Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic

The predictions of Dr Neil Cherry in May of 2000 are unfolding!!
Lest We Forget One Of The Best.


Robert Riedlinger


Roger: Your comment below brings to mind Dr. Neil Cherry's excellent work in June 2000 titled "Evidence Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic......."


Dr. Cherry's quote by Burke is "right on!!!"

"Our frame of reference determines what we look at and how we look. And as a consequence, this determines what we find." Burke J, The Day the Universe Changed, 1985

Email exchanges regarding rare immune in my grandsons (signifying "aging") and the new article regarding A-bomb survivors and evidence re aging of immune function are also copied/attached. Children and parents around-the-world need this help!!! How many more will be diagnosed with Leukaemia this year only to die because they are unable to fight the ravages of treatment that has very little or no chance of success because "no one" is telling them they need to practice prudent EMR avoidance measures?

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Forward 5-23-05 of email to jcmpelican@aol.com from Roger Coghill:

This new finding makes it more important than ever to do the ESR experiment using sample blood from mast vicinals.

Roger Coghill
MA (Cantab) C Biol MI Biol MA (Environ Mgt)


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Mobile phone 'ear tumours risk'

2-Year Study Finds Cell Phone Radiation Danger To Brain

Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic

Long-term effects of radiation dose on inflammatory markers in atomic bomb survivors


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