Is the Sky falling?


I have been looking up at the sky since the Aussie Bloke hoax/snowball stories hit the Internet, watching the heavens more than I had in the past.

At my unique location deep in the wilderness where there be no artificial lights at all and zero smog. I have always watched the stars at night here in the wilderness. I have an excellent view unless there are overcast skies. Those are the only nights I have failed to go out to my roof top bed and lay back and observe the heavens. In the past I have seen many fantastic shooting stars and even witnessed comets and meteor showers that most people never get to see. I also have some disabilities that cause me to be home most all the time, and this allows me to have the time to stay up late as I want. So my point here is that I watch the skies far more than the average person and have one of the best locations in the world to observe the night sky. That being said I will now tell you the facts as I have found them to be for me and my location in the world.

There is without a doubt many more meteors and objects falling and shooting across the sky than I have ever noticed in the past. I witnessed the fireball that was reported from Arkansas to Texas and was on video at a Oklahoma TV station. This is just the tip of the iceberg there are lots of bright meteors streaking across the sky every night there has been a sonic boom and even once a zinging sound as one whizzed by. There also is some kind of strange new effect I have never seen before in all my 47 years of star gazing. I will attempt to describe this strange phenomena. looking up there are these very faint round flashes of light, it looks like small meteors exploding against some kind of force field. These seem to hit a surface and poof a flash of light and that's it. No trail behind them they just seem to be little round light circles against the outer atmosphere of the earth. This makes me think there just maybe more to the HARP project, don't know?

I have seen I will guess as much as ten times the normal amount of notable meteors and objects falling and shooting across the heavens. I have never seen any hit yet, and I think if I do that would freak me out at this point. Also let me say this to, I have never seen any UFOs and as of today because of the lack of them I do not believe they exist. The military has some pretty high tech. craft and that may explain what some of the people report, don't know about UFOs.

What I am trying to tell you is that yes there is something new going on from above, let there be no doubt about that. Now only time will tell if there is any real danger to us the inhabiters of the earth. Even the SUN is different, It use to look yellowish and now it seems white and of course we are all aware of the spots and CMEs that got my attention back last Novenber 2003. That's all for now and please excuse my poor penmanship. I am no writer that is for sure, sorry about the way this information reads.

I will keep watching and if there are any changes to the activity going on in the heavens I will report back with the information. I will send this information to the same friend I have he has a website that I use and I have asked him to consider posting this information to let the people hear from me as I see it here in northern Arkansas in the back woods. I have a very good place to observe from and special time and viewing conditions.

J. P. Hurlbert


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