Minister to address health survey concerns

Health Minister Mary Harney is to meet with campaigners this week to address serious concerns regarding a disproportionate level of deaths in a Southside suburb.

A health survey conducted by residents in Clondalkin recently revealed a high number of deaths and illnesses in an area dominated by a mobile phone mast.

The survey carried out by Mast Action Clondalkin (MAC) claims a number of local people have either suffered from or are suffering from cancer and other illnesses.

Imelda Russell’s brother Brian (20) was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour of the brain last year. The Russells live within 30 metres of the mobile phone mast on Ronanstown Garda station.



Cell Phone And Hearing Loss

Stephanie Stahl Reporting

(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Cell phones allow us to talk anytime, anywhere.

For business traveler Todd Cassidy, it's an essential tool he uses all the time.

"I would say three to four hours a day,” said Todd.

But all that talking may take a toll on hearing according to a new study presented at a major medical conference.

Researchers followed 100 cell phone users and found while casual conversation is safe, being on the device for more than an hour daily may lead to minor hearing loss. Long term listeners had trouble deciphering certain high pitched tones.



Cell Phone Use Causes High Frequency Hearing Loss

Global Deafness? What's next in the cell-phones black box?

Iris Atzmon

From Mona Nilsson:


Study: Cell Phone Use Causes Some Hearing Loss

cbs4denver.com - Denver, CO, USA

They looked at the electromagnetic waves produced by cell phones because they are so close to the ear. "They've looked and seen that the electromagnetic ... //cbs4denver.com/health/local_story_263125444.html


Study: Cell Phones May Damage Your Hearing

WCBS-TV New York - NY, USA

Scientists say electromagnetic waves may be to blame, but hold the phone -- we're far from proving these devices do any damage. Dr. Ronald Hoffman from the ... //wcbstv.com/topstories/local_story_262172318.html


DOES THE NEW WORLD ORDER have Plans To Depopulate The Earth?




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