Asking Kerry To Put teeth In His Recount Requests, & Other Urgent Actions

By now everyone probably knows about the explosive allegations of vote fraud and suppression that have emerged from Conyers Ohio hearings and about Kerry's lawyer, McTigue sending a request for 11 ways to conduct the recount in Ohio that would increase transparancy and help ensure every vote is counted. However, Blackwell spokesperson said Kerry was in "no position to dictate the recount." And Kieth Olbermann of MSNBC-- the only mainstream commentator who has been taking the allegations of vote fraud in Ohio and elsewhere seriously--said that if Kerry really meant business he would have his own investigation and be more vocal.

(If you don't know about these developments, check out democrats.com blog http://blog.democrats.com/node/1935 and also see first comment)

Furthermore, another article said that several county officials claimed they did not have the money for Kerry's requests or were otherwise non-committal.

TAKE ACTION: Although Kerry is to be applauded for making these 11 requests, he could do more that would put teeth into them. He has collected 50 million dollars for recounts (while the election was still ongoing) and has another 15 million left over from the campaign. He could use this money to do his own investigation; he could be more vocal about evidence of vote fraud and suppression; and he could ask for his own recount to increase his standing with election officials and in the courts for his recount requests.

For sample letter and contact info for Kerry, DNC and Ohio Dems, Click here:

Furthemore if you know anyone in PENNSYLVANIA, MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN, ILLINOIS AND WEST VIRGINIA. AND INDIANA, the Green Party needs recount co-ordinators in these states right now (you don't have to be a Green party member) contact Holly hhartus@yahoo.com

TO TAKE MORE URGENT ACTION to help recount, uncover vote fraud, and challenge electors, please go to this page which contains a simple short list of actions with links (many actions are user-friendly with pop-up windows containing pre-written messages), and if you can please also try to reply to this forum to keep it up in the blog longer and nominate it for home page.

Click here for actions on Forum Page:

If this link doesn't work, the information is also on this alerts page which should be checked for updates

BTW, one action which is new and intriguing (I haven't seen it being passed around like most of the others) is this Call 20 Ohio voters to find out if they have had problems voting

Click here For New Action: http://www.projectforamerica.org/index.php?form=call_voters

Take care,
Cheryl Guttman


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