Cell Phones, Power Lines Raise Cancer, Brain Damage Risk

Experts Say Safety Standards For Electromagnetic (EMF) Radiation Are Too Low

The BioInitiative Working Group, an international team of scientists and public health policy wonks, has released a report stating that daily exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) is likely to be detrimental to health.



Adverse health from mobile phones and masts

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From: Peter Mobley
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Subject: Adverse health from mobile phones and masts

Dear Sir or Madam

Perhaps you could read this out on air??

I watched your interview today on the "Breakfast" program regarding the report due out today on the adverse health effects of mobile phones and masts.

As usual, no reference was made or the "experts" challenged on the vast amount of independent, peer reviewed research that has proved that there are links to adverse health from phones and masts.

What is true, is that when research conducted independently is compared to research done by the industry and government, the independent research find adverse effects in twice as many cases. For example:

Henry Lai, PhD, has been researching the biological and health effects of RFR for 35 years. His research focuses on the effects of RFR in the range used by cell phones and other wireless technologies. His laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle is the single remaining lab in the US that conducts such research. He found that of industry-funded studies, only 27% found an radio frequency radiation (RFR) effect. Independently funded studies found an RFR effect 68% of the time. This discrepancy is consistent among the effects listed. Of studies that found an effect on cancer, 11% were industry-funded; 47% were independently funded. Cellular and molecular effects: 19% industry, 69% independent. Electrophysiology effects: 33% industry, 77% independent. Physiological and behavioural effects: 57% industry, 83% independent.

He has amassed over 300 studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. To avoid bias, he excludes his own research from the database. Of these studies, 56% show a biological or health effect from exposure to RFR. These effects include the following:

• cancer;

• genetic effects, such as to DNA

• cellular and molecular effects, such as reduction in enzymes critical to the central nervous system

• changes in electrophysiology, such as reduced activity between nerve cells; and

• physiological and behavioural changes, such as impairment of peripheral vision.

It's about time your presenters had some of these facts before them when they interview these representatives of the industry and not let them off the hook by allowing standard government and industry responses to what are very serious matters. The general view is that industry and government funded research shows bias. Not surprising when you consider the amount of money this generates.

Peter Mobley
West Midlands

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Q&A: Mobile phone safety


Mobile industry holds its breath

Campaigners fear mobile phones damage health

Results from a major research programme probing mobile phone technology safety will be announced on Wednesday.

The Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme (MTHR) has received £8.8m in funding from the government and communications industry.


Cancer clusters at phone masts

Daniel Foggo

SEVEN clusters of cancer and other serious illnesses have been discovered around mobile phone masts, raising concerns over the technology’s potential impact on health.

Studies of the sites show high incidences of cancer, brain haemorrhages and high blood pressure within a radius of 400 yards of mobile phone masts.

One of the studies, in Warwickshire, showed a cluster of 31 cancers around a single street. A quarter of the 30 staff at a special school within sight of the 90ft high mast have developed tumours since 2000, while another quarter have suffered significant health problems.


Informant: Martin Weatherall



Daily Mail - Sep. 04, 2007

THE STAPLE Hill Estate, Bristol, is an unassuming sort of place. The low-rise red-brick blocks are scrupulously clean and surrounded by neatly clipped lawns, elm trees and privet hedges. It's far from grand, but there's none of the graffiti, vandalism and litter that blight estates nearby.

Many of the residents modest, hardworking families and pensioners have lived here since it was first built by the council in 1976.

Yet the peace here has been shattered in recent months by an unexplained string of cancer cases in one block, Berkley House. Seven people have been struck down with the disease ...



Irritable and sleepy? Blame your cellphone for it

New Delhi: Your mobile phone may have become your favourite tech essential, but a word of caution — it could leave you irritable, sleepless or with violent mood swings, says a recent study.

Experts say there is a simple reason for this.

Says ENT surgeon, Dr Ameet Kishore, "Cellphones, I-pods or microwaves all emit EMR or electromagnetic radiation and research shows that there is both a thermal and an ionizing effect from the commonly used appliances, which could have a potential harmful effect on you."




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