Action Alert On 2004 Election Voting Irregularities

Ask for Congressional Hearing on 2004 Election Voting Irregularities

Congressman Conyers needs a million emails asap

Ask him to hold Congressional Hearing on 2004 Election Voting Irregularities.

Please help distribute this all over to progressive and democrats.

Send it to all your list etc. Write your own version or use sample
shown here.

This is URGENT!! Rep. John Conyers feels he needs a million e-mails to compel the House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings about the 2004 election.

Go here and tell the Judiciary Committee you want hearings on Ohio! www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/contact.html

Sample emails

House Judiciary Committee - Democratic Staff
B-351-C Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

To the House Judiciary Committee:

I am writing to urge the House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings as soon as possible on the irregularities of the 2004 election. I need not remind the Judiciary Committee members that the United States is a beacon of democracy for the rest of the world.

If we truly wish to remain the embodiment of democratic values, then we must treat the right of every citizen to vote and for their vote to count as sacred.

Ample evidence has arisen that this right was violated or undermined for many Americans in the 2004 election. I strongly believe that holding hearings to investigate and resolve these irregularities would be an act of Congress. I witnessed and held hearings here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

There were real voting fraud and irregularities and needs to be investigated by Congress.

Please come to our aid and help our vote count.

Tremendous patriotism on the part of Congress, and would serve as a declaration that we are the world's greatest democracy not only in word, but in deed.

Harvey Arden harvey@haveyouthought.com

To the House Judiciary Committee:

Please push to hold congressional hearing on the voting irregularities in Ohio. What good is our democracy when there is a widening realization that our election system has been seriously compromised by all sorts of dirty tricks, fraud and voting machines that leave no paper trail and sometimes count backwards?

This is America, not some kind of third world country or facist state.

The American people deserve more and this kind of hypocracy needs to end and our representatives ought to be outraged enough to do something about it.

Why are we being so complaisant?

I wish the American people and its leaders could rise to the occasion like the people of the Ukraine recently did or when the people in the Philippines rose up to overthrow the U,S, backed Marcos regime.

Its time for the Democractic Party and its leaders to stop doing business as usual and stand up to the issue at hand and protect our individual rights and freedoms that our veterans have fought and died for.

-Alan Moore - Director
Musicians and Fine Artits for World Peace

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