Exposure to the invisible cloud of energy called electrosmog is rising

By Richard Latker

Published: September 23, 2007

If you are an urban knowledge worker, keen to take advantage of the conveniences of information technology, your exposure to the invisible cloud of energy called the electromagnetic field - EMF, or electrosmog - may be considerably higher than that of your low-tech, old-media peers.



Cloud of worry gathers over wireless health risks

PARIS: While major cities around the world rush to blanket neighborhoods with free wireless Internet access, critics are questioning the health risks that might be created by a wired London or a Paris transformed from the City of Light to City of Hot Spots.

The nagging fear is that electromagnetic waves emitted by wireless technology could become the tobacco smoke of the 21st century. Some environmentalists are already demanding restrictions, and government officials in some countries are issuing warnings to limit use and seeking reviews of the long-term health impact of exposure to wireless networks and mobile telephones.



Ist nur das Kokain schuld?

20min.ch vom 19.09.2007

Kokain: Zunahme von Hirnschlägen Die Kokainwelle erreicht die Spitäler: Aufgrund des stark gestiegenen Konsums in den letzten Jahren erleiden immer mehr junge Männer einen Schlaganfall oder einen Herzinfarkt....



Child safety fears prompt Wi-Fi code for Welsh schools

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

Published: 23 September 2007

New safety rules are to be drawn up for Wi-Fi in schools for the first time in Britain, after a local authority officially voiced concern last week about possible effects on children's health. Carmarthenshire County Council is drawing up a code of practice for using the technology that it plans to enforce on local schools and hopes will be adopted nationally. It says that the code is "absolutely necessary" as the safety of children should be "paramount".



Hohe Hirntumorrate: Interphone Studie Teilergebnisse aus Frankreich



Interphone-Projekt gibt Hinweis auf Hirntumore

Das französische Forscherteam, welchem Elisabeth Cardis angehört, die das gesamte Interphone Projekt leitet, hat hohe Hirntumorraten bei starken Handynutzern gefunden. Statistisch gesprochen ist es...



BSE und Mobilfunk: der Hintergrund



Vom Asbest, Rinderwahn und Elektrosmog

Bereits zehn Tote: Forscher rätseln über neue Demenz-Krankheit

Does infrasound prime the pathogenic prion and trigger off BSE?



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