Ohio Vote Fraud Battle Heats Up

It may be impossible for critics to claim that only fans of conspiracy theories believe that voter fraud occurred in Ohio. We now have prima facie evidence of fraud by Kenneth Blackwell's office, when an order directed election officials to remove all voter records from the public domain to private ownership. Ohio law forbids it! Read our new article:

Ohio Vote Fraud Battle Heats Up

Links to A New Affidavit From a Professional Willing to Testify
And Prima Facie Evidence of Fraud

By Katherine Yurica

December 13, 2004


Here's another way you can help:

Copy and paste the following letter into this web-site


and tell the Judiciary Committee you want hearings on Ohio!

Rep. Conyers needs your help!

Rep. John Conyers feels he needs a million e-mails to compel the House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings about the 2004 election. Spread this message among your list of liberal friends and associates. Go here:



1. To ensure the legitimacy of the people apparently elected in the
2004 election, the House Judiciary Committee must do the following.

2. Openly hold hearings and investigate all cases of alleged voter
fraud, for example those charged by Blackboxvoting.org.

3. Make sure that all recountable ballots are recounted, when
requested. Do not allow stonewalling by secretaries of state with
vested interest in one outcome.

4. Hold hearings on the numerous discrepancies between the pure exit polls (those not blended with vote tabulations) and the black box voting machines. Investigate the statistical studies by researchers at our top universities, showing prohibitively tiny probability that the discrepancies were due to the random chance associated with sampling error.

5. Investigate the numerous mistakes in vote counting reported this election, and the allegation that they are all in favor of Bush and against Kerry.

6. Do not certify the 2004 elections until these steps have been taken, and you have determined, in open and publicized hearings, that the apparent winners of the elections are indeed the winners. If the reverse is shown, do not certify the elections at all and let there be re-votes.

In addition, democracy and future elections must be safeguarded with the following legislation:

7. No black box voting. Every voter needs a verifiable, and recountable, paper trail. Democracies have never assumed that all black box controllers would be honest, always.

Open code on voting machines, to verify their honest programming. The trade secret excuse is silly at best, deceptive at worst. It is not difficult to program a computer to count and add. Touchscreens add complication, and potential for mistakes and more cheating, so tell vendors who want secret computer code because of their touchscreens to use pushbuttons, or paper.

8. Create minimum standards for vendors of voting material. They must be free of partisan activity, and their activities and programming must be open to public viewing. How do you think we look to the world and our citizens - when the owner of the (Diebold) black box machines counting most of our un-recountable votes openly promised to deliver Ohio to George W. Bush?

It is your sacred duty to preserve democracy, and it is a higher goal than electing any particular party or ticket.


Katherine Yurica

Help Conyers Block Bush Certification


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