Will you accept a national ID card?

Last week another gigantic step was taken toward the Sovietization of America. The so-called "Intelligence Reform" bill was passed by the Republican-controlled Congress. I feel confident in saying that 95 percent of Congress didn't bother to read this 3,000 page tome except the portions that guarantee pork to their big donors. Beginning in 2005, the Department of Homeland Security, overriding the sovereignty of the states, will issue all driver's licenses and birth certificates that meet some "federalized standards" including biometric "security" provisions. Contrary to existing law, newborns will be automatically issued a Social Security number, which would force them into the federal taxing scheme called Social Security. All children will be denied enrollment in the government indoctrination centers (schools) without first supplying a Homeland Security registered birth certificate. If this doesn't chill you, it should. Since the Social Security taxing scheme came into being back in 1935, no one has ever been required to join. The government has never automatically issued numbers because it has always been voluntary. Should this toxic bill get signed into law by Bush (a given), for the first time, Americans will be forced into this program against their will.

One of the highest priorities in instilling the communist moral principles into a population is the joining of all human beings into a single collective (we) where the individual no longer thinks independently. The Soviets believe that the "new communist man" will become one with the state by persuading him or her to relinquish their individuality, their identity, their own self and merge into the collective (community).


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