Reject The Secretary Of Torture

Welcome Aboard The Good Ship Alberto Gonzales!

Torture and the flag--Alberto Gonzales' and GW Bush's American values.

Reject The Secretary Of Torture

Dear Nancy,

President Bush has appointed Alberto Gonzales to replace John Aschroft to the head of the Department of Justice as Attorney General. Gonzales has served as the White House Counsel, where he wrote a series of infamous memos that were used to justify the administration's policies of detention and torture in the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Ashcroft war on terror. The most telling of the memos referred to the Geneva Convention's prohibitions against torture to be "quaint" and "obsolete."

Gonzales helped set policies that led to torture and gross human rights abuse at Abu Ghraib in Iraq, at Guantanamo, and in Afghanistan. These policies make America and Americans less safe.

For his extensive work in the area of the rationalization of torture by the executive branch, we have come to calling him the Secretary of Torture.

Gonzales' blatant disregard for the rule of law and contempt for the Constitution demand that he be rejected for the position of Attorney General.

Write your newspaper, call your senator and demonstrate against Alberto Gonzales. If your Senator is a Democrat, ask her or him to filibuster the Gonzales nomination.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will likely not hold hearings on Gonzales' nomination until early next year, but it's not too early to urge them to ask tough questions and vote to reject Gonzales.

Following is the current make-up of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Changes are expected next year with the convening of the next Congress. Arlen Specter is expected to be the new chair of the committee.

Republican Judiciary Committee members:

Orrin Hatch, UT, Chair
Charles Grassley, IA
Arlen Specter, PA
Jon Kyl, AZ
Mike DeWine, OH
Jeff Sessions, AL
Lindsey Graham, SC
Larry Craig, ID
Saxby Chambliss, GA
John Cornyn, TX

Democratic Judiciary Committee members:

Patrick J. Leahy, VT, Ranking Member
Edward M. Kennedy, MA
Joseph R. Biden, Jr., DE
Herbert H. Kohl, WI
Dianne Feinstein, CA
Russ Feingold, WI
Charles E. Schumer, NY
Richard J. Durbin, IL
John R. Edwards, NC

Contact your Senator via the Congressional switchboard: 202.224.3121 or via email, which you can do via

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper opposing the Gonzales nomination using our super-easy letter writing template.

This fight to preserve the rule of law is vital and can be won. Many Republican and Democratic Senators are uncomfortable with Gonzales easy rejection of our system of laws. However, we must start now to ensure that this architect of the Bush torture system is not made the head law enforcement officer in our country.

Take action today!

Scott Lynch
Communications Director

Informant: Martin Greenhut


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