Stolen Election 2004: Sunday Update


by Bob Fertik on December 12, 2004 - 2:09pm.

There is an unprecedentedÊhuge wave of election protesting across the country - see:
http://www.51capitalmarch.com ,
http://www.denvervoice.org , or
http://www.Nov3.US .

On Monday, when Ohio's Republican Electors cast their 20 votes for Bush, they will be greeted by protesters.

[Kat] L'Estrange and Susan Truitt of the Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections, a Columbus-based group, and others are demanding the electoral vote be put off until the recount is completed. Ohio's 88 county boards of elections must begin their recounts by the end of this week.

"In Ohio, there has not been a final determination. Therefore, any meeting of the Electoral College in Ohio prior to a full recount would in fact be an illegitimate gathering," said John Bonifaz of the National Voting Rights Institute.

In Ohio,88 counties start their recounts on Monday: Clinton, Fayette, Holmes, Jefferson, Lake, Medina, Ottowa, and Wood.

Friday's bizarre lockdown in Greene County got more bizarre, when election observers Joan Quinn and Eve Roberson revisited the office Saturday morning to find the building unlocked and unoccupied.

Deputy Director of Elections Lynn McCoy arrived later and stated that all election records were still "locked down" and remained unavailable to the public. However, metal boxes with sealed locks had been stacked in the unlocked basement immediately accessible to the unlocked entrance. The Deputy Director would not confirm that these boxes contained original ballots.

The story made the Dayton Daily News, and Joan Quinn will testify at Monday's hearing led by John Conyers.

Quinn said that she and her fellow observer were looking into the low turnout recorded in minority precincts, especially precincts 354, 224, and 355, which recorded voter turnouts in the 50 percent range, while the average for Greene County was 74 percent. While examining those records, she said, they were informed of the "lockdown" order.

A detailed study of absentee ballots in Trumbull County by Dr. Werner Lange found 580 absentee votes for which there were no absentee voters identified in the poll books - a clear case of fraud.

The absentee vote inflation rate for these five communities averages 5.5 fradulent voters per precinct. If this pattern of inflated absentee votes holds for all of OhioÕs 11,366 precincts, then there were some 62,513 absentee votes in Ohio up for grabs in the last election. Who grabbed them and how they did so should be the subject of an immediate congressional investigation.

A detailed study of Uncounted votes in Montgomery County by Richard Hayes Phillips found in 47 Dayton precincts, which went for Kerry by a margin of 7 to 1, the spoilage rate of regular ballots was 5.16%, compared to 1.31% for the rest of the county.

A detailed study of votes in Lucas County by Richard Hayes Phillips found a remarkable 25 precincts had over 80% turnout (3 over 90%), along with 45 urban Toledo districts. With central scan tabulation, Phillips believes the totals were hacked.

Informant: Diana Davies


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