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Having gained the dazed complicity of a somnolent Congress, U.S. President George W. Bush calmly signed a death warrant for thousands upon thousands of innocent victims: a native population whose land and resources were coveted by a small group of powerful elites seeking to augment their already vast dominance by any means necessary, including mass slaughter.


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Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 10:02 AM
Subject: National Emergency Wild Horse Meeting (Tentative)

This is a preliminary roll call for the upcoming National Emergency Wild Horse Meeting.

As most of you know, Karen Sussman of ISPMB is organizing an emergency meeting of wild horse and humane organizations. This meeting should be held prior to Congress reconvening on January 4. BLM has started gathering 2,000 more horses and there is reason to believe that the "disposal" of excess animals may begin as early as January 15.

Karen is out of the office today (Friday) and time is short so I'm helping with some logistic preparations.

The preferred dates for the meeting are January 2 and 3, 2005.

The preferred meeting place at this time is Reno - Carson City.

January 2nd will primarily involve identification of problems and discussions as to potential solutions.

January 3rd will primarily involve detailed action plans and task assignments for the various participating groups. (Note, transcripts will be available for delegates not able to remain for the Monday meeting.)

It is imperative that the wild horse groups get organized, coordinated and work cooperatively to ensure maximum impact. (The standard argument of anti-horse people is, "You can't get three horse groups into a room together and get them to agree on anything." We need to dispel that myth here and now.)

Northwestern Nevada is currently the first choice venue for several reasons.

1. The venue is closest to most of the smaller groups and smaller groups typically have the greatest difficulty funding air fares for delegates.

2. The Reno airport is readily accessible.

3. A historically "horse friendly" casino in Carson City, just down from the capitol, has tentatively offered a meeting room at no charge and can provide quality food and beverages to delegates at some of the most reasonable prices in town.

4. Area wild horse groups can help with ground transportation and even lodging for delegates on a tight budget.

5. Most of the northwestern nevada news media have taken a pretty decent pro-horse position since Senator Burns has made the wild horse issue newsworthy.

6. Carson City is the capitol of the state that holds most of America's free-roaming horses.

7. Governor Guynn contributed to this mess by formally requesting more money from Senator Burns to gather wild horses. He and his staff need to personally witness some formidable opposition.

8. The region's wild horse groups can conduct a variety of ancillary activities designed to draw additional attention to the meeting and the issues under discussion.

9. Nevada's wild horse groups have been vigilant and out in the public eye every week for a year, in blazing heat, rain and snow. Holding the meeting in northwestern Nevada is an appropriate tribute to their steadfastness and diligence.

We need to organize quickly so delegates traveling long distances can take advantage of lower advance reservation air fares.

At this point we need an idea as to which groups wish to send delegates, how many, what their needs are, etc. Therefore I am initiating a simple survey to determine what logistic needs there are to convene this meeting.

Please send me an email to mailto:willis@kbrhorse.net with the information asked for below. I will merge the responses into a report for Karen.

Please also remember that this is only a planning survey. Responding does not constitute a commitment on anyone's part, but rather it gives us an idea as to the resources needed for this meeting. Please also note that Karen Sussman will be the person to confirm the final date and location of the meeting so please wait for formal word from her.

SURVEY: (Please copy and paste into your reply email.)

Name of Organization:
(None is an acceptable response for non-affiliated individuals)

Contact Name:



Number of delegates expected:

Need ground transportation?

Can you afford hotel lodging?

Need help with reservations?

Need a host family (if you can't afford a hotel?)

You can attend:

Both Sunday and Monday

Sunday only

Do you wish to be kept apprised of further developments?

Thanks for your prompt response.

Please also note that I don't have the email addresses for all of the wild horse and humane groups who may be interested in attending this meeting. Please forward this message to other responsible groups so that nobody inadvertently gets left out of the poll, and subsequently of the formal notification of this meeting if these tentative plans take shape.

Also if you are aware of any responsible groups who are not on the internet but wish to participate, feel free to forward their information in addition to your own.

It's up to us and the time to act is now. Thanks for your consideration and faithful participation!

Willis Lamm, President
LRTC Wild Horse Mentors

Save our Horses and Burros - BOYCOTT BEEF - EAT SOMETHING ELSE!!!


Informant: Lotus


Wild Horses need our Help

As you know, over 14,000 wild horses lives hang in the balance as we begin the New Year. The appropriations bill passed with rider #142 attached that literally gutted the protections in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act and will allow for the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of wild horses.

URGENT: Here is how you can help-

Pass this e-mail along to as many people as you know asking them to e-mail us their support and helping us attain one million e-mail addresses.

Link our web site to your web site. http://www.ispmb.org

Write a letter to the following Congressional people. This letter should be received in Congress between January 4th through the 7th, 2005. This should be letter and not e-mail. Our goal is to have Congress flooded with one million letters of support for America’s wild horses.

1. Your two Senators and Representative http://www.congress.org

2. Senator Conrad Burns who sponsored the rider.

3. Senator Harry Reid who assisted with the rider.

Please visit our website for a sample letter and to access complete details of the wild horse crisis: http://www.ispmb.org/sampleletter.shtml

The ISPMB invites you to attend a Wild Horse Emergency Alliance meeting to be held in Carson City, Nevada on January 2nd and 3rd. The conference will be a national meeting of various wild horse and animal welfare groups (both large and small) and non-affiliated individuals who have an interest in saving wild horse and burros.

We are grateful for your support! Together I know we can make a difference.


Karen A. Sussman
President, ISPMB
PO Box 55
Lantry, SD 57636
Tel: 605.964.6866
Cell: 605.365.6991

Saving America's Wild Horses & Burros since 1960



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