This is a special, emergency call to national protest at every state capital the day before the Electoral College convenes to formally cast the electoral votes that will be transmitted to Congress on January 6th.

This is our last chance as citizens to declare, we regard the votes resulting from this stolen election as illegitimate.

We will be on the Sacramento Capitol steps at Noon Sunday, Dec. 12, reading a petition calling on the California electors to WITHHOLD their electoral votes in protest of an election deligitimized by widespread electronic theft of votes and premeditated, felonious voter suppression.

The corporate media have blacked out the truth, and the Democratic Party has failed to defend the vote.

The only means we have to mount a national protest is that of mass e-mail and web communication. USE IT NOW!


Fellow citizen,

In the 2004 election 80% of votes were counted on tabulator PCs that are entirely vulnerable to surreptitious undetectable vote count manipulation. Vote manipulation exploits can easily circumvent state election oversight and go undetected. Because of this vulnerability to our election systems, our voting systems and vote counts can NOT be trusted. With our votes susceptible to violation and our voting systems untrustworthy, as citizens, we have a duty to stand up and demand the return of power to our votes and safeguards to our voting systems.

This Sunday, December 12th at noon local time, ALL American citizens are called to converge on their State Capitol or Federal Capitol to protest the loss of our voting power and the lost security of our voting systems in the 2004 elections. Demands put forth by the December 12th protest include:

To state electors:

Do NOT cast your ballots for president and vice-president until state election officials provide a complete, fair, accurate and verified manual vote recount.

To state elected officials:

Immediately act to restore integrity to our voting systems by adopting state provisions of the Voter's Bill of Rights and eliminate unsecured vote tabulation PCs and software.

To federal elected representatives:

Investigate vote fraud and vote count manipulation in the 2004 elections with the intent of developing and enacting federal guarantees protecting our voting power and the integrity of our voting systems.

The December 12th nationwide protest is a citizen's uprising. With little support and no backing from organizations, citizen groups are forming across the country.

They are organizing and mobilizing fellow citizens in their states to:

"Make a Sign and Show Up" at their state capitols on December 12th".

Millions of American citizens, upset by how our votes and voting systems have been compromised, value their voting power and will respond by showing up this Sunday if they hear of the protest. Because our press is largely ignoring the theft of our voting power, it is incumbent on we citizens to tell everyone we know to make a sign and show up.

In the last election, I went to the polls with my family. We voted on e-voting machines rigged with an exploit to deny Kerry Democratic votes.

When I returned home, I thought of my three young adult children, two who voted in their first election, and I wept. I realized they faced futures without the guarantees of freedom and democracy that I have enjoyed. I could not sit by and watch their votes be stripped of their power and security without doing something. I now ask you to do something:

1. Send this email to everyone you know, and ask them to do the same.

2. Make a sign and show up at your state capitol building or the Federal Capitol at noon this Sunday, December 12th

For details and to get involved, please visit //www.51capitalmarch.com

When your children ask you, "What did you do to save our democracy?" Will you be able to tell them, "I showed up"?

Thank you for your commitment to our country,

Kip Humphrey

The exploit mentioned occurred on Hart inter Civic eSlate voting machines.

The exploit was as follow: if a voter selected "Vote Democratic Slate", no vote would register for John Kerry. To complete the exploit, the vote review screen opened at the very bottom of the ballot. A voter had to scroll through pages of ballot showing democratic votes registered one after another. Only those diligent voters who paged back to the top of their ballot would notice no vote registered for Kerry.

Informant: Skinny


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