime must go.

Bush is a threat to society. He is drifting society towards fascist theocracy with its roots in the Bible.

Bush is letting people die in Iraq. He’s against abortion. He wants to take women’s rights away. He hasn’t said anything about the minutemen on the border. He’s a threat to our future.

We as high school students not only have the right to join this movement, but responsibility to do so. We are going to have high school walkouts all over the country on November 2nd.

In Los Angeles, principals and administrators are trying to stop us from doing this. At Locke, the principal threatened to expel a student because she was passing out posters telling about the genocidal comments of William Bennett and how this is part of why we have to drive out the Bush regime. At Banning, the principal forced a student to walk around the school and take down all the stickers and posters about November 2nd. Then he cancelled the speakout she was working on, which she had permission to schedule at the school. At Reseda, school police told a student she would get a $700 ticket if she walked out of school on November 2nd. And at Fairfax, some teachers started scheduling tests for November 2nd and telling students their grades would be lowered if they missed the test.

Our answer to all this is: F*ck their threats, we’re changing the world!

The administrators are using the same tactics as the Bush administration: fear. They are trying to scare us so we’ll back off and not walk out or go against Bush. What are these threats compared to what Bush is doing? They are nothing.

On top of this, their own policy says we students have the right to walk out of school and the administrators are not allowed to try to stop us!

This was in a memo from the Los Angeles Unified School District that was sent to all the principals on October 26, 2005. That memo should be made public to all students and parents. People should support the high school students and make sure these administrators don’t try to punish any students for walking out on November 2nd.

We owe it to the millions of people that are getting tortured, getting murdered, and suffering around the world to do this. Resist or Die - it has come down to that slogan. If we don’t resist right now we won’t have a chance to again. Right now the future is in everybody’s hands. It is up to us. The question is what kind of world do you want to live in? Will you accept everything this regime stands for? If you don’t, then you must join this movement. Join the school walkouts. Join us on Wilshire Blvd. at 12 noon on November 2nd and in Westwood at the Federal Building at 5pm.

Sara Escudero is from Reseda High School and LJ from Los Angeles High School Los Angeles, California 10/29/05


Informant: C. Clark Kissinger

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