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December 21, 2004

Kerry is the key to unlocking the secrets of the November 2 election. Lets face it, there is plentiful evidence of vote fraud, irregularities, voter disenfranchisement, cover-ups, probable hacking of central vote tabulators, rigging of voting machines, tampering with machines before the re-count, questionable recount rules, etc.

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...That's where YOU come in. We must innundate John Kerry with millions of emails demanding that he take action. And we must promise total political failure if Kerry fails to take action.

1) Send an email to the Kerry campaign. Below is an example you can use. Feel free to copy it, or use your own words. If everyone who reads this article sends him an email we can send thousands of emails to Kerry.

Send your email to: info@johnkerry.com

2) Paste your letter into the form on John Kerry's website to make sure he gets it.

3) Spread the word! so we can send millions of emails.

Forward this link to everyone: http://miamedia.com/votergate/kerry.is.key.html

Dear Senator Kerry,

As of today, your political career is over. Finished. Kaput.

No one would vote for you for President, let alone dog catcher...

...Unless you take a stand with millions of patriotic Americans and contest the Electoral College on January 6th, 2005.

Between now and then, you must make your position public in contesting the vote, and using your resources to expose the voting irregularities. If you do this, the news media will closely scrutinize and report on the vote-related activities in Ohio and other states.

You must do more than issue simple letters. You must go to Ohio, hold a hearing, make some speeches, and shake Kenneth Blackwell's cage until the votes fraud evidence falls out.

Then you must file legal suits to ensure the Nov 2 vote is properly and thoroughly investigated.

Take a stand today. ...or suffer the political consequences...

This is your last chance to salvage your reputation and prove to the world that you have a backbone.



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