George W. Bush's America: A National Nightmare?

Homeland Security Agency is the mother of all domestic bureaucracies

The “Intelligence Bill,” or S. 2845, was passed by the Congress, on Dec. 9, 2004, with little or no public input. Pushed by the ultra Iraqi War Hawk, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT), it creates the foundation for a national ID card. Bail can easily be denied to anyone charged with a terrorist offense. The power of Homeland Security bureaucrats to place an activist on “Watch” or “No Fly” lists have also been greatly enhanced by this police state scheme. In many of the Hollywood “B” movies made about WWII, you could always count on a scene where two arrogant Gestapo thugs, wearing dark trench coats, would demand of a hapless German, walking on a street or seated as a passenger in a railroad car, “Let me see your papers!” Fear on the face of the nervous citizen was the typical response to such a question. Then, the subject in the scene would be seen stumbling around looking inside his jacket for his credentials while mumbling to himself. No papers! Well, that meant the suspect was going to be hauled downtown to police headquarters for a good beating or worse. Well, thanks to the cowardly members of the U.S. Congress, in 2005, and at the explicit direction of the Bush()-Cheney Gang, the above scenario could become part of our national nightmare. A separate ID or an “Internal Passport” will soon be needed by anyone trying to board an airplane for commercial travel. I’m confident that other means of public transportation, like trains, buses and ferries, will shortly be added to that category by our rubber stamp Congress. If your name shows up, no matter how, on a “No Fly” or “Watch List,” you may have to walk home! The ACLU rightly denounced that provision, and others, which call for the creation of national database systems, for laying the foundation for a “de facto national id card” (supra., cnn.com, 12/10/04).

Buried in the over 3,000 pages, S. 2845, and unread by a majority of the members of the Congress or a mostly complicit media, were other draconian provisions ( http://thomas.loc.gov/ ).


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