After attending my first "Action Speaks Portland" meeting last night, I was invited by the groups founders to attend and participate in an intimate discussion with the Public Editor of our states largest newspaper The Oregonian. I am unsure of how I was chosen, there were approximately 60-75 people at last nights meeting and I was virtually a stranger to them all. There were 6 of us that attended the meeting with the Editor this morning and I feel it was a privilege to be invited. It is not often that you get an audience like that in times like these.

Our goal was to bridge the gap between local media and the various groups we represented, to share our resources and become resources ourselves so that the election story can be told clearly and consistently. More importantly, to help them help us find our voice in the media.

Michael Arietta-Walden is the Public Editor who was gracious enough to invite us and listen. He gave us nearly two full hours of his time - this was huge! He was very open to what we had to say - we shared our thoughts and feelings, and he acknowledged our complaints and concerns about the serious lack of proper media coverage from the local level on up. We provided fact checked, reputably sourced information on the voting "irregularities", transcripts from CNN's coverage of Bev Harris and even the transcript of Olberman's interview with Blackwell - this was added to show that not only are we looking at all sides, we also need to hold Blackwell accountable to hold true to his word when saying he nor his office would impede nor interfere with an Ohio recount and that there would in fact be a recount. We brought timelines of what the Green and Libertarian Parties have done thus far and included yesterdays press release of Kerry's long over due involvement in the coming recount.

Additionally we brought the Cal Berkeley study for his scrutiny - all of which should be front page stories across the Nation.

The Editor is planning a serious Editorial this Sunday based on the information we shared at this meeting and will be coming to speak to a large group of people we assemble - date to be announced. There looks to be future meetings with he and other Editors. He has provided us with the names and email addresses of divisional Editors (National, Political, Placement, etc.) as well as a personal introduction to them to help pave the way for more fluid correspondence and cooperation.

As the meeting came to an end I was even able to give him reputable information on the Project for the New American Century prefaced by a personal letter to me from Rep. Peter DeFazio - who the Oregonian and Oregonians alike trust and respect. The letter from DeFazio not only acknowledges that the PNAC is real but that it is critical for the American people to know more about them and their connection and influence over the Bush administration.

A genuine door of opportunity has opened and I am grateful to be a part of today's efforts to save tomorrow's democracy.


Informant: D. Cinelli


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