The great leap backward


It is time to change the national anthem. The land is no longer free. Last week, in an appalling decision that will prove to be every bit as infamous as the Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade decisions, the Supreme Court eliminated the American right to property and in one fell swoop, converted the country into the legal equivalent of a Third World society. This is not a minor matter, it is a calculated provocation, an insult to the American people and their rights which makes a mockery of them as well as the current administration and its obsession with external terrorists and exogenous threats to liberty. ... No 9-11 attack, no suitcase nuke exploding in Manhattan or Los Angeles, could injure the nation one-tenth as much as the Supreme Court harmed America in its totalitarian Kelo decision, wherein a majority of the ironically named 'justices' declared that a government may forcibly take property from one party and give it to another party, at its sole discretion...


from WorldNetDaily, by Vox Day

The naked Supremes


We should be grateful to the Supreme Court for demonstrating once again what government thinks government is really all about. There can be no denying that, at least since neolithic times and the invention of agriculture, governments -- every last one of them -- have been created for the express purpose of devouring the productive class. Each one always comes equipped with its own set of assertions about what it was 'really' created for -- of the people, by the people, for the people, blah, blah, blah -- but those assertions, all of them, are lies...


My gulag and welcome to it


"It is clear that we can no longer count on even the Supreme Court to uphold the intent of the Constitution, which was to protect the individual rights of American citizens. Should we be surprised that justice, even at the highest level, has become muddled and even overturned by partisan and corrupt politics? Perhaps not, but the Supreme Court was my last hope for salvation. Their decisions have often been ignored and even laughed at by Congress and the President, but I took some consolation from having one branch of our government at least SPEAK for individual rights.


from No Force, No Fraud, by Bob Smith

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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