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From: Sheri Myers
Date: Wed Dec 22, 2004 02:57:32 PM CST
Subject: Rev. Jackson: "Don't let Santa Claus block us from a Revolution!" (& Fraud DVD dates)

That's what Rev. Jackson told us, the organizers of the upcoming Ohio 1/03 and the DC 1/06 Voters Rights Rallies. "We must keep the drums beating!"

I realize it may be extremely inconvenient during the Holidays to take action on the Voter Fraud issue. But imagine how inconvenient it is, to stand in the cold and rain for 3 hours, then be denied the right to vote. Then, to see your child or grandchild shipped off to Iraq.... and not have any say in the matter.

Perhaps you feel that contesting the election is a lost cause. Please remember that at certain critical points in every struggle for human rights, all did seem lost, before the tide turned. Why did it turn? Because some people refused to give up.

We can be brave together. Come, join the citizens of this country who do not concede the election to George Bush. We need your support. We need you to show up, and stand with us.

Reverend Jackson has called for a massive rally in Columbus, Ohio on January 3. The details of time and venue will be set later today. Go to our website:
//www.wedonotconcede.com to stay abreast of all the latest develoments. If you live in the midwest, come. If you can hold an affinity rally in your state, do. This rally kicks off the most important week in our nation's history.

On Wednesday, 1/05/05, at 4:00 a,m, the 30+ Contestants against the certification of the Ohio Electors will board a bus for D.C. They will speak from their hearts on the steps of the Capitol, before visiting the offices of Senators, who, we all hope, will oppose the certification of the Bush presidency on 1/06.

Read their petition, look at their evidence:

This is our last, best hope. Help us deliver these valiant Ohioans to DC. Help us pay their way. We need $10,000 immediately, to cover the costs of transport, hotels, and meals.

I am working with We Do Not Concede to make all the arrangements. It's not a big, wealthy coalition, folks, it's just two moms with determination. We have no money right now, and my stomach aches at the thought of putting another activist action on my credit card. But, I'm committed.

If everyone who reads this, goes immediately to
//www.donotconcede.com and contributes at least $20...or more... I can call Rev. Moss in Ohio and say, let your people know we are DEFINITELY going to DC. We can alert the media.

Those of you who received a Voter Fraud kit through me, a lot of you got it for free, because you said you would spread the word of the horrific Voter Suppression in Columbus on 11/02. I am NOT wealthy!
I need support so I can keep on keeping on. Go to
//www.marvista4peace.8k.com and donate. Order a kit, if you don't have one, and toss in some extra $$. If my reports from the RNC, Florida, or Ohio have kept you clued in, or moved you in any way, come on, show your appreciation. I don't expect to make money at this, but I really hate going into debt. And that's a fact. Aside from my own expenses, I've got to raise $$ for our hip hop CD: We Do Not Concede.

Do it now, don't let Santa Claus stomp out the work we are trying to do. Your patriotic elves are toiling away at their keyboards, and on their phones in the wee hours, doing everything they can to salvage this fraudulent election.

Sheri Myers

Voter Fraud DVD presentation Wednesday, 12/22 and Tuesday 12/28 at the Unitarian Church in Santa Monica, 7:00. See it and be changed.

Finally, if you want to assist us with the Contestors Trip to DC on the ground, in either Columbus or DC, let me know, ASAP.


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