Electromagnetic Radiofrequency makes us ill


It can be very discouraging when responses to one's letters are so uncaring and dismissive etc. and I often have to top for a while until the evidence of suffering in my own village reminds me of the true facts.

I agree with your views re the environment. The Russians are trying to tell the powers that be in the West of the dangers of non-thermal emissions (as they have been since the 1950s!) but they also are being ignored. I have read and been informed that the thermal, or microwave emissions, are not the ones causing our most serious health problems. Not being an expert, it has taken me a long time to realise that it is 'electromagnetic radiofrequency' which makes us ill. I also read that 'non-ionising radio frequency' causes problems - so many names!

Some years ago ( 70s or 80s) I saw or heard information from America which made a great impression on me regarding cases of spontaneous abortion in cattle and humans plus deformed foetuses and cancer near pylons and power lines.

The trouble is that those people elected to serve us only seem to serve themselves and will not listen to our wishes and needs.

We just have to keep on writing, telling and requesting and eventually we will gain attention.

Gill Lyden

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