US Plans Police State Measures for Fallujans

Fallujan men will reportedly be forced to work in military-style battalions.

The tens and maybe hundreds of thousands of Fallujans who fled the western Baghdad city before the US-led onslaught have more to be concerned about than just flattened houses, devastated infrastructure and bullet-ridden mosques. The US occupation forces are planning a set of police state measures to be strictly applied to any of the battle-scarred city’s residents yearning to come back, reported the Boston Globe Saturday, Sunday December 5. This includes funneling Fallujans to so-called citizen processing centers on the outskirts of the city to compile a database of their identities through DNA testing and scanning, according to the American paper. Fallujans would also be forced to wear, at all times, badges displaying their home addresses while the use of cars would be banned inside the city, added the Globe. About 80-to-90 percent of Fallujah's 300,000-strong population are said to have evacuated the city, escaping the hell of continuous US air raids.

Some 10,000 US marines and army forces, alongside some 2,000 Iraqi national guardsmen unleashed a long-expected onslaught on the resistance hub on November 8, capping long nights of massive US raids.


Marine Corps deploys Fallujah biometric ID scheme

US forces in Iraq are attempting to tame Fallujah with biometric ID, according to an NBC news report broadcast last week. The returning population of up to 250,000, reporter Richard Engel said on Tom Brokaw's last Nightly News, is to be allowed back in gradually, a few thousand at a time. "They'll be finger printed, given a retina scan and then an ID card, which will only allow them to travel around their homes or to nearby aid centers, which are now being built. The Marines will be authorized to use deadly force against those breaking the rules." Get an ID card or we'll shoot you - a possible slogan for David Blunkett's ID card marketing campaign? But although that's pretty much the bottom line, the Fallujah effort is particularly interesting as an apparent attempt to use ID to control a large population which is at least uncooperative, possibly hostile, and possibly armed. Bearing these factors in mind it's difficult to see how it can possibly succeed. The underlying theory of the effort can be identified fairly readily. The US has taken quite a few cues from Israel, which operates intensive ID checks (and massive strikes and punishment demolitions), and has been trying to implement an ID system in Iraq, operating small scale exercises in 'controlled access.'
This draws on the 'secure hamlet' approach which was used by the British in South Africa (where we pioneered concentration camps, oops) and in Malaya, where it was at least rather better marketed.


U.S. has invasive, high-tech plans for Fallujah’s returning refugees

"We need to be the benevolent, dominant tribe."

Occupation forces intend to erect a "model city" from the ruins of Fallujah, including a high-tech security infrastructure complete with DNA testing, retina scans and ID badges for all the city's residents, according to Marine Corps officers interviewed by the Boston Globe. Under plans currently on the table, before re-entering their rubble-strewn city the more than 200,000 refugees who fled the month-long American offensive in Fallujah will be required to pass through what are being called "citizen processing centers," where they will be screened and a database of their identities will be created through a series of procedures, including DNA testing and retina scans. Identification badges displaying the individual's home address would be mandatory in the new Fallujah described by Marines, and cars -- the makeshift delivery device of choice for insurgent bombings -- would be banned altogether. According to the Globe, Marine officers are also debating compulsory employment for all Fallujah's men in military-type reconstruction corps, a system they compare to that established in post-World War Two Germany.

"They’re never going to like us," said Lieutenant Colonel Dave Bellon, a Marine intelligence officer who believes the US military should exploit Sunni Arabs’ traditional ways. "They want to figure out who the dominant tribe is and say, ‘I'm with you.’ We need to be the benevolent, dominant tribe."

Major General Richard Natonski, who commanded last month’s invasion of Fallujah by US and Iraqi forces, credited Iraq’s interim government as coming up with all the ideas for rebuilding Fallujah.


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