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This is interesting. "Regular users" in Interphone studies is anyone who uses a cell phone once a week for at least 6 months. That could be 2 minutes a week! In their studies, they mix all the regular users up and unsurprisingly come up with a denial of increased tumour rates in reg users after 10 years use.

And look at the amount "heavy users" can get away with to be included as such in the Scandinavian-British Study!

"the number of hours the participants talked on the cellular is much higher in Hardell's studies. While in his study the use of more than 10 years is 2,000 hours, which is parallel to one hour a day for ten years, in the Scandinavian-British study, the people who were defined as "heavy users" talked on the cellular for total 113 hours during 10 years"


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An alarming number of Irish schoolboys have dropped dead in school in last three weeks

This is definitely for posting as it is too serious not to circulate widely.

The shocking news is as follows: On my arrival in Belfast, last Thursday afternoon,September 20, the front page story facing me on the BELFAST TELEGRAPH (final edition) was this: "TEENAGE BOY DIES AT SCHOOL." [ //www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&q=TEENAGE+BOY+DIES+AT+SCHOOL&btnG=Google+Search ] And, as with the other tragic four cases just a short time ago in Ireland, he dropped dead of heart failure in front of his school mates. The Londonderry/Derry teenager James McGowan was all of fifteen years of age! Now, just add this latest victim of our health-abusive electrosmogged schools to the facts I sent you below just a mere two weeks ago. The bottom line is: Irish teenagers with hearts that are in any way dicey (and a few of the victims may not have had any previous heart problems) just can't survive the Hi-Fi etc school environments.

Email I sent to you on Sunday, 9th September, 2007

This is not for posting. But it is very strange and of course I see it relating to our convictions regard the dangers of cellphones plus wi-fi, wireless technologies etc for schools.

IT IS THIS FACT: Between last Monday and yesterday, five [addition Sept. 22: on re-checking, it was four. The fifth whose heart gave out suddenly, was in his early twenties and not in school] young boys (between 13 and 17) in different parts of Ireland dropped dead, four in them in schools, in front of their classmates. (Schools have just re-opened here this week.) Their hearts just stopped beating and they were dead in minutes, although fibrillators were rushed to some of them, it was too late.

Hope worse is not ahead!



An alarming number of Irish schoolboys have dropped dead in school in last three weeks



Omega-News Collection 22. September 2007

Unfinished Business of Ozone Protection

"Too Late to Avoid Global Warming," Say Scientists

Record Sea Ice Melt This Summer Larger Than Texas and Alaska

Scientists Report Severe Retreat of Arctic Ice

Incentives Offered to Destroy Forests

Organic Farming Could Feed the World

Dioxins, Hg, DEHP: some info on food/feed contamination

Antibiotic Runoff


Iraq War

Is Iran next?


EMF-Omega-News 22. September 2007

EMF-Omega-News 22. September 2007

Italian Study Raises Concerns About Mobile Phones

Latest Cell Phone Brain Tumor Study

Cell Phone And Hearing Loss

Concerns prompt action over wi-fi

Cancer clusters found around mobile phone masts

Mobile phone mast: Possible cause of cancer, fatigue

Slowed Brain Activity' in Frequent Mobile Phone Users

Alzheimers .....exercise "moving elec appliances not being promoted...."

Something's in the air: escaping electromagnetic radiation

Trade Unions' RF Radiation Concerns to be Addressed

WiFi in Denmark

EU calls for urgent action on wi-fi radiation

Minister to address health survey concerns

Residents lose mobile phone mast battle

More wi-fi rules for schools call

Masts: 'It's not rerassuring'

Lincolnshire head opposes phone mast

Cell Tower Roulette

Mother's anger at mobile phone mast

Look what RF does to seawater

Newspaper EMR article and Council Deputation

Google a victim of EarthLink woes with cancellation of S.F. Wi-Fi

Ericsson innovates in relay antennas concealment

Report Links Power Lines to Cancer

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Omega-News Collection 22. September 2007

Baghdad Hospital Children's Ward

Alive in Baghdad

Alive in Baghdad takes you to the children's ward of Baghdad Hospital, to make visible the plight of some very sick children, stricken with cancer by the presence of Depleted Uranium munitions, left over from the last to US wars in Iraq.




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