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Re: Something's in the air - Escaping electromagnetic radiation.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing the story "Something's in the air" in the September 2007 edition of your health magazine. Electro magnetic radiation is an extremely important subject because it is harming the health of a surprising number of Canadians. I am grateful that you brought this topic to the attention of your readers. The story highlighted the adverse health effects that I have suffered because of electro magnetic radiation and the educational efforts in which I am currently engaged.

I am very concerned because a headline within the story, which did not originate with me, is so potentially harmful to children that I feel that I must respond. On page fifty nine, there is a photograph of a very young child holding a cell phone to his head and a caption that says, "Don't allow children under eight years of age to own a cellphone."

I have read and collected many scientific reports that indicate serious harm to human health from cell phone radiation and other sources of electromagnetic radiation. In particular, those reports indicate that the danger for a child using a cell phone is much greater than it is for an adult. The high level of electro-magnetic radiation that a cell phone emits against the head may cause adverse effects that could harm a child for the rest of its life. Based upon a great amount of research that I have read, I recommend that no child under the age of sixteen be allowed to own or use a cell phone for anything other than emergencies. I would also suggest that allowing children under the age of sixteen to regularly use a cell phone may best be described as parental negligence, or possibly child abuse. It is my hope that you will publish a clarification with this information.

Microwave cellular telephone technology is dangerous and is causing serious harm to health. It should not be used for child's play or general entertainment. It may take a few years before electromagnetic radiation exposure starts to show harmful results, but the potential repercussions can be devastating. Although these harmful effects may not be apparent now, why would any parent be willing to allow such a serious medical experiment on the future health of their child?

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall



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