Fight the Masts with Tactical Voting

We all do a lot of moaning about mast siting, the poor planning legislation and bias that the Government shows towards mobile operators, but rarely do we get an opportunity to tell politicians that their policies stink by actually voting them out of office. In the UK we get this chance on May 5th 2005! If you have complained about TETRA or 3G masts in your area being put up with scant regard to your views, how can you in all good conscience go and vote for Blair or his supporters - or any other pro-mast politician, when you have the chance to vote against them? You can't!

Also it is no good voting for the candidate who came third last time, since you are wasting your vote! If you want to make a difference VOTE TACTICALLY against the Labour MP (or other pro-mast politician), by voting for the candidate who was runner-up last time. For those whose best bet to beat one of Tony's Cronies is a Tory you'll have to swallow hard since the Tories have promised to tighten up mast planning regulations and Labour haven't, so be brave and vote Tory this time or shut up about the mast that Vodafone or O2 just put up after the 56 day limit expired! The Lib-Dems have said that they will also tighten up legislation, given the opportunity! For your constituency and the best candidate to vote for, see the web address below.

As for John "Two Jags" Prescott, the man behind the ineffectual "ODPM" who don't allow Health concerns to be taken into account in mast planning, he is the man who deserves to be out of his job as Deputy PM and as an MP! If you have any friends or relatives in the east of Hull, please, please, persuade them to vote Lib Dem to make him lose his seat! He deserves it for the suffering he has allowed to continue.

For further information on Tactical Voting, please go to our friend's website at http://tacticalvoting.net - that is Tactical Voting dot Net! You could even download a poster to print and put up in your car or house window.

Don't take things lying down - fight back! And please, please ask your friends to vote tactically too, if it will put more anti-mast MPs into Parliament!

HAM / No Masts


We are sickened by Hull East's John Prescott's hopelessness in tackling the complex issues around Telephone Mast Planning. He as Deputy Prime Minister has allowed masts to be put up near our schools and by our homes, and when it came to upholding our Human Rights against the Telephone Operators he withdrew his case in the High Court. He also buried any tightening of legislation as the General Election was announced.

We are encouraging people to tactically vote against him in the General Election. See the campaign site at http://tacticalvoting.net

This is normal people speaking out against a useless individual who has done nothing to counter the power of the Telecoms companies.

We encourage everyone to display our "2 Jags - No Clue" poster around Hull and encourage anyone they know in his constituency to vote Lib Dem to get rid of him. This is because, in Hull East, the Lib Dems are in the best position to beat Prescott out of all the other candidates from the 2001 results. We note that at least one Hull person brands him a useless MP, so we would be doing the people of East Hull a BIG FAVOUR.

We further encourage people in other constituencies to Tactically Vote Against Blair's Cronies. See who they recommend at http://tacticalvoting.net .

Help Put Mast Planning on the Election Map

No Masts


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