Concerns prompt action over wi-fi

Sep 15 2007

by Steffan Rhys, Western Mail

THE first code of practice by a council in Wales relating to the use of wireless broadband in schools could be sanctioned on Monday as parents say they must be informed if a school is using technology which is “irradiating” children.

Wireless broadband, or wi-fi, enables computer users to access the internet without being connected to a cable and is estimated to be in use in more than half of primary schools and two thirds of secondary schools in the UK.

It has been described by the Department for Education and Skills as a “magical” system but scientists have increasingly said it emits radiation similar to that of a mobile phone mast, which has been linked to cancer and brain damage.



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EMF-Omega-News 15. September 2007

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Omega-News Collection 15. September 2007

More bad news on the dangers of using cellphones

By Stuart Corner

Saturday, 15 September 2007

A massive study in the UK into the possible health effects of radiation from cellphones has been unable to rule them safe in the long term, and another international study has concluded that what are presently considered to be acceptable exposure levels to radio waves of all frequencies are too high and should be lowered.




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