A former US military researcher's thoughts on depleted uranium

A former US military researcher's thoughts on depleted uranium with video



Jack Topel

Fern@aol.com wrote:

If you question the truth about the dangers of depleted uranium, please don't miss this one.

A link about DU sent by someone in one group, in response to my post, led me to do a search on Dr Douglas Rokke, who is a former US Army nuclear health physicist and was formerly the Pentagon's expert on the health effects of depleted uranium ammunition. Go to the site below for the full article and a video of Dr Douglas Rokke.


A great site with more from Doug Rokke:

Blowing the N-whistle : Depleted uranium: How dangerous is it?

A former US military researcher tells Gay Alcorn of his crusade to expose the health risks of depleted-uranium weapons used in the Gulf wars.

"It's lonely," he says slowly. "It's very lonely. I made a decision. I was given a job. I did my job. I learned something. I gave them an answer they didn't want. I became persona non grata. And the better parts of my life ended."

Rokke, now 54, is convinced that he and other members of his team in Iraq were contaminated and that the tests he undertook showed that significant amounts of the DU vaporised on impact, making it extremely dangerous when inhaled. He pulls up his trouser leg to reveal the red rash he says appeared within hours of his contact with DU. He holds up his hand and moves fingers clumsily to show that his fine motor skills have gone. He has respiratory problems and cataracts and has medical reports showing that the amount of uranium in his urine is way above acceptable limits.

He has become a campaigner, not just for better clean-up and treatment, but for the weapons to be banned. "After everything I've seen, everything I've done, it became very clear to me that you just can't take radioactive wastes from one nation and just throw it into another nation. It's wrong. It's simply wrong."


Go to the link above for another article and audio about a National Press Conference on Depleted Uranium with Doug Rokke,Ph.D.

Doug Rokke, Ph.D., is former Director of the U.S. Army Depleted Uranium (DU) Project

Dr. Rokke made a number of startling revelations. Over 221,000 veterans from Gulf I are on permanent disability. Now, soldiers are coming back sick. DU is suspected as a cause. He goes into details about how the soldiers who went to the Gulf were ill-trained and ill-equipped to deal with radioactive munitions. These munitions cause a radioactive and highly toxic dust when used.

A great site with more from Doug Rokke:


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