Strobing cell-tower lights installed without the RF Choke are hazardous to your health

In May 2001 some very high frequency signals appeared on equipment monitoring electrical ground currents at a few dairy farms in Wisconsin. The signal was traced to a nearby cell tower whose rotating beacon light had just recently been changed to a strobing light. The origin of the signal was verified by shutting off the strobing light momentarily. The signal on the monitoring equipment disappeared while the light was off. The signal starts at about 25 MHz and rings down from there. It is produced when the capacitors, which store up the 1000 volts or more needed to strobe the light, release that energy all at once to strobe the light. Therefore, a high frequency and high voltage impulse is released each time the light flashes.

If the RF Choke is in place and the utilities wires are adequate to carry the current back to the substation, there is no problem. However, many companies, not realizing the problem they cause, have opted to save the approximately $30 and omit the filter. The utility system, in many areas, cannot return such a high frequency high voltage impulse to the substation on the neutral wire, as it should. Therefore, it takes the path of least resistance back to the substation. The path of least resistance is not always the shortest path. Problems have been found as far as 6 miles from the tower.

People unfortunate enough to live in the return path may experience symptoms of Radiofrequency Sickness.

These can include: sleeplessness or disturbed sleep, fever, rash, nausea, inability to concentrate, thinking in a fog, short-term memory problems, sore joints particularly hip joints, irritable bowel syndrome, miscarriage, and birth defects. Symptoms, particularly the fever, clear up outside of the exposure area as long as there is not continued exposure to high frequencies from another source.
Dairy farms unfortunate enough to be in the path may experience decreased milk production, longer milking time, poor cow coat and health, miscarriages, difficulty breeding cows back, and difficulty getting cows to eat and drink properly.

These problems can be substantially cleared up by the cell tower companies if they install the approximately $30 filter. Additionally, cell tower companies should install filters on the electronic equipment running at the towers, so that they are in compliance with the IEEE-519 rules. An ordinance requiring compliance with the IEEE-519 was passed recently at the county level in a county in Wisconsin.


Informant: Shivani Arjuna


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