Will US troops enforce martial law or refuse ?

The majority of our United States Military from all Branches know about the future plans for Martial Law in the event of national emergency; however up to 80% of them maintain they will not be a party to the rounding up of American citizens. The following are quotes from soldiers who were interviewed concerning this subject.

"Yes, we know all about MARTIAL LAW, and most of our [Navy] people aren't going to go along with it! I know a lot of us will die for refusing to co-operate, but we are not going to let this happen to our country!" (Anonymous, Annapolis Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD)

Following one Patriot broadcast, a California broadcaster was told the following by a caller. He said to tell the American people to, "Dry your tears! Don't you know that lots of us in the military know all about martial law, and we aren't going along with it? We will come out with every tank, chopper, and weapon we can get our hands on to fight the New World Order, and the foreign troops and traitors in our nation UNDER MARTIAL LAW! So dry your tears..." Many members of the Military are fully aware of this heinous New World Order/ United Nations agenda for our nation, and have frankly admitted they will never surrender our nation unchallenged to this takeover. The consistent estimate among such men is: 70%-80% of our military have admitted they will NOT obey their traitorous military superiors to carry out such an agenda against fellow Americans and our Constitutional heritage and freedoms. But, the BAD news is, the United States Military Commanders are fully aware of this. That is why they have deliberately shipped out so many of our own American troops, under many different pretences, to foreign nations. And that is WHY the United States Military and American Government have brought into this country so many foreign troops!

One previous edition of ARMY TIMES admitted, "...for the first time in American history, there are more FOREIGN troops than AMERICAN troops IN America." It is estimated that there are more than 253,000 American troops overseas as of the year 2004.

Why the shipping out of American troops, and the bringing in of more and more foreign troops?

The following quote is from a foreign officer himself, a German Bundeswehr from Holloman AFB in Alamogordo, NM:

"You Americans know why your President has shipped OUT your American troops and brought IN more and more of us Foreign troops, don't you? He knows your AMERICAN troops don't want to arrest you or fire upon you under Martial Law, but he knows WE GERMANS WON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!!!" (Source: German officer in Alamogordo, as repeated by a member of Pastor Ron Cruddas' Peace Tabernacle, Alamogordo, NM)

Afghanistan was used as a pretence to ship out more and more of our troops, while more reports of foreign UN/NATO troop ships docking in New Jersey, and other ports, are being reported.

And now, our troops are being systematically shipped out and destroyed by the deceptive War in Iraq.

They are being told they CAN'T LEAVE IRAQ, and being exposed to horrific amounts of LETHAL RADIATION due to DEPLETED URANIUM weapons that have been steadily used in Iraq. Something strange is going on here...SOMEONE does not want them COMING HOME in good health, OR ALIVE!

Our American Patriot Military Underground has chosen to abide by their sacred oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America...and to defend this nation from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, but American troops on American soil are fast dwindling.

To those who have taken the Oath,
Remember the Oath!
To those who have not and believe in the Constitution,
Take a similar Oath now to the Constitution!

Remember that those who make laws contrary to the Constitution,
Those who enforce laws contrary to the Constitution,
And those who give orders contrary to the Constitution,
Have become domestic enemies of the Constitution!
It doesn't take a Judge or a lawyer to know the difference!

Lloyd Miller, Research Director, Moderator

Informant: civl ecco


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