Psychiatric Survivors Protest From "INSIDE" Montana State Hospital

NEWS - 27 December 2004 - please forward

"We Are Stepped On Daily."

Psychiatric Survivors Protest From *INSIDE* Montana State Hospital.

How You May E-Mail the New Governor of Montana to Support the Protesters!

Eight psychiatric inmates of Montana State Hospital have contacted MindFreedom asking for urgent help.

Most have even joined MindFreedom as members.

They all have united to protest and speak out about violations inside the psychiatric facility.

With a brand new Governor taking office next week, there's an easy way for you to e-mail your support for these protesters inside Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs.

These courageous psychiatric survivors report:

* They are locked up for no good reason.

* They do not have access to adequate advocacy.

* They are being forcibly drugged with powerful psychiatric drugs that can cause brain damage.

* They feel hopeless about ever getting out.

* And the food is lousy, to boot.

There is no known organization in Montana of, by and for mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors. None.

Here are quotes from these MSH protesters:

"I don't deserve to be locked up just because I didn't go to therapy. They gave me Haldol shots against my will. Please help me get out of here. I have been here too long, and am suffering for no reason." - Julia Weeks, a new MindFreedom member.

"We are stepped upon daily." - Susan Ann Green, a new MindFreedom member.

"They trumped up all these charges about me. So my therapist wrote all these trumped-up charges against me because I saw my case manager and not my therapist. I took my medication and they lied and said that I didn't take it." - anonymous

"I was just traveling through Montana. I have been locked up and heavily drugged here for months." Kathleen A. Johnson, a new MindFreedom member.

"I am fortunate to have come across your path. The conditions are deplorable. People are treated worse than animals. There is
over drugging, mis-medicating, shock therapy, and on it goes. I am enclosing a membership application." - Ana Valentine, a new MindFreedom member.

"I was forcibly drugged and held for months in MSH." - Robert Kay, a long-time MindFreedom member, finally released.

"I have been in mental institutions for the past 17 years. Warm Springs doesn't offer much in the way of healthy measures. Instead
they press medications. I am writing you in hope you could intervene and ease the burden." - Charles McCormick, a new MindFreedom member.


NEXT WEEEK a brand new Governor of Montana takes office on 3 January 2005.

Please take a moment now to e-mail even a brief civil note to the transition team for:

Governor-Elect Brian Schweitzer
E-MAIL: govelectschweitzer@mt.gov
FAX: 406-444-9631
PHONE: 406-444.9600

SAMPLE MESSAGE (though your own words are best):

Dear Governor-Elect Schweitzer:

Please investigate allegations made by eight inmates of Montana State Hospital that they are being held without due cause and without adequate advocacy, and that they are being forcibly administered powerful psychiatric drugs.

Signed: ______[your name]____________


YOU MAY WRITE TO any of the current psychiatric survivors quoted above at:

Montana State Hospital
PO Box 300
Warm Springs, MT 59756 USA

You may try phoning them on the patient ward phone at: (406) 693-9950.

Or you may try phoning and faxing these inmates, and/or Ed Amberg, administrator, via ph: (406) 693-7000 or
fax: (406) 693-7069.

YOU MAY ALSO copy your e-mail to Montana media:

bwilke@dailychronicle.com, editor@mtstandard.com,
editor@broadwatercounty.net, ajones@kbzk.com,
news@ktvm.com, ljulius@maxmontana.com, Pkonecny@kxlf.com


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