Depleted Uranium - Four nuclear wars

Inspired by Per Hegelund's recent mailings on Depleted Uranium, LLRC has put together some new pages and links.

Go to http://www.llrc.org and click on "Depleted Uranium - Four nuclear wars ...." http://www.llrc.org/du/dupage.htm

We were especially interested in Leuren's article and the intense childhood leukaemia risks in Fallon, Nevada. We reproduce in full a recent article in which BNFL's Richard Wakeford argues that the Fallon cluster is strong support for the population mixing hypothesis, because 55,000 people a year pass through a nearby military base. He suggests that all the money and attention given to studying the Seascale (Sellafield) cluster has therefore been "backing the wrong horse".

Leuren, however, points out that there are four bombing and gunnery ranges around Fallon, where for decades the Navy has tested thousands of tons of DU weapons, which she says "is no doubt the cause" of the leukaemia. Quite so. A more plausible explanation than population mixing, in view of the cancers leukaemias and birth defects associated with other places where DU has been used -- not to mention the weapons tests which took place in Nevada when the current leukaemia children's parents were growing up. What genetic legacy have they been forced to pass on?

The animation "A short horror film" takes a while to download, but is worth the wait if you have a strong constitution. It will inspire you to oppose the war crime of DU.

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