Petition to Stop Iraq War - Effort to Save Lives

The wars upon Iraq and Afghanistan have included torture of prisoners and murders of civilians. Such actions inspires more and more Muslim men to want revenge against the United States. They refer to the United States as the "Great Satan". There are 1.4 billion Muslims. The United States has about 300 million people. Bush and his war team either didn't give any consideration that Muslims outnumber Americans or else didn't care. Bush, Cheney, and their friends are getting richer and richer from war while Americans are no safer than before those wars and our soldiers are becoming disabled, such as limbs or faces blown off, or dead as a result of war.

Also unless the war is stopped, there will be a draft. No doubt, I'm not the only that has relatives that would be in the age range to be drafted. I have a daughter, a niece, and a nephew that are now in the age range to be drafted. Prior to the Iraqi war I wrote a letter to Bush to try to influence him to not attack the Iraqi people, but instead to have a thorough inspection of Iraq and find and arrest Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein has been arrested. Bush said the war was over a while back but keeps it going on and on.

I've heard news that war will go on 4-5 more years and troops be in Iraq up to 10 years from now. It's turning into another Vietnam. Iraq belongs to the Iraqi people. The U.S.A. has no business trying to take control of Iraq. Desperation for oil is no reason for such wars and occupation. If a country can't find enough oil on it's own land, then the proper way to get oil is to buy it.

Another fact to consider is that as long as the war goes on the costs keep running up the national debt. Someone told me that when the U.S.A.'s national debt was $6 trillion, that most of that had been caused by the Vietnam war. I can see how when a war costs mega- billions of dollars and it's borrowed money, the interest on that debt could accumulate into trillions of dollars. Please sign the petition.

Deborah Reid

Iraq Peace Petition

On the morning after Inauguration Day, at the dawn of a new administration, this petition will be delivered to the President.

Full Petition Text:

Mr. President:

We urge you to end this war now. Iraq belongs to the Iraqi people. War is the wrong path. Too many lives have been lost already -- let our troops come home.

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