Growing Up with Your Chip

If we have the technology to track the movements of everyone in America, we should use it, right? "No," shout most of us, proud that our country has fought from the start to prevent prying authorities from constantly keeping tabs on where we go and what we do. So, how can the authorities break down this innate resistance that we Americans have to Big Brotherism? One simple word, whisper today's technocratic machiavellians: children. Of course! We love our children and naturally want them to be safe. There's the perfect opening for the snoopercrats. It's an insecure world, they darkly warn us––terrorists, kidnappers, molesters, you name it. To protect children, we should electronically track them. It's out of love that we do this. Thus, the school district of Spring, Texas, is now issuing radio frequency ID cards to its school kids, so police can track each of them on a computer screen. Did little Jeannie stop off at her friend's house rather than going straight home after school? With her RFID tag, the authorities know where she is. It's security paranoia. This district in suburban Houston has not had a single problem with child disappearances. "But," says one mother who applauds the $180,000 system, "you hear about all this violence." So – like keeping track of livestock and Wal-Mart merchandise – parents have okayed the tracking of their own children. Indeed, authorities in Spring are now considering having the RFIDs implanted under the skin of each child. Then they could track them 24/7.

Not everyone is thrilled. "It's too Big Brother for me," says a 15-year old student. "Something about the school wanting to know the exact place and time makes me feel kind of like an animal."


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Top Stories - December 13th, 2004


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