Scientists for a GM-Free Sustainable Europe

ISIS Press Release 28/07/04

Special European Parliament Briefing – Preliminary Announcement

Scientists for a GM-Free Sustainable Europe

An international panel of scientists will call on Europe to ban all environmental releases of genetically modified (GM) crops and instead to promote and adopt sustainable agricultural practices as a matter of urgency.

Invited speakers include:

Dr. Tewolde Egziabher, distinguished agronomist and director of Ethiopia's Environment al Protection Authority, who will tell Parliament why his country is going organic to feed the poorest; an important policy decision based on the remarkable increase in crop yields subsequent to the introduction of a simple composting package in the State of Tigray since 1996

Edward Goldsmith, founding editor of The Ecologist , who will present evidence on why sustainable agriculture must be adopted to ameliorate climate change

Michael Meacher, MP, former environment minister of the UK, who will call for changes in science research and other policies that are needed to shift away from GM in order to support and invest in sustainable agriculture

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, director of the Institute of Science in Society, who will tell Parliament that genetic modification is based on the discredited science of genetic determinism and hence unlikely to deliver its many promises; and that the new genetics of the ‘fluid genome' demands a thoroughly ecological approach to health and agriculture.

Jill Evans, MEP Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales (Greens/EFA), will be chairing and hosting the event organised by the Institute of Science in Society, the Independent Science Panel, GM Free Cymru and Third World Network.

The English, French and Spanish editions of the Independent Science Panel Report, The Case for a GM- Free Sustainable World , will be released on the occasion. This Report is a comprehensive dossier of evidence on the problems and hazards of GM agriculture and the proven successes of all forms of sustainable farming systems around the world.

Date: 20 October 2004

Venue: European Parliament

Time: 13:30 – 17:00

Organised by Institute of Science in Society, Independent Science Panel, GM-Free Cymru and Third World Network in conjunction with Jill Evans MEP

Spaces are limited and participants must register by 1st October, 2004



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