TIDAL WAVE to address Ohio voting irregularities

This is an excellent forward and the first action in it is super easy--just click and a prewritten letter comes up for you to sign! Thanks, Cheryl

For more action alerts to facilitate recounts and help investigate vote fraud and list of vote fraud demos around country see (and keep checking)

Especially Kerry action http://www.stolenelection2004.com/alerts.html#kerry

and for full Blackwell action with sample letter and more contact info (including fax)

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A TIDAL WAVE of citizen and government action is being taken to address Ohio voting irregularities.

In this email:

1. Members of Congress to Hear Testimony (& corresponding actions for you to take!)
2. Litigation
3. Recount
4. Rally last weekend
5. Rev. Jackson's support
6. GAO investigation
7. House Judiciary Committee letter to Blackwell
8. Picket @ Blackwell's office (& corresponding action for you!)

1. Accumulated evidence and testimony from five Ohio public hearings is now being taken to the Democratic Members of the House Committee on the Judiciary on Wednesday, 12/8/2004. Rep. John Conyers and other Members of Congress are holding a forum on Ohio voting irregularities and we have been invited to send people as witnesses with a report and summary of our findings.

** Check out this link, where you can (very easily and quickly) send emails to your representative in Congress asking them to attend the forum and pick 5 local media outlets asking them to cover the story:


** To donate to the fund to help bring witnesses from the Ohio hearings, please go to:


2. A lawsuit is being filed challenging the outcome of the election, alleging widespread fraud. The "contest of election" lawsuit will be presented today to a judge from the Ohio Supreme Court on behalf of at least 25 voters who feel their voting rights were compromised.

3. The Green and Libertarian Parties have initiated a statewide vote recount, to begin in less than ten days. http://www.votecobb.org for more info and daily updates. Also see http://www.defendtherecount.org for updates from the national voting rights institute.

4. 900 people attended a mass rally in Columbus at the Ohio Statehouse on Saturday, December 4. Citizens braved 15 mile/hour winds to demonstrate for continued investigation, litigation, recount, and recusal of Kenneth Blackwell. Greg Palast was featured at the rally, and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee attended the evening symposium.

5. Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition have called for the recusal of Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell from the recount process based on his conflict of interest as co-chairman of the Ohio Bush/Cheney re-election campaign. Jackson also calls for a constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to vote for all U.S. citizens and to empower Congress to establish federal standards and nonpartisan administration of elections.

6. The Government Accountability Office has agreed to examine the security and accuracy of voting technologies, distribution and allocation of voting machines, and counting of provisional ballots as part of an investigation of broad systemic election administration issues.

7. House Judiciary Committee Democratic Members have sent a letter to Kenneth Blackwell asking him to respond to allegations of specific irregularities in vote tallying, registration peculiarities, counting discrepancies, unusual results, overvotes, spoiled ballots, machine problems, machine shortages, and invalidated provisional ballots.

8. There are people planning to picket S.O.S. Blackwell's office starting today, Monday, at 11:30 AM to demand that he:
- start the recount; and
- agree to recuse himself from the recount; and
- agree to appear before the House Judiciary Committee to answer questions
addressed to him in a 14-page letter dated 12/2/04 (signed by 12 Democratic members of that committee); and
- refrain from designating the Republican slate of presidential electors until such time as the recount is finished.

** In solidarity, you can call Blackwell's office to make the same demands between 1-5 PM today. Call him toll free at 877-767-6446 or (direct election comments line) 614-466-2585.

Peace. thanks again for your support and continued interest.


Take care,
Cheryl Guttman


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