Message to the Operators and Government

Xmas Message to the Operators and Government

I would like to send this Xmas message to all the greedy, arrogant telecom spin-doctors, and those corrupt charlatan politicians that keep them in power - THE END IS NIGH!

For too long our lives have been governed by the effects of the pursuit of profit for the few at the expense of the many - the public are not stupid, and the more that image replaces substance, the more transparent it will become.

We are on the verge of the biggest breakthrough since the authorities were forced to accept that smoking is linked to Cancer and Asbestos to Asbestosis, and I, for one, feel very priveleged to be involved in such an important campaign, to be a member of such a dedicated team, and recipient of such valuable research!

With every day that has passed in 2004, the illegal and immoral activities of the industry have increased - from denying and undermining genuine research, to putting illegal masts by our schools and houses.

Have Mast Sanity given up? NO!
Have Mast Sanity broken up? NO!

They have, however, listened up, joined up, stepped up and swatted up! So, beware, Mr Mike Dolan, Ms Nichola Davies, Dr Evan Harris, and Prof Anthony Swerdlow, to name just a few. THE MORE YOU GENERATE LIES AND MISINFORMATION TO THE PUBLIC, THE MORE WE WILL TELL THEM THE TRUTH!

As Sandi has already stated, we will not just disappear and fall silent because we are up against all odds:

Happy New Year - Let the onslaught begin

As this illegal activity grows, so does the resistance to it.

According to Michel Foucault, power flows in all directions, according to whoever harnesses it. No one person or organisation can ever be in a position to hold power, they can merely harness it and use it to their advantage. This applies to all, whether they be Microsoft, Macdonald's, MM02 or Mast Sanity.

Let 2005 be the year that power is harnessed by organisations like Mast Sanity and like-minded groups!

Seasons Greetings to all,

Amanda Wesley,
Committee Member,
Mast Sanity


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