Coltan Mining: No Blood On My Mobile

18 June 2005 18:22

I had thought of asking Geldof whether he'd consider fronting the national campaign! Seemed like a good idea at the time ... those 3G masts affecting my judgement, no doubt! Still - it might be worth a shot? Sue Green, ORAM

Amanda Wesley


If he's more concerned about Africa, maybe we should send him stuff on the devastating consequences cobalt mining for mobiles has had in the Congo. I don't have the info myself though.



Dear Gary,

I have references for Congo and Coltan. I shall dig out tomorrow. The media just do not cover it. Think South Africans should learn from UKs mistakes.

Best Yasmin


Sent: 20 June 2005 15:32

Or the shit that's going down in SA, where schools are the preferred site for masts and Vodacom have described the Transvaal as a land of milk and honey!


Dear Sue.

Do ask him.

He might come round when things are explained.

He has not got a 3G in his backyard, like us, but if he understands and feels so strongly that it is not fair for African people to be tortured, the why would he not want to help his neighbors when they are.

If he only has a passion for far away people and places, he´ll say plain NO.

Best regards.



The info I got is from Project Censored 2003 Page 93. Dena Montague writes "nearly four million people dead in four years of ware in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and the world remains silent in the fact of an abominable atrocity."

The area is beginning to be reported now in 2005, but hardly any reference to the mineral tantalum (also known as coltan). The price has got up because it is used to make mobile phones. DRC has 80% of world's coltan reserves. She suggests web reports of http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm ; Washington Post reporter Karl Vick did one of the first reports on story of coltan mining ; http://www.allafrica.com/ . Also magazines New African Magazine and Africa Confidential. I believe there has been two documentaries on British television in recent years but I missed them both. In Europe I believe there has been a campaign "No Blood On My Mobile" to stop people mindlessly buying the latest mobile and so keeping the demand for coltan high.

It would be interesting to hear Geldof's comments on Congo and coltan, if he knows there is a link. And all the other stars who help promote mobile phone companies.

Best wishes, Yasmin Skelt Chorleywood, England.


Google about "Coltan mining" under:


George Monbiot: Bards of the powerful:

Far from challenging the G8's role in Africa's poverty, Geldof and Bono are giving legitimacy to those responsible.



To: geldofinfo@msn.com
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2005 4:43 PM
Subject: African Governments inflict radiation poisoning on helpless population

Bob Geldof

We urgently request your attention to an appalling social experiment being conducted on the people of Africa by their corrupt Governments, whereby they are being continually bombarded with radiation in their own homes and schools. Thousands of people are already showing the effects of radiation sickness - headaches, nausea, dizziness, tinnitus, sleep disturbance, nose bleeds etc - at what their Governments profess to be 'safe' levels of exposure, and the long-term consequences for the population will be increased miscarriage/foetal abnormalities, increased incidents of childhood leukaemia, increases in all types of cancer etc. But their Governments have taken huge bribes by way of taxes and licencing fees worth billions and billions of pounds from the multinational companies that are behind this experiment, and the influence of these companies is all-pervading - they sponsor every major public event and subscribe heavily to all media. Their monstrous, hideous transmitters are breeding randomly and prolifically throughout this once beautiful country, and those who are brave enough to attempt to fight their onslaught - to protect their children - are ridiculed or ignored, and find that they have no voice and there is no justice for them.

We are sure, Mr Geldof, that you would not knowingly or willingly sanction such an abuse of power, and that you and your friends and colleagues will undoubtedly rage against this sickening corporate assault and vandalism. And with your formidable charisma and commitment, we have little doubt that you would succeed in shaming the African Governments into reigning in the activities of these corporate monsters.

But such is the power and influence of these vast companies, they have even managed to infiltrate Live8. They ensured maximum profit and publicity by controlling the voting for tickets to this event, and now we learn that one of their number is a major sponsor.

You see, this is not happening in Africa, Mr Geldof, it is happening right here in your own country. The companies involved are the multinational telecommunications giants to whom Live8 have awarded the contract for ticket sales and with whom you have agreed the said sponsorship deal. The victims of their social experiment are my family, and many, many other families like ours who find themselves living within the shadows of their monstrous masts, and dealing with the devastating impact upon their health caused by the radiation these masts emit. And our Government - despite their own scientific advisers urging them to take a precautionary approach to the siting of these masts - refuse to listen to our fears, and seem hellbent on supporting these companies with the roll out of their deadly technology. Seems to us that - like the tobacco and drinks industries that preceded it - the mobile telecommunications industry is this Government's cash cow, and they are milking it for all it is worth. Thanks to Live8's actions, the cow just got considerably fatter.

And there I was a few weeks ago - when I first heard about Live8 - fantasising that, with your vision, you would be the ideal person to support our cause. Still, I find it very hard to believe that you, of all people, have knowingly 'sold out' to this industry.

Susan Green
Orpington Residents Against Masts
7 Cabul Cottages
New Road


Sat, 25 Jun 2005 22:56:25 +0100 (BST)
From: fergusson sue
Subject: cobalt mining in Africa To: geldofinfo@msn.com

Dear Sir Bob Geldorf,

to add to emails sent to you by members of Mast Sanity I would like to add that one of the worst examples of human exploitation is in Africa where the mobile phone company corporates use slave labour to mine cobalt used in the micro chips in mobile phones. The people are very ill and dying in their droves from the very hard taskmasters who are employed to oversee the mining. I would beg you to take close look at these issues before tying yourself to the mobile phone corporations.

Regards Sue Fergusson, member of Mast Sanity.


Tell famous people to behave ethically where mobile phones and masts are concerned http://omega.twoday.net/stories/774731/


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