Kerry has been dishonest about wanting to count every vote

I think Kerry has been dishonest when he said “every vote is going to be counted” (see 1). By now, he should have fully supported the Green and Libertarian Party presidential candidates in their lawsuits to count the votes in Ohio, Florida and several other states. There have been too many voting irregularities, and failures specially involving the e-voting machines, that a full recount or possibly re-vote is necessary in several states.

One would wonder where he is getting his orders from? Are they coming from organizations such as Council for National Policy or Council on Foreign Relations? These organizations determine who should be supported to become the US president, and they set US national and foreign policy (see 3).

Also, on Nov. 8, 2004, several members of congress wrote a follow up letter to the Comptroller at the US General Accountability Office (GAO), David Walker, asking for an investigation of the election, and to take IMMEDIATE ACTION in order to PRESERVE THE EVIDENCE!!! (see 2) WHY HAS HE NOT YET ACTED, to preserve the evidence and begin investigation?

I think eventually, if there is any doubt about who the real winner of the last election is, due to lack of recount, improper recount, or loss of evidence then the US comptroller at the GAO should be sued for aiding and abetting vote fraud.


1. “Kerry, Edwards: Fla. votes to be counted” at

2. Letter from congress members to GAO at

3. Article “Council for National Policy” at

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