Voting Irregularities Nationwide and in Ohio in particular

December 3, 2004

From: The Santa Fe Research Roundtable

To: The Honorable United States Senator Jeff Bingaman
Suite 101
119 East Marcy
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Senator Bingaman -

It has come to our attention that there were a great deal of irregularities in the Ohio election this year. So much so that it appears that fraud may have taken place. It is clear to many of us that John Kerry may in fact be the elected President of the United States. Twelve members of the House Judiciary Committee have recently sent a letter to Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell stating that "...we are concerned that these complaints constitute a troubled portrait of a one-two punch that may well have altered and suppressed votes, particularly minority and Democratic votes.

First, it appears there were substantial irregularities in vote tallies. It is unclear whether these apparent errors were the result of machine malfunctions or fraud."

The full text of the complaint letter to Kenneth Blackwell is available by following this link:


Anyone who sees Farhrenheit 911 will notice the striking unwillingness of any member of the Senate to support the multiple Congressperson's calls for investigation of the 2000 vote. Greg Palast's subsequent documentary "Bush Family Fortunes" provides credible evidence that voter roll purges engineered by Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris were flawed by malicious bureaucratic targeting of Democratic voters - disproportionately minority - whose names happened to be related to the names of felons from *other states*. Some of the voters who lost their right to vote in 2000 were still not on the rolls for this election. I will be happy to make a copy of either video available to you on DVD or VHS if you have not yet seen them.

We sincerely hope that we can count on you this year to support the multiple Senate Judiciary Committee members call for an investigation into the 2004 Ohio election. I am hereby requesting in writing a meeting with you in person at your Santa Fe office to discuss this issue with my colleagues from the Research Roundtable. We are a group of political activists who meet once a week to discuss issues of importance to today's progressives. It would give us great pleasure you speak with you directly about this matter to gauge your sense of the problem, your idea of solution, and to support you in your work to protect the American people.

R. Leland Lehrman
Santa Fe Research Roundtable
604 1/2 Galisteo Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Informant: S.T.Ill Freeman


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