Non-Ionizing Radiation Measurements

The Navy is going to measure Non-ionizing radiation over the whole countryside in Denmark. They asked me if I could give them some background information, advice, tips, pitfalls, etc. and other things to take into consideration. They knew already everything about safety limits and safety rules. For some reason they were not keen on consulting the engineers from the University of Aalborg or other commercial firms. So maybe they want unbiased information from independant sources.

Since I am not an expert in electronics, I promised to consult other people and find relevant links. I know there a several experts among you or you have connections to other experts, who can certainly help me. So please, send me any information, you think can be relevant and links to websites. I also think that all the wireless systems should be included.

Maybe this is an opportunity to make use of the knowledge and experience many of you posses and get through to the other side. Please pass this request on.

Thank you and kind regards

Sianette Kwee

Dear Sianette:

I am writing from Israel. My name is Zamir (in my language is a nightingale) Shalita. I am a microbiologist, retired after ~30 years in research (medical, biotechnology, genetic engineering etc). This now my 2nd career.

In Israel we two (an MD named Eli Richter) and me Zamir Shalita Ph.D. that fight the professional side of the debate with cellphone antennae, Israel Radio antennae, etc.

I am sure that you are well aware of what is in references, and you can find also in PUBMED. So may just very briefly mention some practical aspects/pitfalls etc:

1. Radiation does not have to be strong in order to be carcinogenic. As my late friend-colleague Prof. Neil Cherry used to say: "Any level is hazardous. Safe level is ZERO".

Omega see under:

Safe level of EMR is ZERO

2. Practically speaking 1 microwatt per cm square is almost acceptable, but it is hazardous, and 5 microwatts per cm square is carcinogenic.

3. If the Danish Navy tests its own transmissions, I would not rely on their measurements, and check it with owned power density meter. I purchase meters from AlphaLab US email address: trifield@aros.net it costs $320.- but worths every cent.

4. The ICNIRP (=European recommendations aquired as standard) are based on heating, so they are sky high: 450 microwatts per cm square. Every country has a safety factor to reduce this monstreous standard: In Switzerland is 45, e.g. make it 10 microwatt per cm square, that is still too high. Austria cancelled ICNIRP standard in its space. In Israel is only 10, so we fight the Ministry of Environment on this as well as on other issues. The factor in Denmark is unknown to me, but there were Danish studies that did not find any damage inflicted by antennae radiating at ICNIRP permitted levels. Cancer may develop for 20 years so they do not find damage yet...

5. I am enclosing some stuff to wet the hands, including a map of a cancer cluster in Israel Mount Carmel, in the town of Usfie, and a closeup on center of town: Blue dots - high antennae, yello - 'regular' plus illegal radi stations, green - residence of ill, mostly with cancer, red- are the dead. All together are 189, mostly in town center (see attached) of which 85 died already:

6. I am enclosing Neil's 2 articles (2000, 2002) on safe levels, and answering all 'experts' and comittees that negate damage inflicted by radio emissions:

7. I am enclosing Sage's tables on injuries under "SAFE" ICNIRP guidelines:

8. Enclosed are Hyland's excellent article:

9. I am enclosing a report showing how to measure, and refer to results (Curry et al 2003):

There is alot more. Some more stuff and advice how to deal with authorities, by request.

You asked for it, you got it...

All materials speak for themselves by their merit.

Best wishes,

Dr. Zamir Shalita Ph.D.


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