Tell famous people to behave ethically where mobile phones and masts are concerned

I want to remind you that the Mast Sanity National Conference and AGM is on the 8th and 9th October. Either visit in person or try and send someone from your area or campaign group. The venue is University of London, Regent Street, London - next to Oxford Circus tube station. A great opportunity to hear the latest and visit one of the worlds most wonderful cities!! And meet wonderful people.

It has come to my attention that 02 are a major sponsor of Live 8 and will also presumably be making huge profits from their role as a "key broadcast and facilitation partner" in the event.

Given all the fuss about coca cola's potential sponsorship, I am wondering if there might be any mileage in campaigning around this issue? Not much time, but messages round various email lists might be a start to get people thinking about ways they could protest. Have tried to find a communication routeway via Live 8 websites but am supposed to be doing other things right now. Will try later.

Karen Wren


Good comment Karen. Also do O2 get tickets to give to councillors, politicans, planning officers etc???

I think mast campaigners in the UK are absolutely exhausted fighting their own campaigns. The operators just keep coming back, like something out of "Terminator"! This tactic means we have less time, energy and money to do the high profile stuff like complaining about the 2million text messages sent to get tickets to Live 8. The only way to get tickets was to text. Does Geldof not know about Tetra and what O2 are doing? He can never read the newspapers, listen to the radio or watch the news.

Also Glastonbury has released a few thousand more tickets but you can only get them if you own an Orange phone! "What about the f***** Orange masts Mr Glastonbury Organiser?"

Elton John earned £24 million (US$ 43million) last year. An international icon - but he does an Orange advert. Surely he doesn't need the money?

This is something we need do. Tell famous people to behave ethically where mobile phones and masts are concerned. How can people complain about Coca Cola and then say nothing about the horrible treatment the British public get from the phone operators?

Best Yasmin Skelt, Chorleywood, England


Yasmin .

Thank you and Karen, I had read it in the paper, but was to busy, to react.

Anyone- Pls. tell me who has Bob Geldofs E-mail address?

Lets swamp him with protest e-mail.

He wants to save Africa, and never gives a thought about his own people is letting down doing it.

Who are at the mercy of Orange, Vodafone, H3G, O2 etc for their and their childrens lives and health.

But I am sure Bob Geldof knows all about us, the resistance.

Elton John, probably needs the money.

He is all but bankrupt, but lets find his E-mail as well, and swamp him.

I will try to find their E-mail addresses, and if I do, I´ll put them here.

Best regards.




Karen and Yasmin

Here are two e-mail addresses, for what its worth.



Best regards.



Hi Yasmin

I've thought for some time we need to have masts as the cover story for Schnews. For those of you who don't know Schnews is the biggest radical/activist newsletter in Britain. It comes out every Friday and they estimate it gets read by 40,000+ people.

They've done bits and bobs before but will rarely publish stuff unless there's an action involved. I suggest we or they (wait till after G8) do masts as the cover story and include Geldof, Elton John, Stephen Fry etc and use it to publicise a national demo. Down here in Brighton at least (mainly as a result of my labours) activists are starting to wake up to masts.

Schnews tel 01273 685913




But these are the “official sites e-mails”, so I am not sure how good they are.

These people are “Company Concerns”, not humans like the rest of us.

And notice how ready they always are to prostitute themselves for cash, and a lot of the time they call it “Doing good, for a good cause”.

Remember Cherie Blair in her Australia tour.

That was supposed to be for “A good cause and Charity” but the only ones who did not cash in were, guess who: The charity in question. (Cherie Blair raked in the money).

But its worth the try.

Best regards.




Yes, this is the way the world works, and we won't stop it. We won't change it, except by backing the research that proves the harm, fighting the false interpretations and by publicising it continually.

David Bellamy backed industry on climate change, then found it was too late to back down when two environment charities ditched him this week.

Information, not indignation.




It's schnews@brighton.co.uk - make sure you spell schnews with an "n".

I still think we should see if we can do a cover story one week - schnews readers are ACTIVISTS - not leisure readers.




George Monbiot: Bards of the powerful:

Far from challenging the G8's role in Africa's poverty, Geldof and Bono are giving legitimacy to those responsible.



Coltan Mining: No Blood On My Mobile


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